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The Million Dollar Sale
How to get to the top decision makers and close the big sale

Gardner, Patricia
Publisher:  McGraw Hill, New York, USA
Year Published:  2005  
Pages:  177pp   ISBN:  0-07-144519-6
Library of Congress Number:  HF5438.25.g372   Dewey:  658.85--dc22

Tables of Contents:
Part 1: The Four Fundamentals Of Sales
Chapter 1: The First Fundamental: Knowing Your Product of Service
Chapter 2: The Second Fundamental: Learning the Competition
Chapter 3: The Third Fundamental: Identifying Your Vertical Market and Assembling Your Tactical Team
Chapter 4: The Fourth Fundamental: Finding Leads
Part 2: The Codebreaker
Chapter 5: Finding Your Codebreakers
Chapter 6: Working with Codebreakers
Chapter 7: Developing Three Projects and Preparing for the First Sales Call
Part 3: The Two Sales Calls
Chapter 8: The First Sales Call
Chapter 9: The Reality Check and Preparing for the First Sales Call
Chapter 10: The Second Sales Call
Chapter 11: Preparing the Proposal/Statement of Work
Chapter 12: The Decision-Makers' Conference Call and the Close
Chapter 13: Repeat Business: Picking the Low-Hanging Fruit
Appendix: Sample Proposal

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