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Reach the People
Behind Tomorrow's Headlines

How often have you been surprised by issues exploding unexpectedly onto the agenda? By groups and coalitions that seem to burst on the scene to disrupt the carefully laid plans of politicians and bureaucrats?

Often years of behind-the-scenes work by advocacy groups and coalitions precede their sudden rise to prominence. You can reach them today - before they make the headlines.

All you need is a copy of Connexions - the key Canadian directory of grassroots, citizen and advocacy organizations, now available in both online and print formats.

The print edition - The Connexions Annual - provides names, addresses, contact persons, and phone numbers for 1,800 citizen organizations dealing with Environment, Human Rights, Housing, Women, Native Peoples, Health, Education, and many other issues. Detailed Subject, Geographical and Alphabetical indexes let you find the source you need.

Connexions Online - brought to you through Sources Select Online - gives you everything in the print edition, plus hundreds of background articles and position papers on a wide range of issues.

The print edition is yours for $30; $59 gets you the print edition plus access to Connexions Online.


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