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Traces of Magma
An Annotated Bibliography of Left Literature

Knight, Rolf

Publisher:  Draegerman, Vancouver, Canada
Year Published:  1983  
Pages:  360pp   ISBN:  0-86491-034-7

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Traces of Magma is an annotated bilbiography of left wing novels which deal with the lives of working people during the twentieth century. It includes some collections of poetry, drama and stories as well as a smattering of non-fictional material such as oral history, but basically it is a compendium of novels. It provides brief synopses of more than 3,000 titles originally in some 50 languages by circa 1,500 authors from over 90 countries. The survey is an introduction of left wing fiction for those who for whatever eason have become interested in which this literature has to say about events throughout the world but who have only a vague notion of which authors and titles exist and where to begin.

The themes dealt with in the books surveyed are almost as varied as the experiences of working people during the course of the twentieth century, and the unabashedly documentary aspects of some of the writing may be as important as its literary value. The selection entails a broad and heterogeneous range of concerns, styles and viewpoints. These novels do not typically embody the pat ideologies against which the reader may have been warned. In all their variety, these works are voices of the party of humanity.

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