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National Newspaper Award Winners 2005

May 26, 2006


* For the fourth year in a row, a page designer from La Presse has won the Presentation category. The award in 2005 went to Catherine Bernard, her first.

* Frank Gunn of The Canadian Press won his third NNA for photography and second in a row.

* Larry MacDougal of The Canadian Press is now a four-time NNA winner for photography

* Iain Hunter of the Victoria Times Colonist has won for a second straight year in Editorial Writing.

* The Hamilton Spectator has won in Investigations for the second straight year.

* Doug Saunders of The Globe and Mail has won his fourth NNA, this time for Columns.

* Cartoonist Brian Gable of The Globe and Mail has won his fourth NNA for Editorial Cartooning.

* Ian Brown of The Globe and Mail has won his third NNA.

* Geoff Baker of the Toronto Star won his third NNA, this time for Sports Writing.

* David Baines of The Vancouver Sun has won his fourth NNA in business reporting since 1989.

The winners and runners-up:

* Beat Reporting: Winner- Gordon Hamilton, The Vancouver Sun, for reporting on the B.C. forestry industry. Runners-up - Stewart Bell, National Post, for coverage of national security issues; Michelle Shephard, Toronto Star, for national security beat reporting.

* Politics: Winner - Colette Derworiz and Suzanne Wilton, Calgary Herald, for stories that exposed voting irregularities in a Calgary municipal election. Runners-up - Jeff Sallot and Simon Tuck, The Globe and Mail, for stories about former industry minister David Dingwall’s controversial lobbying efforts; Lindsay Kines and Jeff Rud, Victoria Times Colonist, for stories of tragic child deaths and abuse after a special B.C. children’s commission was disbanded.

* News Photography: Winner - Larry MacDougal of The Canadian Press for a photo from the funeral service of the four slain Mayerthorpe RCMP officers. Runners-up - Adam Dombowsky of the Moose Jaw Times-Herald for a photo of an airshow collision; Ryan Remiorz of The Canadian Press for a picture of a joyous World War II veteran in the Netherlands.

* Editorial Cartooning: Winner – Brian Gable, The Globe and Mail. Runners-up - Serge Chapleau, La Presse, Montreal; Bruce MacKinnon, Halifax Chronicle-Herald.

* Feature Photography: Winner - Mike Carroccetto, Ottawa Citizen, for a photo of the terrified looks of youngsters on an amusement park ride. Runners-up - Nick Procaylo, The Province, Vancouver, for a photo of a silhouetted swimmer taken from below in a glass-bottomed pool; Derek Ruttan, The London Free Press, for the contrast of a bald man against the backdrop of a painting of a red rose.

* International: Winner - Pascale Breton of La Presse in Montreal for coverage of the horror of Niger’s famine. Runners-up - Rosie DiManno of the Toronto Star for stories of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina; Stephanie Nolen of The Globe and Mail for stories from her vast Africa beat.

* Editorial Writing: Winner - Iain Hunter, Victoria Times Colonist. Runners-up - Sean Fine, The Globe and Mail; Dawn Sugimoto, Lethbridge Herald.

* Arts and Entertainment: Winner - Lisa Rochon, The Globe and Mail, for stories on architecture. Runners-up - Geoff Pevere, Toronto Star, for a series on a movie review, cultural trends, and Hunter S. Thompson; Kevin Prokosh of the Winnipeg Free Press for a story on how a musical was born.

* Breaking News: Winner - Edmonton Journal team for coverage of the murders of four Alberta Mayerthorpe RCMP officers. Runners-up - Tu Thanh Ha and Ingrid Peritz of The Globe and Mail for the killing of a Laval policewoman; Leah Janzen and Kevin Rollason of the Winnipeg Free Press for her stories of a pilot’s heroic efforts in the crash of a cargo plane.

* Local Reporting: Winner - Scott Dunn of the Owen Sound Sun Times, for stories on a family’s struggle to care for their hostile mentally ill son. Runners-up - The Cornwall Standard-Freeholder staff for their stories on the impact of the closing of the small city’s paper mill; Gordon Hoekstra of the Prince George Citizen for an investigation into the deaths of 22 logging truck drivers over the past 10 years.

* Long Features: Winner - Ian Brown, The Globe and Mail, for a feature on religion and its impact on people and politics. Runners-up -Louise Leduc of La Presse in Montreal for a story on immigrant minimum wage workers; Sarah McGinnis of the New Brunswick Telegraph-Journal in Saint John for a story on her struggle with Marfan Syndrome, a rare disease which took her father’s life when she was an infant.

* Short Features: Winner - Laura-Julie Perreault of La Presse in Montreal for a story on Afghanistan women who have turned to opium and other drugs to help them forget their troubles. Runners-up - Marlene Bergsma, St. Catharines Standard, for a story about her rescue by her family after the ice gave way during a family skate; Allan Maki, The Globe and Mail, for a personal story about friends who drifted apart until it was too late to connect again.

* Special Project: Winner - Ottawa Citizen for a special report on the issues that confront the terminally ill, their families and their caregivers. Runners-up - The Hamilton Spectator for a report on the lives of Somali refugees who have made Hamilton their new home; The Province in Vancouver for an indepth look at the dangerous world of auto crime.

* Sports: Winner - Geoff Baker, Toronto Star, for an investigative series on the widespread use of performance enhancing drugs among teenage baseball players in the Dominican Republic. Runners-up - William Marsden, The Gazette in Montreal, for reporting on the hazing scandal involving the McGill University Redmen football team; Earl McRae of The Ottawa Sun for a story of an afternoon of watching the movie “Cinderella Man” with legendary boxer George Chuvalo.

* Investigations: Winner - Steve Buist, Joan Walters and Luma Muhtadie, The Hamilton Spectator, for a series of stories on the safety of prescription drugs and the ties between university researchers and pharmaceutical companies. Runners-up - Harold Levy, Toronto Star, for a story on the wrongdoing of a controversial forensic pathologist; Fabian Dawson, Valerie Fortney, Mike Roberts and Ted Rhodes, Calgary Herald and The Province of Vancouver (joint entry), for stories of abandoned Indian-born brides duped of their dowries in widespread marital fraud.

* Columns: Winner - Doug Saunders, The Globe and Mail. Runners-up - Andrew Cohen, Ottawa Citizen; Margaret Wente, The Globe and Mail.

* Explanatory Work: Winner - Catherine Porter of the Toronto Star for a primer on how a litre of water makes it from the source to usage. Runners-up - Ian Brown, The Globe and Mail, for his offbeat explanation of a hangover; Oakland Ross of the Toronto Star for a story on the cause, course and devastating results of a tsunami, shortly after the Asian disaster.

* Presentation: Winner - Catherine Bernard, La Presse, Montreal. Runners-up - Catherine Farley and Greg Smith, Toronto Star; Gayle Grin, National Post.

* Business: Winner - David Baines, The Vancouver Sun, for stories on a scandal enveloping the Eron Mortgage Corporation. Runners-up -Theresa Tedesco, National Post, for a story of turmoil surrounding the Alberta Securities Commission; Jennifer Wells, Toronto Star, for a minute-by-minute account of a real estate transaction in a heated up housing market.

* Sports Photography: Winner - Frank Gunn, The Canadian Press, for a photo of Olympic champion swimmer Michael Phelps nearing the finish line. Runners-up: John Mahoney, The Gazette, Montreal, for a photo of a wide-eyed water polo netminder awaiting a throw from an opponent; Ryan Remiorz, The Canadian Press, for a photo of a diver’s head hitting the diving board.

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