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Always Change a Losing Game

Posen, David B.
Publisher:  Key Porter Books, Canada
Year Published:  1994  
Pages:  269pp   Price:  $19.95   ISBN:  1-55013-537-6
Library of Congress Number:  BF637.C4P68   Dewey:  158'.1
Help you to improve your life by showing you how to make positive, personal changes.

Table of Contents

Introduction : Pre-Game Warm-Up

Rules of the Game

How to recognize a Losing Game
Common Losing Games
Be Aware of your Thinking
Becoming Aware of your Mind Traps
The Power of Beliefs
Looking at How You Behave

Making Choices
Change your Thinking
Reframing - Choosing the Way You Look at Things
Getting into Shape (Choosing Your Lifestyle)
Taking Breaks from The Game (Leisure and Time-Outs)
Choosing your Behavior
If It's Not Working, Stop Doing It (Why People Don't Solve Problems)

Giving Yourself Permission to Change
Making It Happen

Conclusion : Post-Game Wrap-Up and Celebration

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