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The Winners - Sources 40


Alberta Book Awards 1996

Novel - Georges Bugnet Award, sponsored by Audreys Books
The Rose Garden, Krisjana Gunnars, Red Deer College Press.

Poetry - Stephan G. Stephansson Award, sponsored by The Edmonton Journal
Exiles Among You, Kristjan Gunnars, Coteau Books.

Short Fiction - Howard O'Hagan Award, sponsored by CBC Radio & WGA
Diamond Grill, Fred Wah, NeWest Press.

Drama - Gwen Pharis Ringwood Award, sponsored by Markin/Flanagan
Love and Human Remains, Brad Fraser, NeWest Press.

Non-Fiction - Wilfred Eggleston Award, sponsored by The Calgary Herald
Significant Incident, David Bercuson, McClelland & Stewart Inc.

Children's Literature - R. Ross Annett Award, sponsored by Dr. C.F. & Dr. H.E. Forestell, B. Macabee's Books, Lethbridge Living Magazine
Tuesday Café, Don Trembath, Orca Book Publishers.

Best First Book - Henry Kreisel Award, sponsored by Greenwoods' Bookshoppe
A Hiker's Guide to Art of the Canadian Rockies, Lisa Christensen, Glenbow Press.

ASEAN Assignment 1997

Philip Demont, the telecommunications writer with The Financial Post, and Darren Schuettler, senior correspondent for financial services with Reuters Canada, are the winners of the 1997 ASEAN Assignment awards offered by the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada and the Canada-ASEAN Centre, Singapore.

Demont will use the award to undertake a two-week reporting trip later this year to Malysia while Schuettler will spend this two-week Assignment in Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam. Each will develop story proposals of their own choice.

While in Malysia, Demont will examine and write about the way in which that country has opened its telecommunications sector to competition, and lessons for Canada as the government attempts to establish a regulatory regime based on Canada's CRTC.

Schuettler will travel to Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam to look at a number of issues related to the development and liberalization of the banking industries in thise countries.


Atlantic Journalism Award 1997

Mark Pedersen, Executive Producer of NB Now, the CBC's Supperhour television newscast in New Brunswick, since 1990.


B.C. Book Prize 1996

ETHEL WILSON FICTION PRIZE: Coming Down From Wa, Audrey Thomas, Viking.
HAIG-BROWN REGIONAL PRIZE: HR: A Biography of H.R. MacMillan, Ken Drushka, Harbour.
HUBERT EVANS NON-FICTION PRIZE: Letter from Vienna, Claudia Cornwall, D&M.
BILL DUTHIE BOKSELLERS' CHOICE: Bachelor Brothers' Bed and Breakfast Pillow Book, Bill Richardson, D&M.
DOROTHY LIVESAY POETRY PRIZE: Too Spare, Too Fierce, Patrick Lane, Harbour.
SHEILA EGOFF CHILDREN'S PRIZE: How Smudge Came, Nan Gregory (text) and Ron Lightburn (pictures), Red Deer College.

Canadian Nurses Association Media Awards 1997

PRINT (FEATURE ARTICLE): "Living and Dying in the Shadows," Deborah Wilson, The Georgia Straight.
PRINT (SERIES): "The Politics of Women's Health," Donna Nebensahl, editor; Cheryl Cornacchia and Charlie Fidelman, reporters, The Gazette.
PRINT (MAGAZINE): "Outbreak on 14 North," Mark Witten, Saturday Night Magazine.
RADIO (SHORT REPORT): "Downtown Nursing," Carma Livingstone, CBC Rado Vancouver.
RADIO (LONG REPORT): "Life Blood: Private vs. Public Claims on Umbilical Cord Blood," Ira Basen and Bob McDonald, Quirks and Quarks, CBC Radio.
TELEVISION (NEWS REPORT): "Amanda's Back" Dian Duthie, The Health Beat, BCB-TV Newsday.
TELEVISION (LONG REPORT): "L'hormonothérapie," Marièle Choquette et Hélène Courchesne, Découverte, SRC.
TELEVISION (DOCUMENTARY): "Quand l'amour dérape." Jacques Nadeau, Louise Viens, Idéacom International.
INTERNATIONAL HEALTH REPORTING AWARD: "Alive and Killing: Tuberculosis in the Developing World," Ann Stewart, producer, Quirks and Quarks, CBC.


Canadian Association of Journalists Awards 1997

President's Award: Don McGillivray, columnist, Southam News, The Edmonton Journal.

Journalistic Excellence in Conflict Analysis: Lynn Glazier, CBC Radio's Sunday
Morning, The Brothers Simic.

CAJ/CNW Student Award: Finbarr O'Reilly, Ryerson University/Outpost Magazine, "Fear is the Road to Kigali.

Outstanding Investigative Journalism Awards:
(Small Newspapers - circulation under 25,000) Penny Caster, Red Deer Advocate, "Popular Teen Starves Herself to Death."
(Open Newpaper/Wire Service - circulation more than 25,000) Tom Hawthorn, Barbara McLintock and Ann Rees, Vancouver Province, "Kids Behind Bars."
(Magazine) Ben Parfitt, The Georgia Straight, "The Race for the Bottom."
(Radio News - greater than 10 minutes) tie between Chris Brookes, CBC St. John's, "Power of the Unemployed," and Lynn Glazier, CBC Toronto, "Listening to Jane,"
(Photojournalism) Andrew Stawicki, Toronto Star.
(Regional Television) Robert C. Jones, CBC Fredericton, "A Matter of Pennies."
Open Television
(Open Television - less than 5 minutes) Elliot Shiff & Andrew Mitrovica, CTV-W5, "Secret OPP Gambling Report."
(Open Television - more than 5 minutes) Julian Sher & Trish Wood, CBC - The Fifth Estate, "The Company They Keep."

Best Investigative Report of 1996

Robert C. Jones, CBC Fredericton, "A Matter of Pennies."


City of Toronto Book Award 1996

Rosemay Sullivan , Shadow Maker, The Life of Gwendolyn MacEwen, HarperCollins.


Connaught Medal for Excellence in Health Research Journalism 1997

Canadians for Health Research (CHR) is pleased to announce that the 1997 Connaught Medal for Excellence in Health Research Journalism has been awarded to Jacki Leroux for her feature article on "Schizophrenia" published in The Ottawa Sun. Jean-Marc Fleury is recognized with an honourable mention for his article "Apoptose: Le suicide des cellules enfin compris," published in Québec Science. They received their awards during CHR's annual "Salute to Excellence" ceremony held in Ottawa on April 23.

Ms. Leroux's article, prompted by several high profile acts of violence, was used as a springboard to describe schizophrenia. Informative and compelling in human terms, it demystifies schizophrenia and emphasizes the important need for more research in this field.


Canadian Women in Communications Awards 1996

Trina McQueen, President and General Manager, Discovery Channel
Trina McQueen developed the Discovery concept, created the program schedule and, since its license in January 1995, has led Discovery to becoming the leader in its cable tier.

Laura A. Dierker
Laura Dierker broke new ground as Canada's first product manager of a national Internet network company and created the first-ever "turn-key" intranets in Canada.

Susan C. Millican, Vice President of Progrmamming, WTN
Susan is a role model who continually offers counselling and provides coaching for women seeking experience and education beyond the limitations of their jobs.

AT&T Canada, Long Distance Services and Moffat Communications Limited

Izabell Fagan, Fundy Cable Ltd., Saint John, NB
Donna Bevelander, CBC, Toronto


The Edna Staebler Award for Creative Non-Fiction 1996

George G. Blackburn, The Guns of Normandy

FOCAL Media Fellowships 1997/1998

Wivina Belmonte, senior producer and London bureau chief with CBC TV News, will investigate how former enemies in El Salvador's 12-year civil war are now jointly negotiating the business of government as the country's democratization process continues.

Cory Howard, associate producer with CBC Newsworld's Pacific Rim Report and freelance print journalist, will investigate how former Chilean exiles, having returned home and now working in government, media, and the business community, have come to terms with their country's past and influenced its institutions.

Carl Neustaedter, director of design for The Otttawa Citizen, will study how Guatemalans, following three decades of civil war and facing continued violence in daily life, view justice - in institutional, interpersonal and economic contexts - since the signing of the Peace Accords in 1996.

David Swick, columnist for the Halifax Daily News, will travel to Cuba during the coming visit of Pope John Paul II to study the role of various religious faiths in private and public life in that country.

Guy Taillefer, deputy news editor for Le Devoir in Montreal, will study the social and economic changes in Nicaragua that have taken place since the defeat of the Sandinista government in 1990 as demonstrated by the growing numbers of child labourers.


Frank Ratcliffe Memorial Communications 1997 Award

Louis Daignault
Since 1988, Louis Daignault has helped to promote sport across Canada by writing stories on national team athletes for Info Sport International, working as a media attaché at the Lillehammer Olympics and the Commonwealth Games and as Journal Canada editor at the Pan American Games in Argentina. Louis now manages Canadian Sport News, a media service agency that provides timely and accurate stories on behalf of the sport community to the Canadian sport media.

Gil Purcell Award

Suzanne Régis, Laval University.


International Emmy Awards 1996

Documentary Category: Joint tie. The Pelican of Ramzan the Red, Boreales, Canal Plus, Docstar, Premiere -- France; People's Century - 1933: Master Race, the BBC and WGBH - UK; The Saga of Life: Part 2, the Unknown World, Wanngard AB and Bo G Eriksson Productions. A co-production between Sveriges Television, WGBH, ZDF/ARTE and Channel Four in association with RAI3, NPS, TV2 Denmark and YLE 1. - Sweden.

Popular Arts: A Close Shave, Aardman Animations in association with BBC Bristol, Wallace & Gromit Ltd., BBC Children's International - UK.

Drama Category: La Colline Aux Mille Enfants, King Movies, Cameras Continentales, France 2, France 3, Productions 7, SFP Productions, Telemax, RAI, SF/DRS, Evangelische Omroep, NF1 Productions Bernard Lang AG - The Netherlands.

Arts Documentary: The House, Double Exposure for the BBC - UK. Wiseup, Carlton UK for Channel Four Television - UK.

Performing Arts: A Tie. September Songs: The Music of Kurt Weill, Rhombus Media/ZDF Productions co-produced in association with the CBC, SRC,. WNET, RTP, NOS ARTE, YLE, SVT, ORF, Sony Classical and with the particpation of Telefilm and OFIP - Canada. Smoke, RD Studio Productions, SVT1 Drama, France 2, BBC, NBC Arts - France.


Japan Assignment 1997

The Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada and the Foreign Press Center/Japan, co-sponsors of the programme, named Shawn McCarthy, political writer with The Toronto Star, Russell Blinch, senior correspondent with Reuters Canada; and Stephen Strauss, science reporter and columnist of The Globe and Mail to undertake the two-week reporting programme in Japan. They will pursue individual programmes, developing story ideas of their own choice, early next year.

Kenneth R. Wilson Awards 1997

Sponsored by Southam Magazine Group Ltd.
Gold: Marketing Magazine, "Democracy by Sponsorship," Stan Sutter, Editor.
Silver: Marketing Magazine, "Information of Infomercial," Jim McElgunn, Reports Editor.

Sponsored by CARD, The Media Information Network.
Gold: Marketing Magazine, "The Green Devolution," James Pollock, Staff Writer.
Silver: CA Magazine, "Fair exchange," Tamar Satov, Writer.

Sponsored by JJM Graphic Ltd.
Gold: Today's Trucking, "Surviving the Blitz," Stephen Petit, Executive Editor.
Silver: Doctor's Review, "Medicine's Special F/X," Brant Drewery, Writer.

Sponsored by St. Joseph Printing Ltd.
Gold: Marketing Magazine, "Roche Macaulay - 1996 Agency of the Year," Lara Mills, Staff Writer.
Silver: CA Magazine, "President's Portfolio," Tim Falconer, Writer, Ruby Andrew, Editor.

Sponsored by Cornerstone
Gold: Quill & Quire, "Circulating: March, June, September," Mary Beaty, Writer, Carol Toller, News Editor.
Silver: Benefits Canada, Insights: July/August, October and November. Caroline Nolan, Associate Editor.

Sponsored by Maclean Hunter Business Publishing
Gold: CA Magazine, "Debt Busters," John Lorinc, Writer. Margaret Craig-Bourdin, Editor.
Silver: Pharmacy Practice, "Are You Doing Drugs?" Gabrielle Bauer, Author. Anne Bokma, Editorial Director.

Sponsored by INDAS Limited
Gold: Quill & Quire, "Coach House Shuts Doors," Scott Anderson, Editor.
Silver: Marketing Magazine, "Pushing the Limits," Laura Medcalf, Associate Editor.

Gold: Meetings & Incentive Travel: April 1996. "Taking 'Em to the Game," Julie Charles, Editor. James Ireland Design, Art Direction. Mark Stegel, Photography.
Silver: Machinery & Equipment MRO: September 1996. "Jobs From Hell," Bill Roebuck, Editor. Hannele Lappalainen, Art Director. Brad Yeo, Illustrator.

Sponsored by Quebecor Printing Inc.
Gold: OHS Canada: Hostile Spaces. Catherine Goard, Art Director. Margaret Nearing, Editor.
Silver: Salon Magazine: Manpower. Alison Wood, Editor, Alison McGill, Managing Editor. Greg Robins, Publisher. Michael Cavnaugh, Art Director.

Sponsored by Metroland Printing, Publishing & Distributing
Gold: Canadian Architect: Cover illustration: Resident of Refuge for the Homeless, Street City. Beth Kapusta, Associate Editor. Debra Freidman, Photographer. Sue Williamson, Graphic Services.
Silver: Benefits Canada: Article Illustration: Smoking Gun. David Heath, Art Director. Lori Bak, Editor.

Sponsored by LGM Graphics Inc.
Gold: CA Magazine: August, 1996: Special Information Technology Issue. Ruby Andrew, Editor. Deryck Williams, Technical Editor. Bernadette Gillen, Art Director.
Silver: Pharmacy Practice: December, 1996: A report from the trenches. Anne Bokma, Editorial Director. Ruth Hanley, Associate Editor, Lu-Ann Murdoch, Clinical Editor.


Martin Wise Goodman Canadian Nieman Fellowship 1997/98

The 1997/98 winner of a one-year sabbatical at Harvard University is Jim Meek.


Morguard Literary Awards Competition

William P.J. McCarthy, FRI, CPM, ALO of Burnaby, B.C.

National Newspaper Awards 1996

Spot News Photography: Fred Sherwin, Ottawa Sun.
Editorial Cartooning: Roy Peterson, Vancouver Sun.
Critical Writing: Antonia Zerbisias, Toronto Star.
Sports Writing: Erin Anderssen, New Brunswick Telegraph-Journal, Saint John Times Globe.
Feature Writing: Heather Mallick, Toronto Sun.
International Reporting: Paul Watson, Toronto Star.
Sports Photography: Bernard Weil, Toronto Star.
Columns: Thomas Walkom, Toronto Star.
Enterprise Reporting: Andrew Duffy, Brad Evenson, Southam News.
Business Reporting: Jonathan Ferguson, Toronto Star.
Layout and Design: Evelyn Staynoff, Toronto Star.
Special Project: Toronto Star.
Editorial Writing: Andrew Cohen, Globe and Mail.
Spot News Reporting: Donovan Vincent, Philip Mascoll, Dale Brazao.


First Annual Periodical Writers Association of Canada Magazine and Newspaper Travel Writing Contest Winners

"Norte Grande," an unpublished article by award-winning writer Lake Sagaris, won first place in the Periodical Writers Association of Canada's Magazine and Newspaper Writing Contest. The contest, which offered $3500 in prizes - including $2000 fir Sagaris' winning entry - attracted over 200 entries in its inaugural year.

Born and educated in Canada, Sagaris has lived and written in Chile since 1981. Her winning article is a mood-filled meditation on travels she took in 1995 to one of the most isolated areas of her adopted homeland. Sagaris plans to incorporate the article into her next book.

The $1000 second prize was won by Jan DeGrass, a freelance writer and editor in Gibsons, B.C., for her personal memoir Loving in Leningrad. Third prize, and $500, goes to St. John's, Newfoundland writer Lawrence Jackson, for the article "Lupita and Her Mother."

Four honourable mentions were also chosen: "My Brother, Mike," by Mary Finerty of Victoria, B.C.: "Hunter, Fisherman, Friend," by Daphne Lee Hopper of Winnipeg, Manitoba: "Sagromides of Venus and the Zen of Drumming," by Gary Castle of Halifax, Nova Scotia: and "With Concern For All Sentient Beings: The Kal Chakra Comes to Rekong Peo.," by Sue Kernaghan of New Westminster, B.C.


The Pierre Berton Award

Jacques Lacoursière of Quebec City is the 1996 winner of this award honouring distinguished achievement in popularizing Canadian history through such means as publications, film, radio and television, theatre or volunteer service.


Ruth Schwartz Award 1997

Picture Book: Paul Yee/Harvey Chan, Ghost Train, Groundwood Books.
Young Adult: Kit Pearson, Awake and Dreaming, Penguin Books.


Toronto Arts Awards 1996

Media Arts: Bernie Zukerman.
Writing & Publishing: Ellen Seligman.


World Press Photo Contest 1997

World Press Photo of the Year 1996: Francesco Zizola, Italy, Agenzia Contrasto, "Children, Victims of Land Mines," Kuito, Angola, April.
Spot News: Karim Daher, France, Gamma, "Man Trapped in the Debris of His House Destroyed by an Israeli Missile," Nabatiyet, Lebanon, 18 April.
Spot News Stories: Corinne Dufka, USA, Reuters, Liberia, April-May.
General News: Thomas Hurst, USA, "Refugees on the Way Home Camp by the Roadside," Rwanda, November.
General News Stories: Yunghi Kim, USA, Contact Press Images, "Rwandan Refugees Return from Zaire," November.
People: Stephen Jaffe, USA, Reuters, "Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and PLO Leader Arafat at the White House," Washington DC, 2 October.
People Stories: Francesco Zizola, Italy, Agenzia Contrasto, "Children, Victims of Land Mines," Angola.
Portraits: Joseph McNally, USA, Life Magazine, Gail Devers.
Portraits Stories: Laurnet Monlaü, France, Rapho for Géo France, "Mauritanian Women."
Sports: Erich Schlegel, USA, The Dallas Morning News, "Gregg Shaffer Relaxes Before His Heat in the US Olympic Swimming Trials," Indianapolis.
Sports Stories: Mark Zaleski, USA, The San Bernardino County Sun, "Athletes of the Paralympic Games," Atlanta.
The Arts: Viviane Moos, USA, Saba Press Photos, "Dancers From the Isadora Duncan Foundation for Contemporary Dance."
The Arts Stories: Jonathan Olley, United Kingdom, Network Photographers, "The Burning Man Festival," Black Rock Desert, Nevada.
Science & Technology: James Balog, USA, Contact Press Images for Fortune Magazine, "Breathing Observation Bubble," Palm Beach, USA.
Science & Technology Stories: Lennart Nilsson, Sweden, for Life Magazine, USA, "Human and Animal Embryos."
Nature and Environment: Michel Denis-Huot, France, "Dolphin in the Bow Surf of a Tanker," Off Texas Coast.
Nature and Environment Stories: Jonathan Olley, United Kingdom, Network Photographers, "Newbury Bypass Road Protest," UK.
Daily Life: Gilles Coulon, France, Tendance Floue for Animan Magazine, "Switzerland Woman in a Storm" Mali.
Daily Life Stories: Stephan Vanfleteren, Belgium, Agence Vu, France, "Hobo's in the USA."
Children's Award: John McConnico, USA, Associated Press, "Rescue Photo Showing the Rescue of one-year-old Cassandra Gomez from the Guamani River," Puerto Rico.


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