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21st Annual Western Magazine Awards


On June 20, 2003, we honoured the following finalists and winners indicated in blue. Congratulations to all.

Lifetime Achievement Award
Meeka Walsh, editor, Border Crossings


1 Business
presented by Transcontinental Printing

Sarah Cox: “The Dark Side of Flowers” The Georgia Straight
Noel Hulsman: “This is your Life, Barry Allen” BC Business
Timothy Renshaw: “Assembly Required” BCBusiness
Andrew Struthers: “Diamonds are Forever, Pretty Much” Western Living

2 Science, Technology and Medicine
presented by Strategy magazine

Candis McLean: “Vision of a Maverick” The Report
Alicia Priest: “The Death of the Family Doctor” The Georgia Straight
Matthew Rankin: “Anatomically Incorrect” The Beaver
Jim Sutherland: “Our Friend Alcohol” Western Living


3 Arts, Culture and Entertainment
presented by the Canada Council for the Arts

Shawn Conner: “Down with the Dog” The Georgia Straight
Tom Hawthorn: “Powerball” Nuvo
Charles Montgomery: “Lowry’s Ghosts” Vancouver
Paul Tough: “City Still Breathing” Geist


4 Travel and Leisure
presented by the Listel Hotel

Kevin Brooker: “Our Nummer Eins Fans” Western Living
Curtis Gillespie: “The World According to Hilton Head” Travel Etc.
Charles Montgomery: “The Hounds of Barkerville” Westworld BC
Andrew Scott: “Under the Midnight Sun” Westworld BC


5 Regular Column or Department
presented by the Canada Magazine Fund

Jim Christy: “Scalawags” Nuvo
Leanne Johnson: “Flow Charts” Front
Helen Metella: “People’s Files” Alberta Venture
Stephen Osborne:“In Camera” Geist


6 Fiction

Jacqueline Baker: “Small Comfort” Malahat Review
Jessica Grant: “My Husband’s Jump” Malahat Review
P.K. Page: “Ex Libris” Border Crossings
Armin Wiebe: “The Little Kollouch” Prairie Fire


7 Profile

Liz Crompton: “Spaces of Our Own” Up Here
Paula Kelly: “Looking for Mrs. Armstrong” The Beaver
Larry Pynn: “The Last Mountain People” British Columbia
Jim Tobler: “Paul Shaffer: The World’s Most
Dangerous Band Leader” Nuvo


8 Human Experience

David Beers: “Caught in the Sun” Vancouver
David Carpenter: “The House that Saskatchewan Built” Western Living
Kanina Dawson: “The End of August” Event
Stephen Gauer: “What Should We Talk About Now” Geist


9 Public Issues

Greg Flanagan: “Can Medicare Survive” Alberta Views
Alicia Priest: “Street Saints” The Georgia Straight
Roberta Staley: “Wunderkinds” BC Business
Daniel Wood: “Speed Demons” Vancouver


10 Service

Sue Dritmanis, Rick Staehling: “4 Exotic Cruises” Travel Etc.
Jamie Maw: “13th Annual Restaurant Awards” Vancouver
R. Moyes, W.L. Staff, A. Suche, J. Cockrall-King, A. Casey, D. Margoshes, & A. Gillmor: “Summer in the Cities” Western Living
Alex Waterhouse-Hayward: “How to Take Your Best Shot” Travel Etc


11 Gold Award for Best Article — Manitoba
presented by Manitoba Ministry of Culture, Heritage and Tourism

Pamela Banting: “Lighting Out” Prairie Fire
Paula Kelly: “Looking for Mrs. Armstrong” The Beaver
Matthew Rankin: “Anatomically Incorrect” The Beaver
Meeka Walsh: “Rockman” Border Crossings


12 Gold Award Best Article — Saskatchewan
presented by Saskatchewan Ministry of Culture, Youth and Recreation

David Carpenter: “The Cabin that Saskatchewan Built” Western Living
Michael Maranda: “The Reluctant Critic” BlackFlash
J. Jill Robinson: “Quicksand” Grain


13 Gold Award Best Article — Alberta/NWT
presented by Alberta Magazine Publishers Association

Kevin Brooker: “Our Nummer Eins Fans” Western Living
Debbie Culbertson: “The Other Vote Goes to the Sister” The Beaver
Nicole Dunsdon: “After the Fire” Calgary
Curtis Gillespie: “Surface Rites” Alberta Views


14 Gold Award for Best Article — BC/Yukon
presented by BC Ministry of Community, Aboriginal & Women’s Services

Zsuzsi Gartner: “Working Mother Guilt” The Georgia Straight
James Mackinnon: “The Colour of Money Is Green” Vancouver
Jim Tobler: “Paul Shaffer: The World’s Most
Dangerous Band Leader” NUVO
Daniel Wood: “Speed Demons” Vancouver


15 Best Photograph — Architectural, Landscape or Still Life

Greg Ehlers: “Higher Learning - Reflections on SFU” WHERE Vancouver
Daryl Kahn Cline: “Our Daily Bread” NUVO
Jared Sych: “Where Spirits Roam” Calgary
John Sinal: “Pan Asia” Western Living


16 Best Photographic Feature or Series

Gaotano Fasciana: “Family Portrait” NUVO
Thaddeus Holownia: “Eyeing the Landscape: The Photography of Thaddeus Holownia” Border Crossings
Geoffrey James: “View Finder: The Photography of Geoffrey James” Border Crossings
Robert Kenney: “The Firenze File” Travel Etc.


17 Best Photograph —People and Portraiture
presented by Regis Pictures and Frames

Dina Goldstein: “Workscapes” BC Business
Robert Kenney: “The Firenze File” Travel Etc.
James LaBounty: “Caught in the Sun” Vancouver
Mark Mushet: “The 0-60 Rush” BC Business


18 Best Illustration or Illustration Feature

Ryan Heshka: “Rafe Mair” Vancouver
Isabelle Arsenault: “Export Year in Review” Alberta Venture
Anne Marie Harvey: “It Goes Without Saying” The Advocate
Kelly Sutherland: “House of Cards” Avenue


19 Best Art Direction — Article

Tom Brown: “The Firenze File” Travel Etc.
Tom Brown: “The Power List” Vancouver
Michael Sinanan: “Family Portrait” NUVO
Randall Watson: “Let’s Split This Scene” Western Living


20 Best Art Direction — Cover
presented by Rebus Creative

Jennifer Nosek: “Fall 2002” Modern Dog
Christopher Grabowski: “The Lost Art of Waving” Geist
Lisa Lebedovich: “Beautiful Thinking” Geist
Annette Waurik: “Campbell’s Cuts” The Georgia Straight


21 Trade Magazine of the Year
presented by Masthead magazine

The Far North Oil & Gas Review
Canadian Diamonds
The Advocate


22 Magazine of the Year — Manitoba

The Beaver
Border Crossings
Prairie Fire


23 Magazine of the Year — Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan Naturally


24 Magazine of the Year — Alberta/NWT

Alberta Venture
Alberta Views
Up Here


25 Magazine of the Year — BC/Yukon
presented by BC Association of Magazine Publishers

The Georgia Straight
Travel Etc.


26 Magazine of the Year — Western Canada
presented by Transcontinental Printing






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