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The Winners - Sources 41


ASEAN Assignment Awards 1997

Philip Demont, the telecommunications writer with the Financial Post, and Darren Schuettler, senior correspondent for financial services with Reuters Canada, are the winners of the 1997 ASEAN Assignment Awards offered by the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada and the Canada-ASEAN Centre, Singapore.

Atkinson Fellowship in Public Policy 1997

CBC news producer Scott Simmie has been awarded the 1997 Atkinson Fellowship in Public Policy. Under the terms of the fellowship, Scott will spend a year doing research and then prepare an in-depth articles which will be made available to all Canadian newspapers next year. Scott will examine the state of mental health care in Canada in the 90s.

Atlantic Journalism Awards 1996

Spot News (Print), Chris Lambie and Susanne Hiller, of The Daily News, Halifax, for "Angola Street Murder."

Spot News (Radio), Wendy Martin, of CBC Radio, Sydney, for "Centre 200."

Spot News (Television), ATV Newsroom, for "Hurricane Hortense."

Enterprise Reporting (Print), Gary Dimmock, of the Saint John Telegraph-Journal for "Truckers."

Enterprise Reporting (Radio), Wendy Martin, of CBC Radio, Cape Breton, for "Learning Centre."

Enterprise Reporting (Television), Maite Ormaechea, of CBC Fredericton, for "The Heat."

Feature Writing (Magazine, Newspaper), Eric Anderssen, of the New Brunswick Telegraph-Journal, for "Strong Body, Strong Heart."

Commentary, Peter Simpson, of the Saint John Telegraph-Journal, for "Cheers and Remorse for One Great Canadian."

Photojournalism (News), Len Wagg, of the Halifax Herald, for "Man Overboard."

Photojournalism (Feature), Tony Caldwell, of the Daily News, Halifax, for "Days of Grace."

Television Camera Work, Darryl Gray, of CBC Halifax, for "The Ties that Bind."

Editorial Cartooning, Bruce MacKinnon, of the Halifax Herald, for "CBC Cuts."

Journalistic Achievement Award, Mark Pedersen, Executive Producer of CBC's Fredericton television programme NB Now. The television organization headed up by Mark Pedersen has won six of the last 15 Atlantic awards for TV journalism up to this year.

B & A Fiction Contest

The 1997 winner of the Humber Prize was Steve Finucan.

B.C. Book Prizes

Roderick Haig-Brown Regional Prize, Alan Haig-Brown, for The Fraser River, Harbour Publishing.

Bill Duthie Booksellers Choice Award, Sydney and Richard Cannings, for British Columbia: A Natural History, Greystone.

Sheila A. Egoff Children's Literature Prize, Sarah Ellis, for her stories Back of Beyond, Groundwood.

Dorothy Livesay Poetry Prize, Margo Button, for The Unhinging of Wings, Oolichan.

Ethel Wilson Fiction Prize, Gail Anderson-Dargatz, for her first novel, The Cure for Death by Lightning, Knopf.

Hubert Evans Non-Fiction Prize, Catherine Lang, O-Bon in Chimunesu, Arsenal Pul

Canadian Authors Association Awards 1997

Canadian Authors Association Award for Fiction, Ann-Marie MacDonald for Fall On Your Knees, Alfred A. Knopf Canada.

Canadian Authors Association for Drama, Jason Sherman for League of Nations, Scirocco Drama.

Canadian Authors Association Award for Poetry, E.D. Blodgett for Apostrophies-Woman at a Piano, Buschek Books.

Canadian Authors Association Award (Short Stories), Alice Munro for Selected Stories, McClelland & Stewart.

Canadian Authors Association Lela Common Award (Canadian History), Phil Jenkins for An Acre of Time, Macfarlane, Walter & Ross.

Canadian Authors Association Vicky Metcalf Body of Work Award, Tim Wynn-Jones.

Canadian Authors Association Vicky Metcalf Award, no award was granted.

Canadian Authors Association Air Canada Award, Richard van Camp.

Canadian Railroad Historical Association Annual Awards

Lifetime Achievement: James A. Brown

Preservation: The Kootenay Lake Historical Society for the SS Moyie National Historic Site

Article in a CRHA publication: David L. Davies

Article in a non-CRHA publication: Stafford Swain and Ken Goslett

Book: Ian Bickle, Turmoil and Triumph, Detselig.
Frank Leonard, A Thousand Blunders, UBC Press.

Connaught Medal for Excellence in Health Research Journalism 1997

Canadians for Health Research is pleased to announce the 1997 winners. Jacki Leroux is recognized for her feature article on "Schizophrenia," which was published in The Ottawa Sun. Jean-Marc Fleury is recognized with an honourable mention for his article "Apoptose: Le suicide des cellules enfin compris," which was published in Québec Science.

Dodi Robb Award 1997

The 1997 award recipient is Karen Levine, who is the newly appointed Special Projects Producer of CBC Radio's "This Morning," and for the previous 8 years was the Executive Producer of "As It Happens." In her 18 years at CBC Radio, she has always worked to ensure that women's voices are heard and their experiences valued both on the air and off the air.

Edna Staebler Award for Creative Non Fiction 1997

Anne Mullins for Timely Death: What We Can Expect and What We Need to Know, Knopf Canada.

Evelyn Richardson Memorial Literary Award 1996

1996 Winner, Harry Thorston, The Nature of Shorebirds, Greystone Books, Douglas & McIntyre.

FOCAL Media Fellowships 1997-98

Winners of FOCAL's 1997-98 Media Fellowships are: Wivina Belmonte, senior producer and London bureau chief with CBC TV news, Cori Howard, associate producer with CBC Newsworld's Pacific Rim Report and freelance journalist, Carl Neustaedter, director of design for The Ottawa Citizen, David Swick, columnist for the Halifax Daily News and Guy Taillefer, deputy news editor for Le Devoir.

Japan Assignment 1997-98

The Asia Pacific Foundation has named: Chantal Hébert, political columnist with La Presse, Judith Stoffman, publishing reporter with The Toronto Star, and Keith Damsel, reporter with the Vancouver branch of The Financial Post, to undertake the two-week reporting programme in Japan. They will pursue individual programmes, developing story ideas of their own choice, early next year.

John M. Collier Journalism Award

Don Burdette was recently presented with the Forest History Society's John M. Collier Award for forest history journalism. "The Southern Forests," appeared in the Fall 1995 through Summer 1996 editions of Alabama Forestry Commission's quarterly publication, Alabama's TREASURED Forests.

Law Society of B.C. Award for Excellence in Legal Journalism 1996

Print: Susan Down of Boulevard Magazine for her story, "Nothing But the Truth."

Print: Neal Hall and Kim Pemberton of the Vancouver Sun for their three part series, "System on Parole."

Electronic: Harry Maunu of CHEK TV for his five part series "Dyed

Media Race Relations Awards 1997

Gold Medal in Electronic Media: 680 News

Media Studies Center Fellowship 1997-98

The Media Studies Center welcomes the fellows of 1997-98:

John Carey, Director Greystone Communications
Michael Godwin, writer, counsel, Electronic Frontier Foundation
John Meacham, senior editor for Newsweek
Robert Shogan, national political correspondent for Los Angeles Times
Ying Chan, reporter, New York Daily News
Suzanne Braun Lovine, former editor, Columbia Journalism Review
Monroe E. Price, professor of law, Cardozo School of Law.
Sasha Torres, assistant professor of modern culture and media, Brown University
Ken Dantrich, associate director, Roper Center, assistant professor of political science, University of Connecticut
Jessica Korn, adjunct professor, Graduate School of Business, at Columbia University
Richard Reeves, syndicated columnist; writer, The New Yorker

Michener Award for Journalism 1996

The Toronto Star won for a combined entry. The first was a study of 133 cases of spousal abuse which revealed distressing evidence that nearly half of these cases failed because of prosecution pressure on the battered woman to supply most of the evidence. This series resulted in special domestic violence courts in the Toronto area and renewed police efforts. The second was a study of flaws in Ontario's child protection system based on the files of children murdered between 1991-95. The study sparked numerous special inquiries in Ontario and other provinces.

Michener Fellowships 1997

Winner Michel Venne of Le Devoir will work with faculty at the University of Montreal and the University of Victoria to study privacy, ethics and democracy, especially the implications for health care with today's deluge of electronic and other information technology.

Newfoundland and Labrador Council Grants 1997

January 15, 1997

Michael Johansen $1,500.00
Writers' Alliance of NF and Lab. $1,270.00
Libby Creelman $1,880.00
Annick Perrot-Bishop $2,750.00
Agnes Walsh $2,250.00
Writers Guild of NF and Lab. $1,000.00
Randall Maggs $1,538.00

April 15, 1997

Shree Ghatage $4,000.00
Don Austin $2,500.00

North American Journalism Exchange 1997

Canada, Marie-Claude Lortie, business reporter with La Presse in Montreal.

Mexico, Hector Zamarron, editor of Reforma in Mexico City.

United States, Christine Gonzalez, reporter with The Oregonian in Portland.

Periodical Writers Association of Canada Magazine and Newspaper Travel Writing Contest 1997

First Prize: Lake Sagaris for her article "Norte Grande."

Second Prize: Jan DeGrass for her memoir "Loving in Leningrad."

Third Prize: Lawrence Jackson for "Lupita and Her Mother."

Honourable Mentions went to: Mary Finerty for "My Brother, Mike." Daphne Lee for "Hunter, Fishermen, Friend." Gary Castle for "Sagromides of Venus and the Zen of Drumming." Sue Kernaghan for "With Concern For All Sentient Beings: The Kal Chakra Comes to Rekong Peo."

Radio-Television News Directors Association Awards 1996

Charlie Edwards Award (Radio), CFRB 1010, for "Explosion in Thornhill."

Charlie Edwards Award (Television), CFQC Saskatoon, for "Uncle Ed's Fire."

Charlie Edwards Award (Network Television), CTV National News, for "OPSEU Riot."

Ron Laidlaw Award (Radio), CFRB 1010, for "Days of Action."

Ron Laidlaw Award (Network Radio), Broadcast News, "Atlanta Summer Games."

Ron Laidlaw Award (Television), CISA Lethbridge, for "Hostage."

Ron Laidlaw Award (Network Television), The National, CBC News, for "Flood in Quebec Saguenay."

Byron MacGregor Award (Radio), CFRB 1010, for "6 p.m. News with Donna Tranquada and David Bent."

Byron MacGregor Award (Network Radio), VOCM St. John's, for "7:45 a.m. News."

Dave Rogers Award (Radio), CBK Regina, for "Fetal Alcohol Disorders."

Dave Rogers Award (Network Radio), Broadcast News, for "Christmas Shopping."

Dave Rogers Award (Television), ATV News Halifax, for "Stranger Danger."

Dave Rogers Award (Network Television), The National, CBC News, for "Harvesting the city - The Wonder of Garbage."

Dan McArthur Award (Radio), CBC Radio Charlottetown, for "Women's Prison- A Bold Experiment."

Dan McArthur Award (Television), CBAT Fredericton, for "A Matter of Pennies."

Dan McArthur Award (Network Television), CTV W5, for "OHIP Fraud."

Sam Ross Award (Radio), CHED Edmonton, for "New Year's Notes."

Sam Ross Award (Television), CBAT Fredericton, for "Viewfinder Toasted."

Bert Cannings Award (Large Market), UTV Vancouver.

Bert Cannings Award (Medium Market), CBAT Fredericton.

Bert Cannings Award (National Television), CBC National News.

Taiwan Assignment 1997

Two journalists from Toronto have been named the winners of the 1997 Taiwan Assignment awards offered by the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada. The writers selected to visit Taiwan are: Lydia Zajc, technology retail and consumer products correspondent with Reuters Canada, and Robert Neufeld, reporter and editor with the Global Voice group of investment publications and broadcast service.

Thomas H. Raddall Atlantic Fiction Prize 1996

Alfred Silver, Acadia, Ballantine Books, 1996.

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