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Publisher:  Granta
Year Published:  1992  
Pages:  256pp   ISBN:  0140-140-565
ISSN:  0017-3231


Table of Contents

1. German Efficiency
2. The Great Migration

Part I - Losing the War
3. Liberation Day
4. Buchenwald

Part II - The German Character
5. Love in Germany
6. Losses
7. Berlin by Night

Part III - The East German Character
8. Zonophobia
9. Halle by Day
10. The Stone-thrower from Eisenhuttenstadt
11. A Hippy among Communists

Part IV - The Virtues of Communism
12. Shaking Hands with the Zeitgeist

Part V - As Seen by Foreigners
13. The Devil's Kitchen
14. The Table
15. Lederhosen
16. Ohne Mich: Why I Shall Never Return to Germany
17. Baghdad Diary

Part VI - Notes from Abroad: What Used to be Called Yugoslavia
18. Zagreb
19. Dobrinja

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