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18th Annual Western Magazine Awards


In 2000, we honoured the following finalists and winners (indicated in blue).


Lifetime Achievement Award
Daniel Wood

1 Business
presented by Quebecor World Vancouver
David Baines: "Bull Market" Vancouver
Sarah Cox: "It's A Small World After All" The Georgia Straight
Jon Ferry: "Pulp Friction" BC Business
Mike McCullough: "Diary of a Mega Merger" BC Business

2 Science, Technology & Medicine
presented by Strategy magazine
Nancy Baron: "The Ancient Mariner" The Georgia Straight
Gail Johnson: "Fear of Flying" The Georgia Straight
Ben Parfitt: "The Big Chill" The Georgia Straight
Alicia Priest: "First Call" The Georgia Straight

3 Arts, Culture & Entertainment
Ross Crockford: "Road Warriors" Monday
Jamie Maw: "We Are What We Ate" Vancouver
Katherine Monk: "Empire of Hype" Mix
Medeleine Thein: "Beyond the Japan of My Father's Sadness" Mix

4 Travel & Leisure
presented by Air Canada
Steve Burgess: "That 70s Town" Vancouver
Kerry McPhedran: "Nelson: Town of All Towns" Beautiful British Columbia
Stan Persky: "Tender City" Geist
Alexander Varty: "Dim Sum Transmits Depth of Culture" The Georgia Straight

5 Regular Column or Department
Steve Burgess: "Steve Burgess" Queue
Robert Enright: "Column" Border Crossings
Terry Glavin: "Chronicles" The Georgia Straight
Alberto Manguel: "Alberto Reports" Geist

6 Fiction
Rick Maddocks: "Plane People" Prairie Fire
Andrew Pyper: "A Summer of Ping-Pong" The Malahat Review
Bill Richardson: "It's In the Cards" The Georgia Straight
Nancy Richler: "Your Mouth is Lovely" Prairie Fire

7 Profile
presented by Reader's Digest Foundation of Canada
Jim Christy: "Born Too Soon" The Georgia Straight
Richard Littlemore: "The Perfect Civil Servant" BC Business
A.S. Penne: "Dark Journey" Prairie Fire
Ustun Reinart: "Gilded Icons Wrapped in Fine Cloth" Prairie Fire

8 Human Experience (tie)
Diana Atkinson: "Falling Slowly" Vancouver
Steve Burgess & Lila MacLellan: "My Foreign Affair"

"Giving Gods a Bad Name" Mix
Marilyn Gear Pilling: "Strawberry Hill" Prairie Fire
Kevin Sallows: "Paths" Event

9 Public Issues
Shawn Blore & Jim Sutherland: "Building Smileyville" Vancouver
Jack Christie: "Beauty and the Bog" The Georgia Straight
Richard Littlemore: "Skytrain: The Sequel" BC Business
Anne Mullens: "The Sixty-Storey Crisis" BC Business

10 Gold Award for Best Article - Manitoba
presented by Manitoba Ministry of Culture, Heritage and Tourism
David Bergen: "And You Arrive on the Other Side With Nothing" Prairie Fire
Jane Dick: "Saying Goodbye to Felicia" Prairie Fire
Roberta Rampton: "Day of the Fiddles" Western People
Margaret Sweatman: "A Shelter to Make Love In" Prairie Fire

11 Gold Award for Best Article
Saskatchewan presented by Saskatchewan Ministry of Municipal Affairs,
Culture and Housing
David Carpenter: "A Path With Heart" Western Living
Karen Morrison: "Potato Valley/Picture Perfect Valley" Western People
Bill Strautman: "I Truck My Own Wheat to Thunder Bay" Farming

12 Gold Award for Best Article - Alberta & NWT
Mark Augustowich: "Lost in the Wild" Up Here
Gordon Cope: "Stampede Wrestling Rides Again" Alberta Venture
Gary Davies: "Who's Next?" Calgary
Curtis Gillespie: "The Transformer" Western Living

13 Gold Award for Best Article
BC & Yukon presented by the BC Ministry of Small Business Tourism and Culture
Diana Atkinson: "Falling Slowly" Vancouver
Anne Mullens: "The Sixty-Storey Crisis" BC Business
Ben Parfitt: "Aliens in the Forest" The Georgia Straight
Paul Willcocks: "2010: An Undersea Odyssey" BC Business

14 Best Photograph (tie)
presented by Regis Pictures & Frames
Marnie Burkhart: The Transformer" Western Living
Thomas Santalab: "Cruising the Glacial Seas" Travel Etc.

Thomas Santalab: "Time Among the Maya in Guatemala" Travel Etc.
Stephe Tate: "George vs. The Universe" Alberta Venture

15 Best Photograph Feature or Series
Raeff Miles: "The 10th Annual Restaurant Awards" Vancouver
Diana Shearwood: "Chance Encounters of an Abandoned Kind" Border Crossings
Verve Photographic (John Lee) & Robert Karpa: "The A&E 50" Vancouver
Alex Waterhouse-Hayward: "The Dying Season" Mix

16 Best Illustration or Illustration Feature
Gamma Pro Imaging/Alan Sommerville: "Fast Ferry" Vancouver
Graham Gillmore: "Falling Slowly" Vancouver
Julia Lum: "Used and Abused" Okanagan Life
Peter Ferguson & Leon Hayden: "Get Set!" CGA Magazine

17 Best Art Direction, Article
presented by Adobe Systems Inc.
Anna A. Belluz: "The A&E 50" Vancouver
Tom Brown "New York Nuances" Travel Etc.
Tom Brown "The Working World of Venice" Travel Etc.
Anders Knudsen: "The Heart of the Rockies" Avenue West

18 Best Art Direction, Cover
presented by Apple Canada, Inc.
Anna A. Belluz: "Best Restaurants" Vancouver
Rick Staehling: "The Travel Issue" Western Living
Fraces Tycho, Angela Chan & Paul Wohlsteller: "Emm-Powered" Realm
Karl Ulrich: "She's a Knockout" Xtra West

19 Trade Magazine of the Year
Reel West

20 Magazine of the Year - Manitoba
Border Crossings
Prairie Fire
Style Manitoba
Where Winnipeg

21 Magazine of the Year - Saskatchewan
Western People

22 Magazine of the Year - Alberta

23 Magazine of the Year - BC/Yukon
Georgia Straight

24 Magazine of the Year - Western Canada
presented by Supreme Graphics
Border Crossings


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