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Members of Parliament


  • Andreychuk, Raynell, Conservative Party (Saskatchewan)
  • Ataullahjan, Salma, Conservative Party (Ontario)
  • Baker, George, Liberal (Newfoundland & Labrador)
  • Bernard, Wanda Thomas, Independent (Nova Scotia)
  • Beyak, Lynn, Conservative Party (Ontario)
  • Black, Douglas, Independent (Alberta)
  • Boisvenu, Pierre-Hugues, Conservative Party (Quebec)
  • Boniface, Gwen, Independent (Ontario)
  • Bovey, Patricia, Independent (Manitoba)
  • Brazeau, Patrick, Independent (Quebec)
  • Campbell, Larry, Liberal (British Columbia)
  • Carignan, Claude, Conservative Party (Quebec)
  • Cools, Anne, Independent (Ontario)
  • Cordy, Jane, Liberal (Nova Scotia)
  • Cormier, René, Independent (New Brunswick)
  • Cowan, James, Liberal (Nova Scotia)
  • Dagenais, Jean-Guy, Conservative Party (Quebec)
  • Dawson, Dennis, Liberal (Quebec)
  • Day, Joseph A., Liberal (New Brunswick)
  • Demers, Jacques, Conservative Party (Quebec)
  • Downe, Percy, Liberal (Prince Edward Island)
  • Doyle, Norman E., Conservative Party (Newfoundland & Labrador)
  • Duffy, Michael, Independent (Prince Edward Island)
  • Dyck, Lillian Eva, Liberal (Saskatchewan)
  • Eaton, Nicole, Conservative Party (Ontario)
  • Eggleton, Art, Liberal (Ontario)
  • Enverga, Tobias, Conservative Party (Ontario)
  • Fraser, Joan, Liberal (Quebec)
  • Frum, Linda, Conservative Party (Ontario)
  • Furey, George, Liberal (Newfoundland & Labrador)
  • Gagné, Raymonde, Independent (Manitoba)
  • Greene, Stephen, Conservative Party (Nova Scotia)
  • Hartling, Nancy, Independent (New Brunswick)
  • Housakos, Leo, Conservative Party (Quebec)
  • Hubley, Elizabeth, Liberal (Prince Edward Island)
  • Jaffer, Mobina S.B., Liberal (British Columbia)
  • Joyal, Serge, Liberal (Quebec)
  • Kenny, Colin, Liberal (Ontario)
  • Lang, Daniel, Conservative Party (Yukon Territory)
  • Lovelace Nicholas, Sandra, Liberal (New Brunswick)
  • MacDonald, Michael L., Conservative Party (Nova Scotia)
  • Maltais, Ghislain, Conservative Party (Quebec)
  • Manning, Fabian, Conservative Party (Newfoundland & Labrador)
  • Marshall, Elizabeth, Conservative Party (Newfoundland & Labrador)
  • Martin, Yonah, Conservative Party (British Columbia)
  • Massicotte, Paul, Liberal (Quebec)
  • McCoy, Elaine, Progressive Conservative (Alberta)
  • McInnis, Thomas Johnson, Conservative Party (Nova Scotia)
  • McIntyre, Paul E., Conservative Party (New Brunswick)
  • McPhedran, Marilou, Independent (Manitoba)
  • Mercer, Terry M., Liberal (Nova Scotia)
  • Merchant, Pana, Liberal (Saskatchewan)
  • Meredith, Don, Conservative Party (Ontario)
  • Mitchell, Grant, Liberal (Alberta)
  • Mockler, Percy, Conservative Party (New Brunswick)
  • Moore, Wilfred P., Liberal (Nova Scotia)
  • Munson, Jim, Liberal (Ontario)
  • Neufeld, Richard, Conservative Party (British Columbia)
  • Ngo, Thanh Hai, Conservative Party (Ontario)
  • Ogilvie, Kelvin Kenneth, Conservative Party (Nova Scotia)
  • Patterson, Dennis Glen, Conservative Party (Northwest Territories)
  • Plett, Don Neil, Conservative Party (Manitoba)
  • Poirier, Rose-May, Conservative Party (New Brunswick)
  • Raine, Nancy Greene, Conservative Party (British Columbia)
  • Ringuette, Pierrette, Liberal (New Brunswick)
  • Runciman, Bob, Conservative Party (Ontario)
  • Seidman, Judith, Conservative Party (Quebec)
  • Sibbeston, Nick G., Liberal (Northwest Territories)
  • Sinclair, Murray, Independent (Manitoba)
  • Smith, Larry, Conservative Party (Quebec)
  • Stewart Olsen, Carolyn, Conservative Party (New Brunswick)
  • Tannas, Scott, Conservative Party (Alberta)
  • Tardif, Claudette, Liberal (Alberta)
  • Tkachuk, David, Conservative Party (Saskatchewan)
  • Unger, Betty E., Conservative Party (Alberta)
  • Verner, Josée, Conservative Party (Quebec)
  • Wallace, John D., Conservative Party (New Brunswick)
  • Wallin, Pamela, Conservative Party (Saskatchewan)
  • Watt, Charlie, Liberal (Quebec)
  • Wells, David M., Conservative Party (Newfoundland & Labrador)
  • White, Vernon, Conservative Party (Ontario)
  • Woo, Yuen Pau, Independent (British Columbia)

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