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23rd Annual Western Magazine Awards


On June 24, 2005, at a gala dinner hosted by Steve Burgess, the following winners (in blue) were announced. Congratulations to all!


Lifetime Achievement Award

Rick Staehling, art director/editor


1 Business
presented by Transcontinental Printing

Noel Hulsman “Taming the Dragon” BCBusiness
Ben Parfitt “Black Plague” The Georgia Straight
Tony Wanless “Prelude to a Merger” BCBusiness
Paul Willcocks “What's Wrong with BC?” BCBusiness


2 Science, Technology, and Medicine
presented by Strategy magazine

Hanneke Brooymans “Coal Front” Alberta Views
Douglas Hunter “The Mystery of Champlain's Astrolabe” The Beaver
Andrew Nikiforuk “Sour Gas Experiment” Avenue
R.G. Weyant “The Darwinian Mind: Making Human Nature Natural” Humanist in Canada


3 Arts, Culture, and Entertainment
presented by the Canada Council for the Arts

Valerie Fortney “Star Mojo” Swerve
Miche Genest “The Elvis Project” Up Here
Terry Glavin “Cetacean Fetishism” Vancouver Review
Andrew Hunter “Hanksville” BlackFlash


4 Travel and Leisure
presented by WestJet

Steve Burgess “Italian Stallions” Western Living
Allan Casey “When Heck Freezes Over” Western Living
Bruce Masterman “Two Tales of One City” Up Here
Harry Vandervlist “Maison Sweet Maison” Avenue


5 Regular Column or Department
presented by the Canada Magazine Fund

Leanne Johnson “Untitled” Front Magazine
Annabel Lyon “Outlook” Geist
John MacLachlan-Gray “oh for the love of dog” Western Living
Stephen Osborne “Notes & Dispatches” Geist


6 Fiction
presented by the Listel Hotel

Craig Davidson “Rocket Ride” Event
Matt Duggan “Semi-Wilderness” Prairie Fire
Sina Queyras “Swallow” Prairie Fire
Cathleen With “Carny” Humanist in Canada


7 Profile
presented by Reader's Digest

John Burns “Douglas Coupland” The Georgia Straight
Gail Johnson “The Heart of Health” The Georgia Straight
Jody Paterson “The Essential Vaughn Palmer” BCBusiness
Mike Usinger “The Mad Genius of Nardwuar” The Georgia Straight


8 Human Experience
presented by The Mouse & The Bean~Antojeria Mexicana

Tom Hawthorn “Wave Goodbye” Western Living
Nancy Mauro “The Griller's Guide to Love and Loss” Event
Susan Olding “At Lingyin Si” Event
Peter Unwin “A Brief History of Trees” The Beaver


9 Public Issues

Charles Campbell “How Greenpeace Changed the World Forever” The Georgia Straight
Ben Parfitt “Betting the Farm” The Georgia Straight
Ben Parfitt “Killing Fields” The Georgia Straight
Jim Sutherland “What's the Beef?” Western Living


10 Service

Kevin Brooker, Darren Davidson, Jamie Maw, Jacqueline Moore, Anicka Quin and Jim Sutherland “wl: Travels” Western Living
Lila MacLellan, Matt O’Grady and Jim Sutherland “The Secrets of Real Estate” Vancouver
Jamie Maw, et al “The 15th Annual Restaurant Awards” Vancouver
Catherine Carson, Susan Down and Shannon Sutherland “The HR Guide” Alberta Venture


11 Gold Award Best Article–Manitoba
presented by Manitoba Ministry of Culture, Heritage and Tourism

Sarah Burton “The Person Behind the Persons Case” The Beaver
Charlene Diehl-Jones (from) “Coming Up for Air” Prairie Fire
Charlene Diehl-Jones (from) “When the Bough Breaks” Prairie Fire
Cliff Eyland “26/Two-Sicks/Too-Six” Border Crossings


12 Gold Award Best Article–Saskatchewan
presented by Saskatchewan Ministry of Culture, Youth and Recreation

Allan Casey “When Heck Freezes Over” Western Living
Lionel Hughes “North by Air” Prairies North


13 Gold Award Best Article–Alberta/NWT

Sophie Lees “The War on Fat” Alberta Views
Heath McCoy “Heel vs. Heel”Swerve
Andrew Nikiforuk “Sour Gas Experiment” Avenue
Shelley Youngblut “Home, Home on the Range” Western Living


14 Gold Award Best Article–BC/Yukon
presented by BC Arts Council

John Moore “Last Resort” Vancouver Review

Chris Tenove “Are We Too Pretty To Be Smart?” Vancouver
Steven Threndyle “The House That Roared” Western Living
Daniel Wood “House Rules” Vancouver


15 Best Photograph–Architectural, Landscape or Still Life
presented by Clockwork Computing

Shannon Mendes “More than Zero” Western Living
Mark Mushet “Graveyard of Ambition” Vancouver Review
Mark Mushet “Last Resort” Vancouver Review
Jason Stang “The Little Elephant That Couldn’t” Swerve


16 Best Photographic Feature or Series
presented by The Ironworks

Hamid Attie “Island Visionaires” CITYFOOD
Todd Korol and Jason Stang “Our Destiny on Ice” Swerve
Brent Mykytyshyn “New Minds, New Designs” Avenue
Clay Stang “The Business of Fashion” Avenue


17 Best Photograph–People and Portraiture
presented by Denbigh Design Fine Art Services

David Adam “Reg McGinty at Gold Lion Muay Thai” Pacific Rim
Julie Durocher “Freedom fighter” Western Standard
Paul Joseph “Cover: The Power 50” Vancouver
Todd Korol “Kyle Shewfelt” Swerve


18 Best Illustration or Illustration Feature
presented by Adobe

Mark Atomos Pilon “Folk Fest 2004” The Georgia Straight
Kelly Sutherland “List O Phobia” Avenue
Ben Tour “The L.A. Carnival” Color
Andrew Zbihlyj “Big Ideas” Don’t Break the Sound Barrier in a Fighter Jet. Jump From a Balloon Instead” Western Living


19 Best Art Direction–Article
presented by Adobe

Bram Adey and Sandro Grison “winnipeg: the beauty of destruction” Color
Beer Bench Gospel and Ryan Buchnea “Shazam” Color
Doris Cheung “Residential Design Awards 2004” Western Living
Sandro Grison “Antisocial Movement” Color


20 Best Art Direction–Cover
presented by Rebus Creative

Myron Campbell “Absurd” dANDelion
Sandro Grison “Color Magazine 2.2” Color
Rachel Niebergal “Butcher, Stompers & Cheats” Swerve
Randall Watson “Best of the City” Vancouver


21 Trade Magazine of the Year
presented by Masthead magazine

Canadian Diamonds
Grocer Today
Reel West


22 Best New Magazine
presented by the Canada Magazine Fund

Calgary Living Luxury Lifestyle
Small Farm
Vancouver Review


23 Magazine of the Year–Manitoba

Border Crossings
Prairie Fire


24 Magazine of the Year–Saskatchewan

Briar Patch
Prairies North


25 Magazine of the Year–AB/NWT

Alberta Venture
Alberta Views
Up Here


26 Magazine of the Year–BC/YK
presented by BC Association of Magazine Publishers

The Malahat Review
Modern Dog


27 Magazine of the Year–Western Canada
presented by Transcontinental Printing

Alberta Views




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