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Film as a Subversive Art

Vogel, Amos
Publisher:  Random House, New York, USA
Year Published:  1974  
Pages:  336pp   ISBN:  394-73207-3
Dewey:  73-16720
Analyzes how aesthetic, sexual and ideological subversives use film to change and demystify.


Table of Contents

The Film Experience
The World View of Subversive Cinema

Part One
Weapons of Subversion:
The Subversion of Form

The Revolutionary Film avant-Garde in Soviet Russia
Aesthetic Rebels and Rebellious Clowns
Expressionism: The Cinema of Unrest
Surrealism: The Cinema of Shock
Dada and Pop: Anti-Art?
The Comic Tradition
The Destruction of Time and Space
The Destruction of Plot and Narrative
The Assault on Montage
The Triumph and Death of the Moving Camera
The Camera Moves
Minimal Cinema
The Devaluation of Language
Straining towards the Limits
The Elimination of Reality
The Subversion of Illusion
The Elimination of the Image
The Elimination of the Screen
The Elimination of the Camera
The Elimination of the Artist

Part Two
Weapons of Subversion:
The Subversion of Content

International Left and Revolutionary Cinema

The West Rebels, Maoists, and the New Godard
Subversion in Eastern Europe: Aesopian Metaphors
The Third World: A new Cinema
East Germany: Against the West
The Terrible Poetry of Nazi Cinema
Secrets and Revelations

Part Three
Weapons of Subversion:
Forbidden Subjects of the Cinema

The Power of the Visual Taboo
The Attack on Puritanism: Nudity
The End of Sexual Taboos: Erotic and Pornographic Cinema
The End of Sexual Taboos: Homosexuality and other Variants
The First Mystery: Birth
The Ultimate Secret: Death
Concentration Camps
The Attack on God: Blasphemy and Anti-Clericalism
Trance and Witchcraft

Part Four
Towards A New Consciousness
Counterculture and Avant-garde
The subversion of Subversion
The Eternal Subversion

Photographic Acknowledgements
Index of English film Titles
Index of Foreign Film Titles
Index of Directors

Subject Headings

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