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Media Think

Winter, James
Publisher:  Black Rose Books, Montreal, Canada
Year Published:  2000  
Pages:  183pp   Price:  $19.99   ISBN:  1-55164-054-6
Library of Congress Number:  P91.W56 2000   Dewey:  302.23

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When reading a newspaper or watching the evening news on television, are you ever annoyed by an obvious bias in the reporting? Ever amazed at what doesn't occur to the reporter? Surprised by the narrow perspectives that gain media prominence? If so, you are catching on to what media critic and Communications Professor James Winter has so aptly called "media think". According to Winter, media think is "the ideology and the means by which the media create our world view". It is Winter's contention that with the news media increasingly owned by a small group of very large corporations, the public falls prey to the "dishonesty of wealthy men on certain topics". Consequently news reporting is bias according to the class, gender, race and corporate allegiances of the media owners. In his book Media Think, Winter brilliantly illustrates his point through careful assessment of coverage of the war in Afghanistan, responses to the September 11 terrorist attacks and in media representations of women and visible minorities. Read this book and you'll think twice about the daily news - first of the content, then more importantly the context in which it is reported.

[Review by Lynn Fenske]

Table of Contents


Introduction: Some Lies to Expose

To Win Their Hearts and Minds
Feminism Did It
The Nuclear Desert
Nellie Mc Clung Rolls Over
Just Desserts

Appendix A

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