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2004 Atkinson Fellowship Winner

Acclaimed Toronto journalist Ann Silversides has won the 2004 Atkinson Fellowship in Public Policy.

The Atkinson Fellowship in Public Policy established in 1988, is designed to further the tradition of liberal journalism and commitment to social and economic justice fostered by Joseph E. Atkinson, former publisher of The Toronto Star.

Under the terms of the Fellowship, Silversides will spend a year doing research and then prepare a series of in-depth articles, to be published in The Toronto Star in the Fall of 2005. She was awarded the Fellowship for her proposal entitled: "Canadian Biomedical Research - In Whose Interests", and plans to explore the role of the pharmaceutical and biotech industries in biomedical research in Canada.

As part of the terms of the Fellowship, Silversides will receive a stipend of $75,000 plus an expense budget of up to $25,000.

The Fellowship, sponsored by The Atkinson Charitable Foundation, The Toronto Star and the Beland Honderich Family, is open to all senior Canadian print and broadcast journalists.

Application forms for 2005 will be available as of January 10th, 2005.
The closing date for entries is March 14, 2005.
Telephone inquiries: (416) 368-5152


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