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BC Book Prizes Winners 2003



April 26 | hosted by Bill Richardson

Ethel Wilson Fiction Prize - Carol Shields, Unless (Random House)

Haig-Brown Regional Prize - Ernest Perrault, Tong: The Story of Tong Louie, Vancouver's Quiet Titan (Harbour Publishing)

Hubert Evans Non-Fiction Prize - Sandra Shields and David Campion, Where Fire Speaks: A Visit With the Himba (Arsenal Pulp)

Bill Duthie Booksellers' Choice - Robb Douglas, Peter A. Robson and Betty Keller, Skookum Tugs : British Columbia's Working Tugboats (Harbour Publishing)

Dorothy Livesay Poetry Prize - bill bissett, peter among th towring boxes (Talonbooks)

Christie Harris Illustrated Children's Literature Prize - Annette LeBox and Karen Reczuch, Salmon Creek (Groundwood Books)

Sheila Egoff Children's Prize - James Heneghan, Flood (Groundwood Books)






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