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22nd Annual Western Magazine Awards


On June 18, 2004, at a gala dinner and ceremony held at the Renaissance Hotel Harbourside in Vancouver and emceed by Ken Hegan, the following finalists and winners were announced and celebrated. Congratulations to all.


Lifetime Achievement Award

Marion LaVigne


1 Business
presented by Transcontinental Printing

Noel Hulsman: “What Makes the Vancouver Sun Tick?”BCBusiness
Noel Hulsman: “Who’s On First” BCBusiness
Myles Murchison: “David Martin's Gold” BCBusiness
Chris Nuttall-Smith: “Appetite for Destruction” Vancouver


2 Science, Technology and Medicine
presented by Strategy magazine

Emily Chung: “Cloning Around with Identical Twins” Yes
Bruce Grierson: “Death Star” Vancouver
Gail Johnson: “The Dark Crystal” The Georgia Straight
Richard Littlemore: “Mission Impossible”BC Business


3 Arts, Culture and Entertainment
presented by the Canada Council for the Arts

Robin Laurence: “Garbage Art” The Georgia Straight
Judd Palmer and Stephen Pearce: “Notes on the Art of Puppetry in an Atmosphere of Dread”Alberta Views
Nick Rockel: “How to whine like a pro” BCBusiness
Peter Valing: “Ring Dogs” Vancouver


4 Travel and Leisure
presented by the Listel Hotel

Lionel Hughes: “The Bell and the Bear Claw” Saskatchewan Naturally
Charles Montgomery: “Heaven Can Wait”Western Living
Andrew Struthers: “Garden Varieties” Western Living
Daniel Wood: “Waterfront Odyssey” British Columbia


5 Regular Column or Department
presented by the Canada Magazine Fund

Jim Christy: “Scalawags” NUVO
Robert Enright: “Film Column”Border Crossings
Annabel Lyon: “Outlook” Geist
Doug Whiteway: “Currents” The Beaver


6 Fiction

Craig Davidson: “Life in the Flesh” Event
James Marshall: “Let’s Not Let a Little Thing Like the End of the World of Come Between Us” The Malahat Review
Lesley Millard: “The Uses of the Neckerchief” Prairie Fire
Michael V. Smith: “What We Wanted”Prism International


7 Profile
presented by Reader’s Digest

Kerry Banks: “ Delgado’s Wrecks” Westworld BC
Allen Bell: “Noam Chomsky: A Hated Political Enemy” Hobo
James Pitsula: “The Courage of Her Convictions” The Beaver
Daniel Wood: “Tropic of Sandwyk” The Georgia Straight


8 Human Experience
presented by The Butler Did It Catering

Jeremiah Aherne: “The Long, Hard Hangover” Event
Jancis Andrews: “Country of Evil” Event
Sophie Lees: “Conundrum of Kites” Alberta Views
Alan S.: “My Cracked Life” Vancouver


9 Public Issues

Cori Howard: “Stealing Home” Vancouver
Andrew Nikiforuk: “High on Grass” Avenue
Nick Rockel & Richard Neal: “Invasion of the Hospital Snatchers” The Georgia Straight
Roberta Staley: “Drugs 101” The Georgia Straight


10 Service
presented by WestJet

Robert Moyes, Anne Suche, Jennifer Cockrall-King, Allan Casey, Dave Margoshes, Alison Gillmor, Jacqueline Moore, Matt O'Grady and Felicity Stone: “Summer in the Cities” Western Living
Jamie Maw, James Barber, Memory Walsh & Murray Bancroft: “The 14th Annual Restaurant Awards” Vancouver
Lila MacLellan: “The $364,000 Question” Vancouver
Cam Sylvester: “The Reno From Heck” Western Living


11 Gold Award for Best Article — Manitoba
presented by Manitoba Ministry of Culture, Heritage and Tourism

Alison Gillmor: “Northern Lights” Western Living
Miriam Toews: “Puerto Vallarta” Prairie Fire
Maria Tzavaras & Rachel Naud: “Finding Reputable Breeders” Pet Commerce


12 Gold Award Best Article — Saskatchewan
presented by Saskatchewan Ministry of Culture, Youth and Recreation

Allan Casey: “Tennis, Everyone?” Western Living
Annie Gerin: “As If No One Ever Rode The Metro” Blackflash
Lionel Hughes: “The Bell and the Bear Claw” Saskatchewan Naturally
James Pitsula: “The Courage of Her Convictions” The Beaver


13 Gold Award Best Article — Alberta/NWT
presented by Alberta Magazine Publishers Association

Marcello Di Cintio: “Waiter Confidential” Avenue
Curtis Gillespie: “Sofa, So Good” Alberta Venture
Sophie Lees “Conundrum of Kites” Alberta Views
Aaron Spitzer: “The Shadow in the Valley” Up Here


14 Gold Award for Best Article — BC/Yukon

Mitch Miyagawa: “Elvis: The Yukon Years” Geist
Charles Mongomery: “Heaven Can Wait” Western Living
Alan S.: “My Cracked Life” Vancouver
Cam Sylvester: “The Fast Burn” Western Living


15 Best Photograph — Architectural, Landscape or Still Life

C.J. Burton: “Dope ‘Burbs” Vancouver
Chris Jaksa: “Stewart on Ice” British Columbia
Graham Osborne: “Mothership Kayaking” British Columbia
Clay Stang: “Staying Sharp to Avoid Falling Flat” Avenue


16 Best Photographic Feature or Series
presented by the Diane Farris Gallery

Gregory Crow: “Ring Dogs” Vancouver
Christopher Grabowski: “At Play in the Streets of Kabul” Geist
Clay Stang: “They Came From Conflict” Avenue
Jana Vackova: “Fashion Hounds” Modern Dog


17 Best Photograph — People and Portraiture
presented by Loomis Art Store

Phillip Chin: “Steadiwork” Reel West
Derek Crowe: “Man and Dog in Truck” Up Here
Mark Gilbert: “The Power 50” Vancouver
Dina Goldstein: “Just Call Me Landlord” BC Business


18 Best Illustration or Illustration Feature

Deanne Bedier, Wes Dauncey, Hugo Dubon, Steven McNalley, Kelly Sutherland & Tim Van Gilder: “East Village Visions” Calgary, Inc.
Steven McNalley: "Cheating Death" Avenue
Kelly Sutherland: “Anger Between the Lines” Avenue
Louise Uhrenholt: “Waiter Confidential” Avenue


19 Best Art Direction — Article
presented by Adobe

Tom Brown: “Ring Dogs” Vancouver
Doris Cheung and Cathy Mullaly: “In Your Face” BCBusiness
Sandro Grison: “Russ Milligan Interview” Color
John Ngan: “Summer Extreme” Enterprise


20 Best Art Direction — Cover
presented by Rebus Creative

Joe Grande and Marcel Dzama: “Issue #87” Border Crossings
Shawn Dogimont: “Issue #3” Hobo
Michael Sinanan: “Winter 2003” NUVO
Randall Watson: “The Power 50” Vancouver


21 Trade Magazine of the Year
presented by Masthead magazine

Canadian Diamonds
Reel West
The Advocate


22 Best New Magazine
presented by the Canada Magazine Fund

Calgary, Inc.
Modern Dog
Real Weddings


23 Magazine of the Year — Manitoba

Border Crossings
Prairie Fire
The Beaver
Western Sportsman

24 Magazine of the Year — Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan Naturally


25 Magazine of the Year — Alberta/NWT

Alberta Venture
Alberta Views
Up Here


26 Magazine of the Year — BC/Yukon
presented by BC Association of Magazine Publishers

Real Weddings


27 Magazine of the Year — Western Canada
presented by Transcontinental Printing

Border Crossings




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