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a Shortly after the Summer Issue [of Sources] came out, I received a call from a freelance writer. She writes for the Globe and Mail. Weekly, there is a personal financial profile of an individual and an expert is asked to comment. Well, I was the expert (she found me in Sources) and the article was published on September 14. This article led to me receiving two calls from prospective clients who have substantial amounts of money to invest. Am I convinced about the merits of listing in Sources? That goes without saying.
— Dick M.A. Haas, B.A., Haas Financial Services, Acton ON.

a Through my listing in Sources I’ve been featured in a full-length article in Canadian Living Magazine, been interviewed by Canada A.M., and an Ottawa radio station – not to mention acquiring long-term clients. It’s been a wonderful investment for me personally and my bureau, Speakers Gold. — Cathleen Fillmore,

I can honestly attest: a listing in Sources works! My listing recently brought me three inquiries in one week. These led to me:
(1) being quoted nationally by The Canadian Press news service, including a reference on the Web site; the subject was computer generated ads during the Super Bowl; (2) being heard locally on Majic 100 in Ottawa on the future of Arts funding; (3) helping an entrepreneur decide her future in the hot beverage industry in Vancouver. My specially tailored listing for Individuals has proven that an “expert” doesn’t always need a huge company behind them to be helpful and credible to media. I can strongly recommend, with no reservations whatsoever, a listing for any individual who possesses expertise and wants to share it in a way that will generate favourable and priceless publicity. Thank you Sources!
John Corcelli, B.A.A.

When we started the Friendly Stranger - Cannabis Culture Shop - 12 years ago, we had no idea what we were getting into. We founded the company as a means to educate and raise awareness to cannabis related issues. Due to the nature of our business we managed to generate a substantial amount of media attention. It all started when the local police force came in to shut down the shop after we had been open a couple of months. Having City TV as our neighbour made it quite easy to make it to the six o'clock news! Having had that happen the story snowballed with all the major networks and newspapers coming in to cover the story. It was the positive spin in the media that kept our establishment alive, while generating an amazing traffic flow through our shop! As the immediate threat died away, so did the all the free publicity. We were approached by Sources and told that an ad with them would ensure that reporters looking for a contact on our issue would find us. Indeed they have. Over the past 12 years we have generated hundreds of news articles, television spots and radio show placements. Having set ourselves up to be a voice for this issue - Sources was the link that led many reporters directly to us for the answers they were seeking. Thank you Sources.
Robin Ellins, The Friendly Stranger Team.

Sources has been a constant companion throughout many of my years in daily newspaper journalism in Toronto... and it is one of the most valuable resources any journalist could have. It is a Godsend to all who are in the media... and I have a great deal of respect for its place on reporters and editors' desks.
— Linda A. Fox is managing editor of Canada's TV Guide and a former senior editor with Sun Media and the Globe and Mail's ROB.

Sources provides me with ideas for further contacts when I'm researching a story... I also use Sources to find exactly the right person to call in an organization.
— Barbara Simon, Researcher, CTV Television's W5.

Whenever I’m dealing with the unfamiliar – and that seems to be happening more as new specialties emerge – Sources invariably puts me in touch with the people I need to speak with. A service worth many times the cost of subscription.
William Shields, Editor, Masthead magazine.

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a Like many journalists, I turn to Sources on a regular basis. It’s a great way to find experts quickly without a lot of hassle. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to the trouble of tracking down an amazing expert via the Internet or through word of mouth, only to find that they are unwilling to speak to the media. Sources saves me time by providing me with leads on experts who are not only willing to be interviewed; in most cases, they’re downright eager!
Ann Douglas, Author.

a I created Reginald, the broadcast producer software, because I believed our industry needed a tool imagined by and engineered for actual working broadcasters. There isn't a feature in this software that wasn't asked for by a working producer. That’s why I incorporated the entire Sources directory database directly into Reginald.
Andy Barrie, Radio host and ‘Reginald’ software creator.

Sources continues to give us regular contacts with journalists and those interested to learn more about the naturist/nudist lifestyle, and we have felt very satisfied with its effectiveness - and your reasonable rates. Thank You!
David Basford, Federation of Canadian Naturists, president.

a Forget the Web! Head to Sources when you want to find reliable experts and authorities on any subject. Sources is an indispensable research tool for any reporter, writer or editor.
— Dianne Rinehart, Journalist, former Editor-in-Chief, Homemaker's Magazine.

We’ve recently launched a Web-based assignment management system across CP and one element in the service is access to the Sources directory. By building a direct connection to the Sources database of PR contacts in our assignment system reporters can quickly and easily locate contacts for their stories. It’s a very productive fit.
— Dwayne Desaulniers, Canadian Press.

Sourceshas been the most used and read resource information book in our newsroom for years. Keep them coming.
— Richard Williams, Managing Editor The Western Star, Corner Brook, Newfoundland.

When I’m researching anything ... I visit the office of the head honchos and see what they’re thinking, reading, saying and doing. I’ve visited hundreds of offices in my personal and business life and the one familiar fixture has been Sources. At first I didn’t know what Sources was. I just knew it was in everyone’s office.
— Paul C. Nazareth, Scarboro Missions.

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