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Praise for Sources

Journalists, reporters, freelancers, editors, producers, authors, fact-checkers and researchers have been using — and praising — SOURCES since 1977. Here is a sampling of their feedback, going back through the years.

Linda A. Fox SOURCES has been a constant companion throughout many of my years in daily newspaper journalism in Toronto... and it is one of the most valuable resources any journalist could have. It is a Godsend to all who are in the media... and I have a great deal of respect for its place on reporters and editors' desks.
Linda A. Fox, Managing editor of Canada's TV Guide and former senior editor with Sun Media and the Globe and Mail's ROB

Andy Barrie I created Reginald, the broadcast producer software, because I believed our industry needed a tool imagined by and engineered for actual working broadcasters. There isn't a feature in this software that wasn't asked for by a working producer. That's why I incorporated the entire SOURCES directory database directly into Reginald.
Andy Barrie, Radio host and 'Reginald' software creator

Dwayne Desaulnier We've recently launched a Web-based assignment management system across CP and one element in the service is access to the Sources directory. By building a direct connection to the SOURCES database of PR contacts in our assignment system reporters can quickly and easily locate contacts for their stories. It's a very productive fit.
Dwayne Desaulniers, Canadian Press

Whenever I'm dealing with the unfamiliar - and that seems to be happening more as new specialties emerge - SOURCES invariably puts me in touch with the people I need to speak with. A service worth many times the cost of subscription.
William Shields, Editor, Masthead magazine

Abbe Edelson At the i-channel, we are always looking for articulate and informative experts to appear as guests on our programs. We are constantly using SOURCES to help us with our research. It is an invaluable resource, that's unprecedented in Canada.
Abbe Edelson, Associate Producer, i-channel

When I'm researching anything ... I visit the office of the head honchos and see what they're thinking, reading, saying and doing. I've visited hundreds of offices in my personal and business life and the one familiar fixture has been SOURCES. At first I didn't know what SOURCES was. I just knew it was in everyone's office.
Paul C. Nazareth, Scarboro Missions

Love your site and am about to recommend it to students.
Gwen Harris, Gwen Harris Information Services, Information Consultant and Internet Specialist

As a radio and print freelancer for both Canadian and U.S. outlets I've found SOURCES to be invaluable over the years. With SOURCES you get the phone number that gets you to the person you need to reach to or person who knows how to get to the person you need. Keep up the good work SOURCES.
Ed Ungar

I was delighted to learn that the print edition will continue.
I find it invaluable, and it is in regular use. Keep up the good work.
Harry W. Pope

Dianne Rinehart Forget the Web! Head to SOURCES when you want to find reliable experts and authorities on any subject. SOURCES is an indispensable research tool for any reporter, writer or editor.
Dianne Rinehart, Journalist, former Editor-in-Chief, Homemaker's Magazine

Perusing SOURCES, I am amazed at how resourceful and comprehensive it is.
Jeff Kirschner

"SOURCES Online - SOURCES is Canada's premiere listing of organizations and experts."
Julian Sher,

I always have my copy of Sources sitting on my desk.
Brian Brennan, Freelance Journalist

I use my Sources Online every day. I think it's a tremendously helpful service, especially the Parliamentary Names and Numbers.
David Kyle, Senior Producer, CBC TV Saskatchewan

Working as a senior writer and project manager for one of Western Canada's largest advertising agencies - we use Sources often to chase national and regional stories for our agricultural clients.
Donna Gray

I've always found Sources a useful tool […] It cuts down on time and frustration when looking for the right person to call, the right titles and right names.
Patricia Lowe

"Sources Select Online - This is one of the key source guides used by Canadian journalists. Great resource for reaching 5,000 experts on all things Canadian -- health care, Parliament, Canadian unity and more."
The St. Petersburg Times

Sources is an outstanding reference work.
Tony Seed, Shunpiking

Would prefer to receive 8 [copies of Sources]. Ours is so dog-eared from use by the time another one comes, it's almost unusable.
Newfoundland Herald Magazine

SOURCES has been one of my best resources and has the Shelf of Honour - in easy reach, next to my dictionaries, coffee mugs and other essentials.
Sonia Osorio, Writer, Night Skye Communications

I find SOURCES useful for contacting personalities when I write my column and articles.
Flavian DeLima, Free-Lance Writer/Journalist, Computing Canada

I love SOURCES it's an exceptional resource.
Lee Turner, Editor of Projects, Today's Seniors: The Leading Newspaper... For People 50-Plus

What a resource! It's helped me immeasurably in my own work.
Natalie Cajic

Sources remains my most valued reference as I often require unusual photos that even stock agencies don't carry.
Robyn Craig, Freelance, Literary and Photo Research

I am among your frequent users when I need without any delay someone in charge in a field I am not very familiar with. It's sometimes amazing to find after-hours numbers for large organizations!
Benoit Chapdelaine, Radio-Canada reporter, Montreal

I do much of the health writing for this paper, including a quarterly special section called Medical Breakthroughs and the monthly lead health story. For all my writing, and for this in particular, I find SOURCES a gold mine of information.
Ellen J. Ashton-Haiste, Freelance Writer and Editor, FreelanceIn

It is an invaluable resource.
Liz Campbell, Editor, City Parent

Excellent and extremely useful.
Joyce Hampton, Writing Ink

I do much of the health writing for this paper, including a quarterly special section called Medical Breakthroughs and the monthly lead health story. For all my writing, and for this in particular, I find SOURCES a gold mine of information.
Ellen J. Ashton-Haiste, Freelance Writer and Editor, FreelanceIn

Barbara Florio Graham SOURCES, the ultimate directory of contacts.
Barbara Florio Graham, Writer, from an article in FreeLance

Through my full time employment, and now even more so through my freelance writing work, I have found SOURCES invaluable in my research and information gathering - and I never forget to mention to my contacts that SOURCES is where I found them!
Katherine MacIntosh

Sources is a great asset to any writer.
Mary Partridge

I'm a Researcher/Chase Producer with CBC Newsworld in Calgary. I find SOURCES extremely helpful in lining up guests for my program, "Coast to Coast".
Jennifer Kirby

I'm a Researcher/Chase Producer with CBC Newsworld in Calgary. I find SOURCES extremely helpful in lining up guests for my program, "Coast to Coast".
Jennifer Kirby

"Sources. The long-trusted directory of Canadian organizations and experts is available online and easily searched."
The Internet Handbook for Writers, Researchers, and Journalists

SOURCES has the best information re: associations. I consult it often.
Marcia Sweet

Being able to pinpoint a source without costly telephone hunting (being referred on after calling a company's main number) is of great advantage for me."
A. Down, Moose Jaw

I'm not a dinosaur - but I still use and appreciate having a desk printed copy of Sources. It's quick, easy, doesn't interrupt my train of thought, and I don't have to leave my workscreen. Thank you.
M. Fletcher, Ottawa

There have been times when it has been invaluable. I always read the book reviews and digital information reviews. Keep them in.
R. Franklin Carter

Three or four times a year (often at midnight) it saves my life by providing the exact name of an organization in correct form.
Editor, North York

I love Sources!
Michelle West

It's a great directory! A Holy Bible to me!
June Imai

Since striking out on my own four years ago, I have used SOURCES on a weekly basis. It's one writing tool I cannot do without.

A thorough, reliable sourcebook, used often as I research stories for print and television. […]
Patricia Maitland

I am the Parliamentary correspondent for Radio Canada International, the overseas multilingual service of the CBC. I find your directory an invaluable tool in my day to day work.
Robert Jaros

Sources not only saves me a lot of time, but it puts me onto the best contacts to quote.
Michael Downey, freelancer

I use this invaluable directory on an almost daily basis.
Associate Producer, CBC

Sources is an indispensable source of information.
Director/Producer, TFO/TVOntario

Parliamentary Names & Numbers is more current, more informative and more useful than more-expensive directories. and it gets significantly better with each edition. The subject index is a particularly useful and unique feature. Both PNN and Sources are indispensable references for anyone involved in research, journalism or advocacy in Canada.
David Hunt, Coordinator, Don't Tax Reading Coalition

I am writing this letter to express my gratitude to the publishers of Parliamentary Names & Numbers. PNN has been a primary resource book for me in my work with student union affairs -- it has been an invaluable resource to me for many months. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on the accessibility of this book. Not only is it clearly laid out and complete, but the user-friendly organization of material makes it a quick reference that is easy to use. I am grateful to have had the use of PNN as it has drastically facilitated my political research.

Keep up the good work and remember that the service you offer is helping in their ventures towards the betterment of our society.
Patrice Latka, Founding Member of the Association of Ryerson Midwifery Students

As a "one woman show", I do all the research, writing & interviewing for my program. I often have to speak to various people across Canada on different subjects; Sources helps me find them more quickly. Even though, Boreal Hebdo is a French program, I often work in English on subjects related to aboriginal people.
Marie-Paul Rouleau, Announcer-Producer, Boreal Hebdo, CBC North-Quebec

I find it to be an incredibly amazing book and a great help when researching my stories.
Journalism Student, Carleton University

I am literally lost without it.
Reporter, The Toronto Sun

Sources Web site - congrats!... You've done a nice job - it's clean, crisp, well laid out - but not only that, you've got a damned simple, easy to understand method of allowing one to search the Sources directory. Keep up the good work!
Jim Carroll, C.A., Co-author, Canadian Internet Handbook

"For Canadians sources, the old reliable Sources ... is also available on-line in a much easier electronic format. This on-line version is by far the fastest way to find a Canadian expert."
Julian Sher, New on the Net

Kudos: I was recently assigned a story by a newsletter on chronic fatigue syndrome, but was told it went by some $10 name. A quick check of Sources soon gave me about eight contacts AND the proper spelling of myalgic encephalomyelitis. I made sure I credited Sources every time I called someone to get an interview or more information. Once again, you came through for me. Thanks, gang.
Paul Park

When I was an editor, I admired Sources, but under-appreciated it, since I rarely had occasion to use the publication. Since January, working as a freelancer on public policy stories, I have been in awe of how wonderful the compilation is, providing me not only with easy access to most well-known organizations but to lesser-known spokespeople I called were amazed at how I found them.
Harvey Schachter

As a corporate publisher for some of Canada's leading companies, we find Sources to be invaluable for checking facts and even more valuable as a source for quotes which offer an opposing and authoritative view, differing from that of our clients. Our readership have expressed their gratitude in our ability to source out authorities on various business and social issues. We couldn't do that without Sources.
Robert J. Morrow, Morrow C.A.C.P. Corporate Publishers

OK - I confess - I stole my copy of Sources from a colleague (he went on vacation, so it seemed only fair!). So, make honest women of us here at W! -please send Sources!
Jackie Johnson, Editor and Publisher

In my first year of journalism school at Lambton College in Sarnia, Ontario, 1990, I received writing award from the Ontario Reporters' Association after writing a story about a young family's struggle with an autistic child. Sources helped me win that award because of the wealth of contact information provided. Sources was always in sight in our newsroom and we were constantly encouraged by our professor to use it. I have since graduated and established a freelance career... I continually rely on Sources to give credibility and a professional edge to my work. Thanks, Sources, for helping me make the most of my chosen career!
Donna Gray

I could not operate without Sources and I doubt if any of us could. I just wanted to know how much you are appreciated.
Judy Creighton, The Canadian Press

We've found Sources to be extremely useful. It's a wonderful source book and it has proven very helpful on more than one occasion.
Robyn Craig, Prentice Hall Canada

Sources continues to be a directory that I depend on, not only for contacting sources, but for inspiration as well. I don't know what I'd do without it! Please, let Sources outlive me! Continued success. Cheers!
Elizabeth St. Jacques, Freelance writer & photographer

The Staff here find it a valuable directory. Its in use daily, and quite frankly, we'd be lost without it.
Martin Vanderwoude, News Director, CHAY FM

I have never had a more useful tool in my day-to-day work.
Patricia J. den Boer, Writer-Editor

I'd hate to try to get by without it as a freelancer.
Simon Birch, Freelance writer

Sources is an extremely valuable reference guide for writers and editors both at newspapers and magazines, where I've made extensive use of it. I'm grateful to have Sources.
David Olive

Sources has been the most used and read resource in our newsroom for years.
Richard Williams, The Western Star

It's a life-saver!
Roy Kekewich

Lon Applebyianne Rinehart

For me, Sources is indispensable, and I know from my own experience, working as a producer on documentaries at the CBC and writing articles for newspapers and magazines, that it is a source which many researchers, writers, and journalists consult: you see it next to their phones and in the top drawers of their desks all the time. What makes it so useful is the fact that it is constantly updated and that the index is nearly as comprehensive as the Times Atlas of the World. I have found it particularly helpful when making contacts with government agencies. Nothing beats Sources for the number of contacts listed in any given entry - and the whole section of awards and fellowships available to starving freelancers is something I haven't been able to find elsewhere.
Lon Appleby,Documentary Producer and Journalist

As a former host of W5, CBC News Anchor and freelance T.V. and Radio Journalist, I have grown accustomed to utilizing this publication on an everyday basis.
Sylvia Sweeney

Sources continues to be a wonderful source book for all kinds of leads and I couldn't do my job without it.
Janet Arnoff, Researcher

Let me tell you how much help Sources is for my research and how much I use it. I can't imagine doing research without having my Sources always at hand, and pity the person who dares remove it from my desk!
Wadad Bashour, Research Editor, Special Books, Reader's Digest (Canada) Ltd.

Sources has been incredibly useful to me over the past few years.
Jerry Zeidenberg, Editor, Canadian R & D Manager

We continue to find Sources useful in researching articles. It is useful for browsing as well, acting as a catalyst for story ideas.
Don Marston, Physician's Management Manuals

Not only do I reach for Sources almost immediately upon receiving a story assignment, but I enjoy pursuing it just to learn about how many obscure and sometimes bizarre information sources exist out there.
Carol Phillips, Town Publishing Group

Sources just keeps getting better and better. I love my Sources, and I don't know what I'd do without it. Keep up the good work!
Ken Ramstead, Reader's Digest Magazines Limited

I have referred to Sources on many occasions and I found it especially helpful to those stories that are national in scope. Having so many sources of information across Canada at one's fingertips makes the often tedious job of research much easier.
Nancy Boomer, President, Family Tree Publications

Jane A. Clark Please may I stay on your mailing list?
Where would I be without my regular transfusions of sane, sensible, thorough listings? Without near-instant access to hundreds of the in-the-know elite? If Sources stopped coming, I'd probably suffer Vocational Trauma, or at the very least, I would be very sad.

As I have told you and anyone else who'll listen, I find Sources irreplaceable. It is the editor's Yellow Pages-only better. Its Subject Index is far superior, and it is twice as informative. I am fiercely protective of each new edition when it arrives, and the previous editions are so keenly sough-after by my free-lance and student-type friends that lately I've been thinking of establishing a small black market for the purpose of supplying these and other such disenfranchised types with the precious back-issues as a sort of public service.
Jane A. Clark, Editor, Maxwell MacMillan Canada

Here is one of Canada's smallest freestanding news operations, SOURCES occupies a prized spot immediately underneath the phone book. It's the journalistic equivalent of a million-dollar Rolodex-providing rapid access to people who count in government, business, academia, and special-interest groups.

In recent months, I've specifically come to appreciate your Fame & Fortune section, with the exhaustive list of journalism awards. This compilation is invaluable to freelancers and employees of small media outlets, who are often overlooked on award mailing lists.
I'm pleased to report that my series on secrecy in local government has been recognized by six national and international awards - from the Canadian Association of Journalists, International Radio Festival of New York, Free Press Association (Mencken Awards), Michener Foundation, Canadian Association of Broadcasters, and the Radio-Television News Directors Association of Canada.

I learned of all but the last two of these awards from your listings.
Sources is the software a journalist needs to bring home the hardware!
David Helvig, News Bureau Chief, CKBL/Q103 Radio

I am a freelance reporter and use Sources almost daily.
Peter Geigen-Miller

As an editor, I think it's one on the best resources available to me. It allows me to find accurate information for media contacts quickly. It's been a life saver for me on a number of occasions.
Fiona Henry, Editor, Civic Public Works, Canada's National Public Works Magazine

I turn to Sources several times a week - couldn't survive without it. What more can I say, it is a must for any reporter. It has endless contacts and those direct numbers are invaluable.
Marilyn Crabbe, Eastern Field Editor, Country Guide: The Farm Magazine

Sources, the most helpful guide to a complex array of associations in Canada. It is a great help to any journalist.
Gretchen Ziegler, Editor, Commerce News

I do need Sources, my research 'secret weapon.' I refer to it daily to answer the incessant queries from Editorial or Copy Desk. I have even made some good friends among the resource people I contacted through Sources.
Wadad Bashour, Reader's Digest (Canada) Ltd.

I am full of admiration for the service you are providing.
Wayne Kines, World Media Institute Inc

Useful and reliable
Canadian Mining Journal

I keep it close by.
Helen L. Ellupu, Harlequin Enterprises

Quite frankly, I couldn't work as efficiently as I do now without the help of SOURCES.
Betty Lee

Two words describe SOURCES. Absolutely indispensable. Keep on doing what you do so well.
Jon Newton, Editor

As a researcher, I would be dead-in-the-water without SOURCES. In fact, many of my sources ask me how I knew of them, and add, "Was it through SOURCES?" Thanks ever so much for providing this service. Our editorial department is most indebted to you.
Gladys Pollack

At National Network News we make reference to SOURCES on a daily basis and appreciate the service you provide. We find Sources an invaluable guide for determining who is really addressing the issues which keep ... or are trying to keep this country together.
D.P. Ryan, Editor-in-Chief, The Defense Associations National Network News

I do not refer to SOURCES a lot in a period of a month. However, SOURCES often provides the exact information I need at critical times.
Bill Staples, Edges Magazine

Your one-of-a-kind directory has proved to be a valuable tool for our editorial department, particularly when trying to locate experts or spokespeople outside the Ottawa area.
Tom Wilson, Editor, Ottawa Business News

I've been using SOURCES for years as a freelancer. I get the most up-to-date information available, fast. Thanks to your dedicated work, I find it easier meeting my deadlines.
Gloria Hildebrandt

As a rural freelance journalist, 80 kilometers from Ottawa and its various libraries, I rely on SOURCES a lot. Although I do "on location" as much as possible, many of my interviews are done by telephone. I've found that by using the SOURCES Subject Index my contacts have been expanded greatly. And not only does SOURCES provide me with leads and contacts for stories I'm working on, it's given me ideas for future articles.
Carolyn Walton, Words by Walton

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for the best ever SOURCES. As a freelancer, SOURCES cuts my research time in half putting me in contact with people who want to talk to the media day or night. Tea and SOURCES start my mornings off right.
Sonya Procenko, Freelance Writer/Editor

Just a short note to offer my compliments on a most superb tool for journalists. SOURCES is, without question, the "bible" of our newsroom and a most essential resource for every reporter and producer. We rely on its accuracy and convenience when putting together both breaking stories and feature background pieces. Please keep up the excellent work....we couldn't do without it!
Melanie Reffes, Executive Producer: CKO Radio Network

Just a short note to say how thankful we are for SOURCES. I am program director of the radio station (CFRM) here at Canadore College, and we are NOT licensed for commercials.
In order to give our radio students a "full log", I was delighted several years ago to discover SOURCES. Now I have only to pick up the phone or dash off a note to various public service organizations and we find they are quite excited about getting some "free" airtime on our radio station. It gives the students good experience in writing and producing copy and getting it to air.

And, since we have a computerized traffic system, we can generate FREE invoices at the end of each month to let the various organizations know how many spots we ran for them the previous month.
We sure would have had trouble tracking down these hundreds of organizations if it hasn't been for SOURCES. Your staff dies a great job, and we are truly thankful.
Your efforts are appreciated by this program director, you can be sure.
Program Director, Radio Station CRFM-FM, Canadore College

It is part of my routine when researching a story, to check for possible contacts in SOURCES first.
Gloria Hildebrandt

When I was working as a daily newspaper journalist in Brandon, Manitoba, SOURCES became an important link to the rest of the country for me in my work. I don't know what I would have done without it. (I probably would have made a lot of frustrating phone calls and wasted a lot of time.)
Arlene E. Waite

Sources has arrived, can spring be far behind? For this rural freelance journalist the appearance of Sources in my mailbox produces much the same euphoria as that felt by the avid gardener upon receipt of his first Seed Book; the farm women's joy at the arrival of Eaton's Spring Catalogue.

Ah, such hyperbole, she must have cabin fever, you say. Have you ever spent a winter in the Ottawa Valley?
Seriously, I am some 80 kilometers from Ottawa and its various libraries so I do rely on Sources a lot. Although I do get "on location" as much as possible many of my interviews are done by telephone. I have found that through the use of the heading listings in Sources my contacts have been expanded greatly.

I am the proud recipient of the CIJ Award of Excellence for Best Investigative Magazine article in Canada for 1986. Not only does Sources provide me with leads and contacts in the environmental and medical fields, but it has given me story ideas for future articles.
Carolyn Walton, Writer, Words by Walton, February 10, 1988

I will say any organization that has someone responsible for public relations should be listed in SOURCES. Listing in SOURCES, kind friends and gentle folks, is a friendly invitation to a relationship with the public.
Rod Dawson, Writer

I use the SOURCES faithfully almost every day. In fact, I find work life darned near impossible without it.
Catherine E. Young, Researcher

As a working journalist, I would like to tell you how invaluable SOURCES is when writing against a deadline. The material is logical, clear, well-expressed and (most important of all) accurate.
Walter Perry

There have been times had it not been for SOURCES, I would have been plumb shit out of luck. As a broadcast journalist, I see SOURCES as the Bible for journalists.
Douglas Forbes, Host and Producer, Consumer Watch

I want you to know how useful SOURCES continues to be for all of us here at RADIO NOON. Next to the phone book, it's our most frequently consulted reference work. As you know, we who work against tight deadlines every day depend on anything which quickly gives us the right names and numbers of people we need to talk to.
So Sources is very much appreciated.
David Schatzky, Host, CBC RADIO NOON

As a foreign journalist attempting to clue into Canada in a short period, I find it (SOURCES) indispensable.
John Bowman

I just had to let you know that when I opened the newest SOURCES the other day, I found it so interesting that I missed my deadline.

You're doing a fabulous job with it - and you're making life much easier for many journalists. Congratulations!
Susan Maclean

I want you to know how important SOURCES has become to me. Your publication saves a lot of research time by providing not only telephone numbers but names of contacts. As you know, is easier to call when you know who to ask for.

SOURCES is also a story creating vehicle. Just recently, I used the listings to research one possible story, and ended up spinning it into four articles. The person I called provided me with several saleable ideas. He is very happy with the media attention his organization is getting from it.

This week I am using SOURCES to get my name placed on media lists of companies and organizations that are of special interest to me.
Bud Riley, Writer

Joe McAllisteron

I once worked on a daily out in the boondocks and can't say how many times, working on deadline, I needed comment from a major company or industry on a local story I was doing. As often as not I would reach for SOURCES, find the name of an appropriate PR officer and in minutes have someone knowledgeable on the phone to explain or justify what was going on locally. The information I was seeking wasn't about major national issues, but there's nothing more fun for a small-time journalist than a local story about people up against a big corporation. SOURCES offers an invaluable way for PR people to keep in contact with the smaller media outlets and get involved with those small stories which will never make national news but can sure hurt a company's image on a regional basis.
Joe McAllister

SOURCES: the authoritative book that helps unlock doors to information in Canada.
Eric Elstone

I laughed at myself last week. After making 20 phone calls trying to track down some information, I finally checked through your listings and found out in two short calls what I'd be trying, without success, to discover during an afternoon and two evenings of long distance calls. For me, that is an indication of the benefit of your publication.
Helen Mason

I just had to let you know that when I opened the newest SOURCES the other day, I found it so interesting that I missed my deadline.

You're doing a fabulous job with it - and you're making life much easier for many journalists. Congratulations!
Susan Maclean

The information contained in SOURCES is especially vital to all weekly and community newspapers due to our limited resources.
Editor, Barrie Banner

Most useful for my CBC radio show. SOURCES is a Treasury. The Embassy Row info is of special value to me in tracking down elusive facts (about singers, conductors, etc.) obtainable from cultural attaches in Ottawa. I get weak at the knees when I try to visualize the sheer endless work that you and your colleagues must do to keep SOURCES up-to-date.
Clyde Gilmour

I find Sources useful in much of my work, and often essential.
Robert Fulford

No, no, a thousand times no, don't take me off your list for SOURCES! It's a really useful publication.
Knowlton Nash

Sources provides me with ideas for further contacts when I'm researching a story... I also use SOURCES to find exactly the right person to call in an organization.
Barbara Simon