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  1. PayPal Cancels CN Account; May Seize Balance (May 1, 2022)
    PayPal has canceled Consortium News' account without any prior notice or due process and with virtually no explanation. As Consortium News is today launching its Spring Fund Drive, it has lost one of its most important ways for its viewers and readers to show their support through donations.
  2. An Intellectual No-Fly Zone: Online Censorship of Ukraine Dissent Is Becoming the New Norm (April 25, 2022)
    Google has sent a warning shot across the world, ominously informing media outlets, bloggers, and content creators that it will no longer tolerate certain opinions when it comes to Russia's invasion of Ukraine.
  3. Social media giants repress Palestinian content (March 29, 2022)
    Silicon Valley is solidly entrenching itself as a devoted enemy of political dissent. As the West implements draconian sanctions against Russia over the invasion of Ukraine, including the banning of the Russian news outlets RT and Sputnik from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok as well as search engine results, social media censorship of political messaging about the Palestinian liberation struggle continues.
  4. On Being Disappeared (March 28, 2022)
    YouTube has removed the entire six-year archive of the author's show 'On Contact.' This censorship, he says, is about supporting what I.F Stone reminded us is what governments always do - lie.
  5. Escalation Without Consequences on the Op-Ed Page (March 22, 2022)
    Corporate media outlets are calling for the United States and its allies to react to Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine by escalating the war. The opinion pages are awash with pleas to pump ever-more deadly weaponry into the conflict, to choke Russian civilians with sanctions, and even to institute a "no-fly zone." That such approaches gamble with thousands, and possibly millions, of lives doesn’t shake the resolve of the press’s armchair generals.
  6. How Much Less Newsworthy Are Civilians in Other Conflicts? (March 18, 2022)
    As US news media covered the first shocking weeks of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, some media observers -- like FAIR founder Jeff Cohen -- have noted their impressions of how coverage differed from wars past.
  7. Conflict In Ukraine Used To Silence Voices Of Dissent In The United States (March 14, 2022)
    Clearing the FOG speaks with political comedian Lee Camp about the sudden de-platforming that happened to him when RT America abruptly shut down after the Russian military intervention in Ukraine last month. Camp lost his program Redacted Tonight that aired weekly for the past eight years, and he was kicked off of other platforms such as Spotify. Camp talks about the big picture of growing censorship, the state of the media and freedom of the press, and the assault on the public's access to information that counters the narrative in the corporate media.
  8. I Work for Sputnik News (March 9, 2022)
    Torture, whistleblowing, extraordinary rendition, secret prisons, solitary confinement and corruption in the justice system. Those are Kiriakou's subjects and he is happy to talk about them anywhere.
  9. Pity the Nation (March 7, 2022)
    Fact-based arguments Scott Ritter made challenging the case for war against Iraq were effectively silenced. Today he sees the same template in play towards anyone challenging the dogma of 'Putinism.
  10. Western cancel culture has gone nuclear in targeting an entire country (March 7, 2022)
    By now, we're all used to righteous people pitching fits and ganging up, mean-girl style, on those they feel have committed transgressions against the status quo. But amid the conflict in Ukraine, some are actually trying to deplatform the world's largest country by attacking anyone and anything even remotely associated with it.
  11. War, Conflict & Enemies of Truth (March 5, 2022)
    The frenzy engendered by the Ukraine conflict reinforces a herd mentality that cries out for critical thinking.
  12. Russia-Ukraine: Western media are acting as cheerleaders for war (March 4, 2022)
    Journalists are cheering on the arming of militias and civilians making improvised explosives - acts they usually treat as terrorism
  13. Defending Freedom And Democracy Sure Requires An Awful Lot Of Censorship (March 2, 2022)
    Perhaps we have foolishly consented to a reality where the most powerful people in the world get to control the information people consume in order to shut down dissent against a murderous and oppressive globe-spanning oligarchic empire.
  14. Foreign Agents Designation Causes Media Cold War (February 28, 2022)
    Media based in countries the United States regards as enemies, such as Russia and China, even if they are privately owned, are required to register as "foreign agents." So are media which run reports critical of U.S. foreign policy, like Al Jazeera. Other state owned-media, like the BBC, CBC, Deutsche Welle, let alone Voice of America, are not required to register.
  15. Western Media Fall in Lockstep for Neo-Nazi Publicity Stunt in Ukraine (February 23, 2022)
  16. War in Europe and the Rise of Raw Propaganda (February 18, 2022)
  17. Let's Back Up A Sec And Ask Why Free Speech Actually Matters (January 31, 2022)
    To really answer the question of whether the increasingly widespread practice of Silicon Valley censorship via algorithm and deplatforming is a major problem and whether an increase in speech restriction is desirable, we need to take a step back and ask ourselves why free speech even matters in the first place.
  18. Is it already too late to say goodbye? (January 22, 2022)
    My blog posts once attracted tens of thousands of shares. Then, as the algorithms tightened, it became thousands. Now, as they throttle me further, shares can often be counted in the hundreds. "Going viral" is a distant memory.
  19. Gaslighting The Public: Serial Deceptions By The State-Corporate Media (September 22, 2021)
    Other than the ever-present risk of nuclear war, there is no greater threat to humanity than the climate crisis. And there is no more damning example of gaslighting by state-corporate media when they tell us we can trust governments and corporations to do what is required to avert catastrophe.
  20. Watching The News (August 27, 2021)
    Watching "The National" on CBC, as well as some local news programs, is proving to be an interesting experience. I haven't lived in a house with TV for more than 15 years, and hadn't watched TV news for many more years before that, so I come to this experience as a more-or-less naive outsider.
  21. Craig Murray's jailing is the latest move in a battle to snuff out independent journalism (July 30, 2021)
    Craig Murray, a former ambassador to Uzbekistan, the father of a newborn child, a man in very poor health and one who has no prior convictions, will have to hand himself over to the Scottish police on Sunday morning. He becomes the first person ever to be imprisoned on the obscure and vaguely defined charge of "jigsaw identification".
  22. Climate Change: Why we can't trust mainstream media (July 20, 2021)
    A Q&A on capitalism, media, and climate. Explains How and why mainstream media minimizes climate change.
  23. A Remarkable Silence: Media Blackout After Key Witness Against Assange Admits Lying (July 1, 2021)
    A major witness in the US case against Julian Assange has admitted fabricat­ing key accusati­ons in the indictment against the Wikileaks founder. But all of this is seemingly of no interest to the ‘mainstream’ media.
  24. US seizes three dozen websites used for 'Iranian disinformation' (June 23, 2021)
  25. Corporate Media's Double Standard: They Attack Whomever They Want, But You Cannot Criticize Them (May 21, 2021)
    Greenwalk responsed to The Washington Post's article and Daily Beast's questions about accusations from The Intercept that he endangered their writers.
  26. ‘This time is different’: Gaza journalists on Israeli bombardment (May 19, 2021)
    Several Palestinian journalists have spoken to Al Jazeera of their fear and the exhaustion of covering the continuing Israeli bombardment of the besieged Gaza Strip and their determination to continue their work.
  27. The Israel Narrative Is Crumbling Because Of Phone Cameras And The Internet (May 11, 2021)
    Social media is teeming with viral video footage of police assaulting peaceful worshippers in the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound, of Israelis cheering and chanting “Yimach shemam (may their names be erased)” at the sight of a fire near the mosque, of Israeli soldiers arresting Palestinian protesters using the signature knee-on-neck maneuver made famous by the murder of George Floyd, many of which have millions of views.
  28. We can defeat the corporate media’s war to snuff out independent journalism (May 10, 2021)
    as journalists seek to liberate themselves from the strictures of the old corporate media, that same corporate media is working very hard to characterise the new technology as a threat to media freedoms. This self-serving argument should be treated with a great deal of scepticism. I want to use my own experiences to argue that quite the reverse is true. And that the real danger is allowing the corporate media to reassert its monopoly over narrating the world to us.
  29. The Mass Media Will Never Regain The Public’s Trust (April 26, 2021)
    It doesn’t ultimately matter what mainstream pundits and reporters believe is the cause of the public’s growing disgust with them, because there's nothing they can do to fix it anyway. The mass media will never regain the public's trust.
  30. Media's Top Meaning for 'Proxy' Is 'Iranian Ally' (April 21, 2021)
    "Proxy," defined as someone who works on someone else's behalf, is a term of delegitimation in international politics: It undermines the credibility of both those who are accused of being "proxies" and those accused of having "proxies." In the former case, the term suggests that the party in question is not representing its peoples' interests, but rather those of an outside actor. The nation described as having proxies is implicitly accused of meddling in another country's affairs.
  31. The CIA Used To Infiltrate The Media. Now The CIA Is The Media. (April 16, 2021)
    In totalitarian dictatorships, the government spy agency tells the news media what stories to run, and the news media unquestioningly publish it. In free democracies, the government spy agency says “Hoo buddy, have I got a scoop for you!” and the news media unquestioningly publish it.
  32. The news media offers wall-to-wall propaganda every day. We only notice when a royal dies (April 10, 2021)
    If the BBC makes its editorial decisions based on what rightwing and far-right newspaper tycoons think is good both for the country and for the world, then how is the BBC not equally rightwing?
  33. Some Standard Cynical CIA-Style Cuba Covid Reporting at The Washington Post (April 2, 2021)
    Imperial cynics and propagandists can only see the world through the lens of cynicism and propaganda, which they project on to others.
  34. WSJ Rage at 'Woke' China Foreshadows New Redbaiting of Social Justice Activists (March 17, 2021)
    The Wall Street Journal editorial board has accused a major Chinese newspaper, and by extension the People’s Republic of China, of exploiting progressive rhetoric around racial justice to create division in the United States.
  35. BBC secrets revealed: Leaked files indicate UK state media engaged in anti-Moscow information warfare operations in Eastern Europe (March 11, 2021)
    Within a tranche of secret UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) papers, recently leaked by hacktivist collective Anonymous, are files indicating that BBC Media Action (BBCMA) -- the outlets 'charitable' arm – plays a central role in Whitehall-funded and directed psyops initiatives targeted at Russia.
  36. Britain proudly announces a plan to 'protect journalists' – but if it really cared it would free Julian Assange (March 10, 2021)
    Scarcely a day goes by without the UK Government's sounding off on the persecution of journalists somewhere–other than in the UK of course.
  37. The Left Will Never Achieve Its Goals Until It Prioritizes Countering Establishment Propaganda (March 6, 2021)
    The idea that China or Russia pose a threat to you is so self-evidently ridiculous, so transparently absurd, that the only way to make you believe it would be to propagandize you. And if you do believe it, that’s exactly what has happened. You can expand this principle to include the entirety of US foreign policy on the global stage today. No ordinary American benefits from the US having troops in Syria, sanctioning Venezuelans to death, supporting Saudi Arabia while it rapes Yemen, circling the planet with military bases and working to destroy any nation which refuses to bow to its dictates. The only way to get Americans to consent to any of these agendas is to propagandize them into doing so.
  38. 20 Years of Media Lens: Selection of Remarkable Replies from Journalists (February 23, 2021)
  39. Reuters, BBC, and Bellingcat participated in covert UK Foreign Office-funded programs to "weaken Russia," leaked docs reveal (February 21, 2021)
    New leaked documents show Reuters' and the BBC's involvement in covert UK FCO programs to effect "attitudinal change" and “weaken the Russian state's influence," alongside intel contractors and Bellingcat.
  40. New York Times Job Listing Shows How Western Propaganda Operates (November 21, 2020)
    In order to get a job at the New York Times, you need to demonstrate that you subscribe to the mainstream oligarchic imperialist worldview which forms the entirety of western mass media output. You need to demonstrate that you have been properly indoctrinated, and that you can be guided into toeing the imperial line with simple attaboys and tisk-tisks from your superiors rather than being explicitly told to knowingly lie.
  41. Robert Fisk had True Independence of Mind, Which is Why He Angered Governments and Parts of the Media (November 17, 2020)
    At the heart of Fisk's journalism was relentless and meticulous eyewitness reporting of events, a refusal to see complex conflicts in terms of black and white, while not surrendering to moral indifference and keeping a sense of outrage when confronted with real evil. Above all, perhaps, he showed an unbending refusal to back down when what he said was being denied, denounced or ignored by politicians and the media.
  42. Robert Fisk - Death Of A 'Controversial' Journalist (November 10, 2020)
    why do ‘mainstream’ commentators feel obliged to red-flag Fisk’s journalism with ‘controversial’ in this way, and why is it a 'weasel word'? Consider that the likes of the BBC's Andrew Marr, the Guardian's Martin Chulov and The Times' David Aaronovitch, and numerous others, will never be described as 'controversial', despite their highly controversial, in fact outrageous, warmongering bias.
  43. 'None Of It Reported': How Corporate Media Buried The Assange Trial (October 7, 2020)
    When it comes to arguably the most important political trial in our lifetimes, there is a not-so-curious media reluctance to dwell on it or even mention it, never mind grant it the kind of blanket coverage that celebrity trials regularly generate. Thus, media attention given to the extradition hearing of Julian Assange, the WikiLeaks founder and editor, was minimal and dwarfed by the coverage devoted to the actor Johnny Depp over the summer.
  44. Eyewitness to the Trial and Agony of Julian Assange (October 2, 2020)
    John Pilger has watched Julian Assange's extradition trial from the public gallery at London's Old Bailey. He spoke with Timothy Erik Ström of Arena magazine, Australia.
  45. 'Confirmed' Has Become A Meaningless Word In Mainstream News Reporting (September 21, 2020)
    The word "confirmed" has been misused and abused to such a spectacular extent in mainstream news reporting of late that it doesn’t actually mean anything anymore when they say it.
  46. Uncovering Canadian Media's Devastating Pro-Israel Bias (June 23, 2020)
    The bias is enforced at every level of the media, from editorial boards all the way to ownership.
  47. The American Press Is Destroying Itself (June 12, 2020)
    The leaders of this new movement are replacing traditional liberal beliefs about tolerance, free inquiry, and even racial harmony with ideas so toxic and unattractive that they eschew debate, moving straight to shaming, threats, and intimidation. They are counting on the guilt-ridden, self-flagellating nature of traditional American progressives, who will not stand up for themselves, and will walk to the Razor voluntarily. They've conned organization after organization into empowering panels to search out thoughtcrime, and it’s established now that anything can be an offense
  48. Project Venezuela: Right-Wing Activists Push Wikipedia to Blacklist MintPress, other Alternative Media (June 12, 2020)
    A group of right-wing Venezuelans has managed to ban the use of a range of alternative media outlets covering Venezuela, including MintPress News.
  49. Wikipedia formally censors the Grayzone as regime-change advocates monopolize editing (June 10, 2020)
    On Wikipedia, a small group of regime-change advocates and right-wing Venezuelan opposition supporters have blacklisted independent media outlets like The Grayzone on explicitly political grounds, violating the encyclopedia’s guidelines.
  50. Freedom for Me But Not for Assange (or Thee): The Breathtaking Hypocrisy of CNN's Christiane Amanpour (February 28, 2020)
    CNN anchor Christiane Amanpour has some strange ideas about democracy and journalism, believing her colleagues to be above elected officials – but only if they have the correct politics and serve the right masters, obviously.
  51. The "Liberal" Media’s Propaganda War on Bernie Sanders (February 25, 2020)
  52. 'Every journalist should feel a cold, icy hand running down their spine (February 24, 2020)
    "Every journalist in the United States should feel a cold, icy hand running down their spine" at the charges that had been leveled against this publisher. Because they could be next,' writer Suelette Dreyfus says about Assange whose project published leaked documents exposing possible US War crimes in Iraq and letters exposing shenanigans against Bernie Sanders in 2016 by bosses within the Democratic Party.
  53. Assange's Extradition Case: Critical Moment for the Anti-war Movement (February 19, 2020)
    While media have become stenographers to power and have long betrayed ordinary people, WikiLeaks has defended the public’s right to know by publishing more than 10 million documents, with a pristine record of accuracy exposing human rights abuses, government spying and war crimes on an unprecedented scale. By bringing truth to the public, the whistleblowing site transformed the Fourth Estate into becoming a powerful vehicle for peace-making.
  54. 'Unreasonable & unacceptable': Beijing slams Washington for press freedom hypocrisy after Chinese media branded 'foreign missions' (February 19, 2020)
    China has denounced Washington for advocating freedom of the press while obstructing media, after it tightened control over Beijing-run outlets operating in the US by equating them to diplomatic missions.
  55. The Holocaust, the BBC and antisemitism smears (January 28, 2020)
    Senior BBC news reporter Orla Guerin has found herself in hot water of an increasingly familiar kind. During a report on preparations for the commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz concentration camp, she made a brief reference to Israel and an even briefer reference to the Palestinians.
  56. All Massacres Will Become 'Alleged Massacres' If We Don't Pay Attention (December 19, 2019)
    The greatest enemy of all journalists – and all politicians – is the failure of institutional, historical memory.
  57. The Perils of Embedded Journalism: 'Afghan Papers' Wouldn't Be Needed If We Had a Real Independent News Media (December 13, 2019)
    If the Post and other major news media outlets had been pursuing the truth over the years about these all the wars, and the so-called "War" on Terror, instead of leaving the hard work of exposing all the lies to the likes of whistleblowers like Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden and journalist/whistleblower publisher Julian Assange, we'd already know about the venality and culpability of our government.
  58. Money, Power and Turf: Winning the Middle East Media War at Any Cost (December 9, 2019)
    It is hardly surprising to see Middle Eastern countries at the bottom of the World Press Freedom Index, as the worst violators of freedom of the press. But equally alarming is the complete polarization of public opinion as a result of self-serving media and, bankrolled by rich Arab countries, whose only goal is to serve their specific, often sinister, agendas.
  59. 'Sexy tricks': How journalists demonize Venezuela's socialist government, in their own words (December 9, 2019)
    The United States has labeled Venezuela's government a "dictatorship" and part of a "troika of tyranny," and has sponsored multiple coup attempts there, including one in November. The corporate media has dutifully ignored the US role in the country's economic woes, laying the blame squarely at the feet of Maduro, omitting crucial political context on Venezuela's economic crisis while keeping up a constant flow of content presenting the country as a socialist hellhole.
  60. Russiagate media smears against Corbyn brought to you by US and UK military-intelligence apparatus (December 8, 2019)
    The popular socialist leader of Britain's Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, could be on the verge of becoming prime minister of the United Kingdom. And the mere possibility is terrifying British intelligence services and the US government.
  61. Study Reveals How UK Intelligence Works with Media to Smear Jeremy Corbyn (December 6, 2019)
    Academic studies of the Corbyn coverage have also shown that corporate media have shown a profound hostility to him and his project. One report from the London School of Economics included an entire section called "Delegitimization through Ridicule, Scorn, and Personal Attacks."
  62. The Lies About Assange Must Stop Now (November 25, 2019)
    Newspapers and other media in the United States and Britain have recently declared a passion for freedom of speech, especially their right to publish freely. They are worried by the "Assange effect".
  63. CIA helped shape ‘Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan' series into bigoted Venezuela regime change fantasy (November 22, 2019)
    In a new video analysis of the show (embedded at the end of this article), researcher Tom Secker exposed the show as straightforward US imperial propaganda which was produced in direct collaboration with the CIA and Pentagon.
  64. Hillary's white pantsuit says 'empowerment' but Tulsi's says 'fringe cult leader': NYT pilloried for two-faced style commentary (November 22, 2019)
    The New York Times has been accused of peddling ridiculous and shamelessly biased punditry, after the Gray Lady took aim at presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard’s white pantsuit but ended up red-faced.
  65. Journalists need 'national security' training to stop flow of embarrassing but true NATO stories, defense-backed think tank warns (November 22, 2019)
    With Western armed forces already using embedded reporters to tell the story they prefer, a UK think tank now calls for national security training for journalists so they don't help out Russia or China by telling the truth.
  66. Unfree Media – State Stenography And Shameful Silence (November 6, 2019)
    A recent viral clip of Jeremy Corbyn featured vital truths about the corporate media that ought to be at the forefront of public consciousness in the approach to the UK General Election on December 12, 2020.
  67. Money Talks, Bullshit Walks on Cable News (October 30, 2019)
    None of the big companies buying advertising time on CNN and MSNBC have any interest in the progressive taxation and restored union organizing and collective bargaining rights that Sanders advocates.
  68. Catalonia 'separatists' bad, HK 'pro-democracy protesters' good: Orwell's 1984 becomes user's manual for Western 'free media' (October 15, 2019)
    When supporters of Catalan leaders jailed for organizing a democratic vote advance on Barcelona airport, media make a fuss over 'separatists' causing chaos. When the same tactic is used in Hong Kong, it's a 'pro-democracy' protest. In George Orwell’s 1984, The War Ministry was renamed the Ministry of Peace. Truth was Lies, Hate was Love. But author Lewis Carroll got there first.
  69. The New York Times Called a Famous Cartoonist an Anti-Semite. Repeatedly. They Didn’t Ask Him for Comment. (October 3, 2019)
  70. What George Carlin Taught Us about Media Propaganda by Omission (September 19, 2019)
    In the old George Carlin joke, the TV sportscaster announces: "Here's a partial score from the West Coast – Los Angeles 6." For a brilliant comedian like Carlin -- who skewered corporate power, class structure and political/media propaganda – that's one of his more innocuous jokes. But it's sharply relevant today as corporate TV news outlets serve up a series of partial scores. Call it 'propaganda by omission.'
  71. Myanmar's Other Reporters (August 13, 2019)
    Detailed analysis of the state of freedom of speech and the press in Burma/Myanmar.
  72. Australian investigative journalist exposes Guardian/New York Times betrayal of Assange (August 10, 2019)
    Australian journalist Mark Davis HAS revealed new first-hand information exposing the extent of the betrayal of Julian Assange by the Guardian and the New York Times, and refuting the lies both publications have used to smear the WikiLeaks founder.
  73. History Is Happening: WikiLeaks, the Global Fourth Estate (July 18, 2019)
    An article based on and in discussions with Nozomi Hayase's book 'WikiLeaks, the Global Fourth Estate: History Is Happening'.
  74. The Journalists Do The Shouting (July 12, 2019)
    A summary and analysis of some of the mainstream media's coverage US conflicts with Iran.
  75. The Journalists Do The Shouting (July 12, 2019)
    Today’s meaningful art is samizdat stickers on wireline poles and spray-canned corporate advertising. Corporate media is no longer considered a sure source of credible reporting.
  76. RT's ban from media freedom conference shows British irony is alive and well (July 9, 2019)
    RT has been banned from a conference on media freedom for reportedly 'spreading disinformation.' They find this accusation and its source an ironic juxtoposition.
  77. New York Times Admits it Sent Story to Government for Approval (June 25, 2019)
    The NY Times' seeking approval for a recent story is part of a history of the mainstream media's collaboration with the US government.
  78. The Shaving Kit - Manufacturing The Julian Assange Witch-Hunt (June 20, 2019)
    A survey of mainstream media coverage of Assange's arrest that makes him an object of ridicule. Much attention is given to the beard he had at the time.
  79. While the World Watches Trump, It’s Missing What’s Really Going On (June 10, 2019)
    The superficial antics of Trump and other world leaders are making front page news while investigative reporting on real issues is pushed to the margins.
  80. Mainstream media loves protests for democracy and freedom... unless they're in US ally Honduras (June 4, 2019)
    Anti-government protests in Honduras provide a contrast with coverage of those in Venezuela. People protesting an illegitimately elected president get almost no US mainstream coverage in this case.
  81. Why the US is Persecuting Assange (June 4, 2019)
    Governments don't like it when reporters disclose secrets that impede their preferred narrative. This article draws parallels between Assange and the work of Yemeni reporter Maad al-Zikry.
  82. Press Freedom is Under Threat in the Land of its Birth (May 29, 2019)
    The US was not among the conulates protesting controversial new extradition bill in Hong Kong. They can't with a straight face object to Hong Kong passing an act that endorses extradition for political crimes while Washington is pursuing Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.
  83. Press Freedom is Under Threat in the Land of its Birth (May 29, 2019)
    The author draws parallels between the US and Hong Kong's treatment of freedom and individual rights.
  84. The Western Media is Key to Syria Deceptions (May 29, 2019)
    An analysis of why western media has failed to practice any scepticism regarding claims that the Syrian government is using chemical weapons.
  85. The Evidence We Were Never Meant to See About the Douma Gas Attack (May 27, 2019)
    A report that conflicts with claims that two cylinders containing chemicals were dropped from an aircraft was suppressed by the Organisation for the Prevention of Chemical Weapons. This erodes public trust in the institution and is distressing given the recent history of using dubious existence of deadly weapons to justify wars.
  86. Russiagate and the Dry Rot in American Journalism (May 24, 2019)
    The idea that Trump colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 election is used by both liberals and the right to maintain the status quo. Comparisons to Hunter S. Thompson show how staid mainstream news has become.
  87. Assange revolutionized journalism, and the elite will never forgive him (May 14, 2019)
    Julian Assange's treatment by governments and mainstream media shows how he is a threat to the former and shames the latter.
  88. Distorting 'Democracy' in Venezuela Coverage (May 10, 2019)
    Round up of some of the many media outlets that call Guaidó's coup attempt in Venezuela a democratic movement and refer to democratically elected president Maduro as a dictator.
  89. Google Bans Press TV (May 5, 2019)
    Social media companies are banning media outlets in the name of alleged 'hate speech' but the companies' contacts and their targets make them instruments of government censorship.
  90. Fake News Tsunami - Trump's 'Collusion' And Corbyn As 'Dangerous Hero' (April 5, 2019)
    Analysis of recent news coverage that paints Corbyn as an anti-semite compared to that of the Trump campaign's supposed ties with the Russian government.
  91. Weaponized Social Media Is Driving the Explosion of Fascism (April 5, 2019)
    Describing how social media wages war on reality by spreading propaganda. With examples from ISIS to Alex Jones.
  92. Social Media Regulation: Speak of the Devil and in Walks Zuck (April 3, 2019)
    Social media giants such as Facebook support government regulation as a means to secure their monopolies.
  93. Facebook plans to curate 'high quality' news for its users from 'trusted outlets' (April 1, 2019)
    Facebook is considering hiring human editors to hand-pick 'trustworthy' news to display on its site. Facebook's track record of bias and censorship make its motives suspect.
  94. ‘Renouncing Violence’ Is a Demand Made Almost Exclusively of Muslims (March 29, 2019)
    Media analysis shows that calls to renounce violence are directed at Muslims or other victims of Western occupation.
  95. The U.S.' Refusal of Entry to Arnold August Is a Dangerous Precedent for All Activists (March 29, 2019)
    The US's refusal of entry to August is part of a long history of targeting people at the borders. This limits our democratic rights to organize and express political views peacefully.
  96. Pathological Deceit: The NYT Inverts Reality on Venezuela's Cuban Doctors (March 26, 2019)
    Claims that the Maduro government is using Cuban doctors to coerce voters by refusing care to the opposition are based on very dubious evidence.
  97. The Homeless 8-Year-Old Chess Champion and Other Horrific 'Uplifting' Stories (March 25, 2019)
    Stories in US media of people overcoming adversity are only inspiring if you ignore the unjust systems that create their oppression.
  98. The TSA's Role as Journalist Harasser and Media 'Watchdog' (March 25, 2019)
    An American journalist whose work opposes the US government is openly marked for extra screening and inspections when travelling.
  99. Everyone Washington Supports, by Definition, Is a Moderate Centrist (March 23, 2019)
    Many right-wing movements and leaders are described as moderate or even left-leaning by politicians and corporate media. In these cases the terms no longer have a political definition but is a way to convey approval.
  100. The Destruction of Freedom: Chelsea Manning, Julian Assange And The Corporate Media (March 19, 2019)
    The corporate media's hostility towards Assange, Manning and WikiLeaks - obvious by lack of coverage or overt antagonism - shows it is tool of the state and big business.

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