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Stop Cold Calling Forever!
True confessions of a reformed serial cold-caller

Parinello, Anthony
Publisher:  Enterpreneur Press
Year Published:  2004  
Pages:  214pp   Price:  $16.95   ISBN:  1-932531-16-5
Library of Congress Number:  HF5438.3.P37 2004   Dewey:  658.8'5--dc22
Tables of Contents:

Part 1. Laying the Foundation
Chapter One Who's Who?
To Buy of Not to Buy
A Momentous Question
The Ultimate Timesaver: It's Your First Step
Chapter Two Breaking It Down
Four Roles
Knowledge Really Is Power
Chapter Three Different Strokes for Different Folks
Assuming Responsibility
When Money Talks-Listen!
Added Value
Chapter Four Crossroads
Personal Value
Product Value
Chapter Five Battle Plans
Direct Mail
Meet the Press
The Customer Counts!
Your Tactical Plan
Part 2. Getting Your Message Across
Chapter Six Buzz
Seven Ways to Build Buzz
Chapter Seven Sales Heaven, Sales Hell
Critical Sales Definitions
Make Your Benefits Even More Powerful
Chapter Eight The Seven Touch Principles of the Sale
Seven Principles
Chapter Nine Ten Powerful Ingredients for Your Correspondence
Let the Numbers Do the Talking
Power-Writing Motivator 1: The Need to Belong to Something, Someplace, or Someone
Power-Writing Motivator 2: The Need for Candor
Power-Writing Motivator 3: The Need for Integrity in One's Business Partners
Power-Writing Motivator 4: The Need to Be Able to Trust What a Business Partner Says
Power-Writing Motivator 5: The Need for Quantifiable Value
Power-Writing Motivator 6: Greed
Power-Writing Motivator 7: The Need to Work with an Authority in the Field
Power-Writing Motivator 8: The Need for Certainty
Power-Writing Motivator 9: The Need for Charisma
Power-Writing Motivator 10: The Need for Unique Connection
Chapter Ten Correspondence Boot Camp
What Your Correspondence Has to Do
Four Indisputable Laws of No Cold-Calling Written Correspondence
The Nine Elements of Correspondence
Chapter Eleven The Wave
What's That Rumbling Sound
Creating a Selling Environment
The Blended Approach
Chapter Twelve Old Dog, New Dog
The Old-Dog Calling Model
Is It Any Wonder the People We Talk to Are Hostile?
What's That Burning Smell?
Six Steps of a Highly Successful Initial Call
Chapter Thirteen Roadblocks
Voice Mail Jail
Your Voice Is More Powerful Than Your Message
No Log
Chapter Fourteen Referrals
Why We Go to Work Every Day
Ten Commandments of Referral Generation
Serve Up a Good Dose of ROI
Getting the Referrals
Referral Guidelines
Chapter Fifteen Reaching Out
Two Strategies
Testimonial Letters
Keep 'em Posted
Chapter Sixteen The Last Frontier
SELL: Select, Engage, Launch, Listen
Playing It Cool
See What They Say
Appendix A
Success Tracks: Meet Steve Dailey
Obstacles to Success
Four Power Strategies
Appendix B
Facing Fear: Meet Dr. Kathleen Brooks
Making Fear an Ally

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