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19th Annual Western Magazine Awards


At the gala awards dinner and ceremony on June 21, 2001, hosted by Steve Burgess, we honoured the following finalists and winners (indicated in blue). Congratulations to all!

Lifetime Achievement Award
Peter Legge, President & CEO of Canada Wide Magazines and Communications Ltd.

1 Business
presented by Quebecor World Vancouver
Jeremy Cato: "Dearth of a Salesman" BC Business
Sarah Cox: "Free Trade Off" The Georgia Straight
Jamie Maw: "The Food Chain" Vancouver
Rob Wipond: "Shellgame.com" Monday Magazine

2 Science, Technology & Medicine
presented by Strategy magazine
Andrew Nikiforuk: "Frankengrain" Alberta Venture
Alicia Priest : "Crisis, What Crisis?" The Georgia Straight
Andrew Struthers: "Of Mice and Supermen" Monday Magazine
Sid Tafler: "Old Man in the New World" Monday Magazine

3 Arts, Culture & Entertainment (tie)
Kerry Banks: "Phantom Fame" The Georgia Straight
Trevor Boddy: "The Californication of British Columbia" The Georgia Straight
Alison Gillmore: "Brain Trust" Western Living
Janet Smith: "Starlight Takes the Spotlight" The Georgia Straigh

4 Travel & Leisure
presented by Air Canada
Jim Christy: "Road Show USA" The Georgia Straight
James McKinnon: "Driving to This Point in History" Adbusters
Charles Montgomery: "Coast Rage" Vancouver
Daniel Wood: "Riding the Wokkpash" Beautiful British Columbia

5 Regular Column or Department
Jamie Bastedo: "Natural North" Up Here
Briony Penn: "Wildside" Monday Magazine
Charlene Rooke, B. Weir & K. Schmaltz: "City Icon" Avenue
Meeka Walsh: "Border Notes" Border Crossings

6 Fiction
Kevin Armstrong: "The Cane Field" Event
Heather Birrell: "Machaya" Prism International
Annabel Lyon: "Fishes" Event
Robert Strandquist: "Frank's Friends" Prairie Fire

7 Profile
Margaret Atwood & Susan Musgrave: "Al Purdy: The Awkward Sublime; A Quintessential Man" Border Crossings
Richard Littlemore: "The Retiring Exhibitionist" BC Business
Richard Littlemore: "Being Arthur" BC Business
Roberta Staley: "Parallel Worlds" The Georgia Straight

8 Human Experience
Guy Babineau: "Getting Lucky in New Westminster" Xtra West
Marcello di Cintio: "Bone Etchings" Event
Marcello di Cintio: "Cinnamon Leaves" Prairie Fire
Elisapee Keratak: "Kikkik: A Daughter's Story" Up Here

9 Public Issues
Candis McLean: "The Fetal Alcohol Crisis" The Report Newsmagazine
Briony Penn: "Salt Spring, A Year Later" Monday Magazine
Guy Saddy: "Geurillas in our Midst" Vancouver
Brian Salmi: "Lizard People" The Georgia Straight

10 Service
presented by Canada Magazine Fund
Deborah Campbell: "Fashion Dot Com" FASHION magazine
Richard Littlemore: "Marketing You" BC Business
Jamie Maw, Tim Pawsey, Jill Townsend & Memory Walsh: "11th Annual Restaurant Awards" Vancouver
Tim Pawsey & Louise Phillips: "WC's for VIP's" WHERE Vancouver

11 Gold Award for Best Article - Manitoba
presented by Manitoba Ministry of Culture, Heritage and Tourism
Alison Gillmore: "Brain Trust" Western Living
Brenda Hasiuk: "What's Left Behind" Prairie Fire
William Neville: "Sustaining Confederation" The Beaver
Caelum Vatnsdal: "The Mad Fear Nothing" Border Crossings

12 Gold Award for Best Article - Saskatchewan
presented by Saskatchewan Ministry of Municipal Affairs, Culture and Housing
Karen Morrison: "A Thousand Acres, A Thousand Cares" Western People
Karen Morrison: "If It's Baseball and it Happened in Saskatchewan, Dave Shury Knows About It" Western People
Karen Morrison: "No Brass, No Mirrors" Western People
Bill Strautman: "One Wood Fired Boiler Heats Eleven Farm Buildings" Farming

13 Gold Award for Best Article - Alberta & NWT
presented by Alberta Magazine Publishers Association
Bruce Barker:"Know What's in Your Water" Farming
Gary Davies: "Strike One, You're Out" Calgary
Elispee Karatak: "Kikkik: A Daughter's Story" Up Here

14 Gold Award for Best Article - BC & Yukon
presented by the BC Ministry of Small Business Tourism and Culture
Terrance Armstrong: "Crack Into Hell" The Georgia Straight
Steve Burgess: "Okanagan D-Tour" Western Living
Ken Hegan & Rob Howatson: "Where's Phillip Owen?" Vancouver
Reverend Ruth Wright: "A Day in the Life of Reverend Ruth Wright" Ascent

15 Best Photograph
presented by Regis Pictures & Frames
Dina Goldstein: "Home Wrecked" Vancouver
Chris Jaksa: "Contents" Beautiful British Columbia
Chris Jaksa: "Historic Beacons" Beautiful British Columbia
Stewart M. Wood: "Victoria's Secret Fat Underground" Monday Magazine

16 Best Photograph Feature or Series
Chris Gergley: "The Way We'll Live" Vancouver
Greg Gerla: "Alberta Market Facts Directory" Alberta Venture
Chad Johnston: "Elements of Style" Avenue
Andrej Pluta: "Balm and Beauty and Hosanna" Border Crossings

17 Best Photograph - People & Portraiture
Lincoln Clarkes: "Boys in the 'Hood" Vancouver
Wayne A. Hoechel:"Jewish Holiday" FASHION magazine
Chad Johnston:"In Your Face" Avenue
Mark Mushet: "Gay (does not equal) AIDS" The Georgia Straight

18 Best Illustration or Illustration Feature
presented by Rebus Creative
Jeremy Bruneel: "Criminal Coyote" The Georgia Straight
William Eakin: "William Eakin: Have a Nice Day" Border Crossings
Mark Pilon: "A Winter's Tale" The Georgia Straight
Paul Rivoche: "Illustrations" Vancouver
Adam Rogers: "A Win Win Solution" CGA magazine
Iwona Sarnecka-Dabrowa: "Linh" Room of One's Own

19 Best Art Direction, Article
presented by Adobe Systems Inc.
Tom Brown: "The Heart of Hawaii" Travel Etc.
Tom Brown: "Paradise, Alaska" Travel Etc.
Doris Cheung: "The Food Chain" Vancouver
Randall Watson: "Downsizing Now" Western Living

20 Best Art Direction, Cover
Ben Gies: "Code Breaker: Nobel Laureate Dr. Michael Smith" Enterprise
Andreas Kahre: "Device" Front Magazine
Randall Watson: "October 2000" Western Living
Annette Waurick: "A Winter's Tale" The Georgia Straight

21 Trade Magazine of the Year
CGA magazine
Far North Oil & Gas Review
Reel West

22 Magazine of the Year - Manitoba
The Beaver
Border Crossings
Manitoba Gardener
Prairie Fire

23 Magazine of the Year - Saskatchewan
Western People

24 Magazine of the Year - Alberta/NWT
Alberta Venture
Alberta Views
Up Here

25 Magazine of the Year - BC/Yukon
BC Business
The Malahat Review

26 Magazine of the Year - Western Canada
presented by WYSIWYG
Border Crossings
Up Here


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