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Relationship Marketing
New Strategies, Techniques and Technologies To Win Customers You Want and Keep Them Forever

Gordon, Ian
Publisher:  John Wiley & Sons Canada Ltd., Toronto, Canada
Year Published:  1998  
Pages:  315pp   Price:  $34.95   ISBN:  0-471-64173-1
Library of Congress Number:  HF5415.55.G67   Dewey:  658.8

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With Relationship Marketing, Ian Gordon attempts to lay down a blueprint for a way of doing business tailored to the new millennium. Emphasizing the development of reciprocal lifetime relationships with customers rather than short-term gains, Relationship Marketing responds to the increased inter-activity between supplier and purchaser brought about by the digital age. Although packed with industry jargon, Gordon's judicious use of examples, many of them Canadian, and his obvious passion for his subject make Relationship Marketing a worthwhile read.

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