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24th Annual Western Magazine Awards


On Friday, July 7 at the Vancouver Marriot Pinnacle, winners in each of the following categories were announced.
(Winners are displayed in blue below)


Lifetime Achievement Award: Stephen Osbourne

#1 Business

presented by Transcontinental Printing
Kerry Banks “Breakaway” BCBusiness
Sarah Cox “Outside the Big Box” The Georgia Straight
Charlie Smith “Boon or Boondoggle” The Georgia Straight
Andrew Struthers “Once Were Planters” Western Living


#2 Science, Technology, and Medicine
presented by Strategy magazine

Hanneke Brooymans “Size Matters” Alberta Venture
Andrew Nikiforuk “Madness Not Over Yet” Avenue
Andrew Struthers “Barney's Vision” Western Living
Daniel Wood “When Therapy Attacks” Vancouver


#3 Arts, Culture, and Entertainment
presented by the Canada Council for the Arts

Grant Buday “The Importance of Not Being So Earnest” SubTerrain
Jacquie Moore “Lust in the Oil Patch” Swerve
Bill Reynolds “Too Old To Rock” Swerve
Roberta Staley “Still Are Warriors” The Georgia Straight


#4 Travel and Leisure
presented by Harmony Airways

Kerry Banks “All Roads Lead to Moscow” Westworld
Kevin Brooker “Just Rip, Van Winkle” Swerve
Aaron Spitzer “The Northern Most” Up Here
Jim Sutherland “Golf & Whiskey A Go-Go” Western Living


#5 Regular Column or Department

Jason Anderson, Music, Swerve
Stephan Henighan, Column, Geist
Leanne Johnson, Flowchart, Front
Mark Steyn, Column, Western Standard


#6 Fiction
presented by the Listel Hotel

Lee Henderson “Conjugation” Border Crossings
Anik See “Ice Out” Grain
Kari Strutt “Skyglass Bastard” Event
Deborah Willis “Traces” Event


#7 Profile
presented by Reader's Digest

William Neville “Carl Ridd: of a Friend and a Friendship” Prairie Fire
Richard Littlemore “The Most Hated Man in Business” BCBusiness
Larry Pynn “The Greening of Ian Gill” BCBusiness
Lynn Tanod “A Tale of Two Metlakatlas” British Columbia


#8 Human Experience

Lorna Crozier “Almost Human” Border Crossings
Valerie Fortney “What He Left Behind” Swerve
Shelley Page “Terry, Clifford & Me” Vancouver
Russell Wangersky “Desperate” Prairie Fire


#9 Public Issues

Gary Bauslaugh “One Nation Under Fraud” Humanist Perspectives
Tyee Bridge “It's the End of the Neighbourhood School” Swerve
Tyee Bridge “The Unbearable Lightness of Dark” Swerve
Terry Glavin “This Haunted Place” The Georgia Straight


#10 Service
Presented by Indas Limited

John Burns, et al “Best of Vancouver” The Georgia Straight
Marzena Czarnecka “The Legal Guide” Alberta Venture
Jamie Maw, editors “The 16th Annual Restaurant Awards” Vancouver
Jim Sutherland, et al “The World According to Western Living” Western Living


#11 Gold Award Best Article–Manitoba
presented by Manitoba Ministry of Culture, Heritage and Tourism

Charlotte Gray “85 Years of The Beaver” The Beaver
Paul W. Harland “That Subtle Knot” Prairie Fire
Guy Maddin “The Brand Upon the Brain” Border Crossings
Cecil Rosner “Free Speech and Joseph Howe” The Beaver


#12 Gold Award Best Article–Saskatchewan
presented by Saskatchewan Ministry of Culture, Youth and Recreation

Allan Casey “Is It Better for the Earth?” Western Living
Dave Glaze “The Crusader” The Beaver
James M. Pitsula “Disparate Duo” The Beaver
Heather Robertson “A Fine Day for a Fight” The Beaver


#13 Gold Award Best Article–Alberta/NWT

Tyee Bridge “After the Flood” Swerve
Kevin Brooker, et al “Sweetheart of a Rodeo” Swerve
Valerie Fortney, et al “Childless, But Child-Friendly” Swerve
Norm Sacuta “The Gleaners” Alberta Views


#14 Gold Award Best Article–BC/Yukon
presented by BC Arts Council

Kerry Banks “Breakaway” BCBusiness
Alex Roslin “Germs Gone Wild” The Georgia Straight
Andrew Struthers “Once Were Planters” Western Living
Gudrun Will “Ethnic Media” Vancouver Review


#15 Best Photograph–Architectural, Landscape or Still Life
presented by Great Vancouver Construction Ltd.

Robert Lemermeyer “The New Okanagan” Western Living
Peter Moynes, Contents Page Spread, Kootenay Mountain Culture
Henry Roy “Ibiza” HoBO
Martin Tessler “Living on the Edge” Western Living


#16 Best Photographic Feature or Series
presented by Gallery O - Contemporary Art Center

Sylvain Bouthillette, et al “Paradise” BlackFlash
Paul Joseph “Treeplanter Gourmet” Western Living
Raeff Miles “Bite Me!” Western Living
Henry Roy “Dear Lady Can You Hear” HoBO


#17 Best Photograph–People and Portraiture

Anne Grant “Woman on Bench” Event
Bernard Plossu “Mary, Mexico” HoBO
Chad Shier “Whistler Blower” Avenue
Martin Tessler “Malcolm Parry” Western Living


#18 Best Illustration or Illustration Feature
presented by Adobe

Ben Tour and Sandro Grison “La Derniere Chance du Port de Montreal” Color
Marco Cibola “When Therapy Attacks” Vancouver
John De Jesus “What a Swill Party” Swerve
Mark “Atomos” Pilon “Running On Empty” The Georgia Straight


#19 Best Art Direction–Article
presented by Adobe

Doris Cheung “The New Basics” Western Living
Sandro Grison “C'est La Vie” Color
Randall Watson “Lady Killers” Vancouver
Randall Watson “The Secrets of Real Estate” Vancouver


#20 Best Art Direction–Cover
presented by Kor Katering

Shawn Dogimont, Philip Seymour Hoffman, HoBO
Sandro Grison and Chris Wellard, Color 3.1, Color
Sandro Grison and James Jean, Color 3.2, Color
Chris Rowat Design, KMC: Winter, Kootenay Mountain Culture
Randall Watson, The Best of the City, Vancouver


#21 Trade Magazine of the Year
presented by Masthead magazine

Jake Kennedy, editor, Canadian Diamonds
Anne Rose, editor, Westworld
Roberta Staley, editor, Enterprise
Les Wiseman, editor, Award

#22 Best New Magazine

Tom Henry, editor, Small Farm Canada
Barb Glen, editor, Acreage Life
David Webb, editor, Adventurous
Shelley Youngblut, editor, Swerve


#23 Magazine of the Year–Manitoba

Murdoch Davis, editor, The Beaver
Lindsay Stewart, editor, Winnipeg Women
Andris Taskans, editor, Prairie Fire
Meeka Walsh, editor, Border Crossings


#24 Magazine of the Year–Saskatchewan

Lionel Hughes, editor, Prairies North
Dave Oswald Mitchell, editor, Briarpatch
Barb Glen, editor, Acreage Life
Diana Savage, editor, BlackFlash


#25 Magazine of the Year–AB/NWT

Barbara Dacks, editor, Legacy
Jake Kennedy, editor, Up Here
Janice Paskey, editor, Avenue
Shelley Youngblut, editor, Swerve


#26 Magazine of the Year–BC/YK
presented by BC Association of Magazine Publishers

Sandro Grison, editor, Color
Matthew Mallon, editor, Vancouver
Stephen Osborne, editor, Geist
Gudrun Will, editor, Vancouver Review


#27 Magazine of the Year–Western Canada
presented by Transcontinental Printing

Shelley Youngblut, editor, Swerve




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