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Man's Search for Himself
How we can find a centre of strength within ourselves

May, Rollo
Publisher:  Signet Books, New York, USA
Year Published:  1967   First Published:  1953
Pages:  236pp  


Table of Contents


Part One: Our Predicament
1. The Loneliness and Anxiety of Modern Man
The Hollow People
Anxiety and the Threat to the Self
What is Anxiety?

2. The Roots of our Malady
The Loss of the Center of Values in our Society
The Loss of the Sense of Self
The Loss of our Language for Personal Communication
"Little we see in Nature that is ours"
The Loss of the Sense of Tragedy

Part Two: Rediscovering Selfhood
3. The Experience of Becoming a Person
Consciousness of Self-The Unique Mark of Man
Self-Contempt, A Substitute for Self-Worth
Consciousness of Self is not Introversion
The Experiencing of One's Body and Feelings

4. The Struggle to Be
Cutting the Psychological Umbilical Cord
The Struggle Against Mother
The Struggle Against One's Own Dependency
Stages in Consciousness of Self

Part Three: The Goals of Integration
5. Freedom and Inner Strength
The Man Who was put in a Cage
Hatred and Resentment as the Price of Denied Freedom
What Freedom is Not
What Freedom Is
Freedom and Structure
"Chosing One's Self"

6. The Creative Conscience
Adam and Prometheus
Religion-Source of Strength or Weakness?
The Creative Use of the Past
The Person's Power to do the Valuing

7. Courage, the Virtue of Maturity
Courage to be One's Self
A Preface to Love
Courage to see the Truth

8. Man, the Transcender of Time
Man Does Not Live by the Clock Alone
The Pregnant Moment
"In the Light of Eternity"
No Matter What the Age


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