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The Erotic Arts

Webb, Peter
Publisher:  Secker & Warburg
Year Published:  1975  
Pages:  514pp   ISBN:  436 56550 1

Table of Contents

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1. Art and Pornography

2. Sexual Themes in Ancient and Primitive Art
a: Ancient and Primitive Cultures (by John H. field)
b: The Classical World

3. Eroticism in Oriental Art and Religion
a: Introduction
b: India (edited by Peter Webb from a lecture given by Philip Rawson)
c: Islam
d: China
e: Japan

4. Eroticism in Western Art
a: Middle Ages to 1700
b: Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries
c: Decadent Art (by Simon Wilson)

5. Sexual Attitudes in victorian Art and Literature
a: Erotic Themes in Victorian Art and Photography
b: Erotic Themes in Victorian Literature

6. Twentieth-Century Erotic Art
a: Compulsive Eroticism in Twentieth-Century Art
b: Eros and Surrealism (by Robert Stuart Short)

7. The Erotic Novel: A Critical View (by David F. Cheshire)

8. Eroticism in Films

9. Eroticism in the performing Arts (by David F. Cheshire)

10. The Theatre of Celebration

Appendix I: Aretine, Biulio, Marcantonio, and The Sonnets

Appendix II: The Restricted Collections of the British Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum

Appendix III: Eroticism in Twentieth-Century Art: Interviews with Contemporary Artists
a: Hans Bellmer
b: Allen Jones
c: David Hockney
d: Henry Moore

Appendix IV: Censorhip in the Cinema

Appendix V: Pornography: A Brief Survey


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