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The Winners - Sources 44
Summer 1999


Atlantic Journalism Awards

Spot News - Print
Mia Urquart of Times-Globe, Saint John for Bomb
Bruce Bartlett and Rob Linke of Times-Globe, Saint John for Refinery Fire

Spot News - Radio
John Lewandowski, Murray Brewster, Stephen Thorne, Steve Lambert and Jim Crichton of Broadcast News, Halifax for Swissair Crash-First Night

Spot News - Television
First Edition, CBC Halifax for Swissair Crash coverage

Enterprise - Print
Gary Dimmock, NB Telegraph Journal for Where the Truth Lies

Enterprise - Radio
Steve Sutherland, Maritime Noon, CBC Radio - Sydney for Bras d'Or Pollution

Enterprise - Television
Robert Poirier and Michel Nogue, Société Radio Canada - Moncton for Les Dernier Jours Du Caporal Paquet

Continuing Coverage - Print
Ryan Cleary, The Telegram, St. John's for Whitbourne Boys Home

Continuing Coverage - Radio
CBC Radio - Halifax for Swissair Flight 111

Continuing Coverage - Television
Here and Now, CBC Newfoundland and Labrador for Career Academy Crisis

Feature - Print
Ryan Cleary, The Telegram, St. John's for "Welfare Roles"

Feature - Radio
Chris Brookes, CBC Newfoundland for "The Spanish Room"

Feature - Television
Geoff D'Eon, CBC Nova Scotia for "Blood on the Coal"

Parker Barss Donham, The Daily News, Halifax for "Regan Acquitted"

Photojournalism - Spot News - Print
Tim Krochak, The Chronicle-Herald for "Sea of Despair"

Photojournalism - Spot News - Television
Craig Paisley, First Edition, CBC Halifax for "Cat Follo"

Photojournalism - Feature - Print
Diane Doiron, The Daily Gleaner, Fredricton for "A Man and His Church"

Photojournalism - Feature - Television
David Hallahan, NB Now, CBC Fredricton for "One Mother's Son"

Editorial Cartooning
Theo Moudakis, The Daily News, Halifax for "Every Waking Moment"

Jim MacNeill New Journalist Award
Peter Walsh, Here and Now, CBC Newfoundland and Labrador

Atlantic Journalistic Achievement Award

John Campbell, a longtime reporter with the Cape Breton Post who also served as editor of the Cape Breton Highlander, a feisty weekly newspaper publised by Campbell and his brothers from 1963 to 1976, was nominated by nearly 20 of his Post collegues for his "well deserved reputation for accuracy and fairness in covering the multitude of issues affecting his favourite place on earth."

Automotive Journalist of the Year

There is no doubt that automotive writer Gerry Malloy is Journalist of the Year after he won two top automotive award titles at a banquet honouring the automobile journalism profession on Friday, October 30, 1998 in Belleville, Ontario.

Malloy was named both the 1998 Automotive Journalist of the Year as well as the winner of the Castrol Chinthe Award for Automotive Writing.

Malloy was chosen Automotive Journalist of the Year because he impressed the jury with his well-written variety of submission. "There was first and foremost his nostalgic and exquisite day-by-day account of travelling Route 66. He adds a well-written car review of the Audi TT Coupe and tells why the Rallye Baie des Chalers in Quebec is arguably the toughest round in the Canadian Rally Championship series", said Brian Cantley of the Canadian Newspaper Assocaion who headed a panel of three independent judges with much experience between them judging both journalism and newspaper awards.

Malloy won this year's Castrol Chinthe Award for Automotive Writing for his article entitled Powertrains of the Future.

Malloy writes for the Wheel section of the Toronto Star, as well as World of Wheels and Canadian Auto World magazines.

BC Book Prizes

1999 Winners

Ethel Wilson Fiction Prize

Jack Hodgins
Broken Ground (McClelland & Stewart)

Haig-Brown Regional Prize

Mark Hume with Harvey Thommassen
River of the Angry Moon: Seasons on the Bella Coola (Greystone)

Hubert Evans Non-Fiction Prize

Peter Newman
Titans: How the New Canadian Establishment Seized Power (Penguin)

Bill Duthie Booksellers' Choice

Tom Henry
Westcoaster: Boats That Built BC (Harbour)

Dorothy Livesay Poetry Prize

David Zieroth
How I Joined Humanity At Last (Harbour)

Sheila Egoff Children's Prize

Sandra Lightburn (text) and Ron Lightburn
Driftwood Cove (Doubleday)

Canadian Association of Journalists Awards 1998/99

Open Newspaper/Wire Service:

Peter Cheney
The Money Pit, The Globe and Mail

Small Newspaper:

Ken Yum, Renata D'Aliesio, Graeme Smith, Caroline Alphonso
The Other Side of the Street, Eyeopener


David Pugliese
Armed and Dangerous - Swat You're Dead, Saturday Night

Television (Less Than 5 Minutes):

Andrew Mitrovica and Avis Favaro
Whistle Blower Doctor, CTV News

Open Television (Greater Than 5 Minutes):

Francis Miquet, Peter Wintonick and Patricia Tassinari
The Quebec-Canada Complex, Necessary Illusions

Regional Television:

Murray Oliver
Children of the Street, CBKT Regina


Yvette Brend
Who is Dr. "Y", CBC - Radio North


Susan Bradnam
Healing in Honduras, London Free Press

Computer Assisted Reporting (CAR):

Peter Cheney
Taxi, The Toronto Star

Best Investigative Report of 1998 (Overall Category):

Peter Cheney
Taxi, The Toronto Star

Canadian Association of Journalists / Canada Newswire Student Award of Journalists Excellence

The Student Award 1998/99

Chris Nuttall-Smith
He Said, She Said
The Ubyssey, University of British Columbia

1998 Science in Society Journalism Awards Winners


Joan Hollobon Award for Health and Medical Reporting: Carolyn Abraham, "A World Gene Hunt Targets Canada", The Globe and Mail, November 28, 1998.

Natural Resources, Nature, and the Environment: Ben Parfitt, "Wildlife Lost", The Georgia Straight, January 8, 1998.

Technology and Industrial Innovation: Ben Parfitt, "Forest Follies", The Georgia Straight, January 8, 1998.


Health and Medicine: Augusta Dwyer, "Sour Milk", Equinox, February/March 1998.

Natural Resources, Nature and the Environment: Garry Hamilton, "Welcome to Slime City", Equinox, June/July 1998.

Technology and Industrial Innovation: Peter Verburg, "Is there something we don't know?", Canadian Business Magazine, February 27, 1998.


Mathieu-Robert Sauvé, "L'ennemi invisible", Les Diplômés, Université de Montréal, Printemps 1998.


Dale Lum, "Nuclear Cargo Run", The Ubyssey, (University of British Columbia), September 8, 1998.


Items 10 to 25 Minutes: Jim Lebans, Ann Stewart, Bob McDonald, "How Can the Wolf Survive", CBC Radio One - Quirks & Quarks, January 17, 1998.

Honourable Mention: Dr. Miriam Shuchman, Ann Stewart, "For Profit or For Patients", CBC Radio One - Quirks & Quarks, September 12, 1998.

Items 25 Minutes and Over: Jim Lebans, Ann Stewart, Bob McDonald, "Cancer: The Quest for the Cure", CBC Radio One - Quirks & Quarks, April 4, 1998.


Items 10 to 25 Minutes: Annette Goebel, Dr. Brian Goldman, "Bryce's Story", CBC The Health Show, September 29, 1998.

Items 25 Minutes and Over: John Bassett, Vishnu Mathur, "Reefer Madness II", CBC TV - The Nature of Things, October 15, 1998.

Honourable Mention: Gilles Provost, Marièlle Choquette, "Ammoniac", Société Radio Canada - Découverte, September 20, 1998.


Children's Books: Stephen Cumbaa, Susan Hughes, Megalodon: The Prehistoric Shark, Somerville House Publishing, 1998.

General Books: Jay Ingram, The Barmaid's Brain and Other Strange Tales from Science, Viking (Penguin Books Canada Ltd.), 1998.

Connaught Medal for Excellence in Health Research Journalism

Tod Mohamed
Freelance Journalist in Ottawa, Ontario

His submission: Exterminating an Age-Old Killer
Published in: The (Ottawa) Citizen's Weekly on July 12, 1998

1998 Dodi Robb Award Recipient

Sally Armstrong is the 1998 Dodi Robb Award Recipient

1998/99 FOCAL Media Fellowships Award

Five Canadian journalists have been awarded Media Fellowships from the Canadian Foundation for the Americas (FOCAL). The fellowships carry a $10,000 cash award plus return air transportation to the country of tenure. They enable journalists to carry out a two-month program of independent research in the Latin American or Caribbean country of their choice.

The winners of FOCAL's 1998/99 Media Fellowships are as follows:

Deborah Bach, a reporter with Langley B.C.'s Coquitlam Now, will investigate the socio-economic impact of Canadian mining investments in Bolivia;

Declan Hill, an associate producer with CBC Television in Toronto, will investigate the widespread Protestant conversions in rural Bolivia;

Pierre Lacerte, a reporter with "L'Actualité, will explore how small and medium-sized Brazilian enterprises are coping with and expect to survive the global financial crisis which started in Asia;

Emmanuel Marchand, a regional prducer with CBC Newsworld in Montreal, will examine the effects of land privatization in Venezuela, with a special emphasis on the forest reserve of Itacama;

Richard Massicotte, a reporter with Société Radio-Canada in Montreal, will study the evolution of the Chilean judicial system since the transition to democracy.

The winners were selected from 55 applicants by an independent jury of five seasoned journalists.

1998 Freedom of Information and Privacy Awards

Freedom of Information Award

Martin Mittelstaedt, Reporter, Globe and Mail - Through FOI requests and court appeals, Middlestat, with the support of the Globe, succeeded in exposing serious safety violations at Ontario Hydro nuclear power facilities.

Privacy Advocate Award

Colin Bennett, Associate Professor, Dept. of Political Science, University of Victoria - For a decade of outstanding contribution as an author, consultant and advocate, to the advancement of privacy protection in Canada.

Whistleblower Award

Jeffrey Hutchings, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Biology, Dalhousie University - Despite professional risk, this former Department of Fisheries and Oceans biologist published a journal article that blew the whistle on bureaucratic interference with the communication of research findings.

Information Rights Award

David Loukidelis, Barrister & Solicitor, Lidstone, Young Anderson - For major contribution to FOI and privacy rights in B.C., as chief quthor of the book "Information Rights for B.C." and other works which inspired the B.C. government to enact its Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, Considered one of the world's best.

Japan Assignment 1999

The Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada (APFC) and the Foreign Press Centre/Japan, co-sponsors of the program, named Katherine Ashenburg, editor of the Facts and Arguments section of "The Globe and Mail," Claude Lévesque, international economics writer with "Le Devoir," and Vancouver-based freelance writer Adele Margot Weder to undertake the two-week reporting program in Japan. They will pursue individual programs, developing story ideas of their own choice, during the year beginning 1 April.

1998 Martin Wise Goodman Canadian Nieman Fellowship Winners

Jim Meek, The Halifax Herald

The 1998 Michener Award for Journalism

The Toronto Star won the 1998 Michener Award for Journalism. The award was presented to Star publisher John Honderich for three series of stories on the health care system in Ontario, cited by the judges as powerful works that spurred real public policy change.

This is the third time that The Toronto Star has earned this honour.

Michener/Deacon Fellowship

Jean-Pierre Rogel, Radio-Canada is the winner for 1998

This year the Editors' Association of Canada declared joint winners of the 1998 Fairley Award.

Jim Lyons for Electronic Commerce on Canda's Tax Administration: A Report to the Minister of National Revenue from the Minister's Advisory Committee on Electronic Commerce (Ottawa: Revenue Canada). Lyons specializes in legal and academic publications in taxation, intellectual property, environmental law, economics and sociology.

Georgina Montgomery for Raffi: The Life of a Children's Troubadour (Vancouver: Homeland Press). Montgomery has also worked in environment-related inititatives, editing Forest Practices Code for the BC government and manuscripts for the David Suzuki Foundation.

John Eerkes won the 1997 Fairley Award, which was presented in May 1998, for Adventuring Around Vancouver Island: Beachcoming to Bungy Jumping, by Sue Lebrecht and Susan Noppe. John belongs to the B.C. branch and lives in Victoria.

Western Magazine Awards

Winners 1998, 16th Annual Magazine Awards

The Grey Areas of Green
Ross Crockford, The Georgia Straight

Science, Technology and Medicine:
The Sky is Falling
Daniel Wood, The Georgia Straight

Arts, Culture and Entertainment:
The Bell Tolls
David Leach, Monday Magazine

Travel and Leisure:
Solitary Motion
Alsion Wearing, Border Crossings

Regular Column/Department:
Our Town
David Beers, Vancouver

White Lung
Grant Buday, The Capilano Review

King's Court
Gary Davies, CityScope

Human Experience:
Me and W.P.
Evelyn Lau, Vancouver

Public Issues:
Just Buy It
Sarah Cox, The Georgia Straight

Gold Award for Best Article: Manitoba
Into the Mist
Lisa Ricciotti, Going Places

Gold Award for Best Article: Saskatchewan
Writer in Residence - David Carpenter
David Carpenter, Western Living

Gold Award fo Best Article: Alberta and the Northwest Territories
Pat and Baiba Morrow, Explore

Gold Award for Best Article: Britsh Columbia and the Yukon
Shock's Next Wave
Bruce Grierson, Adbusters

Mr. Blastoff
Mark Mushet, The Geogria Straight

Photographic Feature or Series:
Karakoram Highway
Roger LeMoyne, Border Crossings

Illustration or Illustration Feature:
Girl Power
Kathy Boake W., Vancouver
The Write Angle
Carl Blazina, Avenue

Art Direction - Article:
All We Want for Christmas
Rick Staehling, Randy Watson and Annette Waurick, Western Living

Art Direction - Cover:
Chris Dixon, Adbusters

Magazine of the Year - Manitoba:
Meeka Walsh, Border Crossings

Magazine of the Year - Saskatchewan:
Steven Ross Smith, Grain Magazine

Magazine of the Year - Alberta and the Northwest Territories:
Peter Thompson, Explore

Magazine of the Year - British Columbia and the Yukon:
Kalle Lasn, Adbusters

Magazine of the Year - Western Canada
Peter Thompson, Explore

1998 Lifetime Achievement Award: E.A. (Ted) Byfield

Amy Foundation Writing Award 1998

Joseph Loconte, a Fellow at The Heritage Foundation, is the first prize winner of the 1998 Amy Writing Awards competition. His prize winning article "Making Criminals Pay", appeared in the January/February 1998 issue of Policy Review.

Other 1998 award winners are:

Second Prize:
Marylynn G. Hewitt
The Oakland Press, Oakland County, MI
"Caring for Kim"

Third Prize:
Jimmy Tomlin
High Point Enterprise, High Point, NC
"Faith, Hope and Love"

Fourth Prize:
Scott L. Price
Sports Illustrated
"The Gift"

Fifth Prize:
Lt. Col. Robert B. Robeson
"I'll Never Forget You, Young Soldier"

Outstanding Merit Awards:
Jeff Jacoby
The Boston Globe, Boston, MA
"Dear Caleb: has it been a year already?"

Craig Payne
The St. Croix Review
"Language and the Ancient Landmarks"

Rev. Roy Austin
Claresholm Local Press, Claresholm, AB, Canada
"The Brightest Star of All: A Christmas Parable"

Helen Sybil Mooradkanian
The Eagle Tribune, Lawrence, MA
"God Can Cure Homosexual Lifestyles"

Tom Flannery
Carbondale News, Carbondale, PA
"Prophecy fulfilled in this generation"

Jim Priest
The Daily Oklahoman/Oklahoma City Times, Oklahoma City, OK
"Titanic Love Story Displays Tremendous Commitment"

Charles W. Colson
The Wall Street Journal, New York, NY
"God and Impeachement"

Barbara Curtis
Marin Independent Journal, Novato, CA
"Kids, Do you know where your me-me generation parents are?"

William R. Mattox, Jr.
USA Today, Arlington, VA
"Hell Deserves as Much Respect as Heaven"

Steven J. Cole
Arizona Daily Sun, Flagstaff, AZ
"Public's Reaction is Real Presidential Shocker"


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