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The State in Global Perspective

Kazancigil, Ali; (Ed.)
Publisher:  Gower Publishing Co., Brookfield, USA
Year Published:  1986  
Pages:  300pp   ISBN:  0-566-05160-5
Library of Congress Number:  JC325.K39 1986   Dewey:  306'.2 JA76


Table of Contents

Notes on Contributors

Aki Kazancigil

PART 1 Origins and formation
1 Processes of state formation
Maurice Godelier
2 Comparative analysis of the state in historical contexts
S.N. Eisenstadt
3 State formation in early India
Romila Thapar
4 Strategic interactions and the formation of modern states:
France and England
Aristide R. Zolberg
5 The triple heritage of the state in Africa
Ali A. Mari
6 Paradigms of modern state formation in the periphery
Ali Kazancigil

PART II Structures and Functions
7 The states in the institutional vortex of the capitalist world-economy
Immanuel Wallerstein
8 The functions of the modern state: in search of a theory
Philip Resnick
9 Pluralism, violence and the modern state
M.G. Smith
10 Neo-Marxist, pluralist,corporatist,statist theories and the welfare state
Goran Therborn
11 State, Ideologies and collective action in Western Europe
Pierre Birnbaum
12 `State', legitimacy and protest in Islamic culture
Bertrand Bade
13 The forms of the socialist state
VIE. Chirkin
14 The theory of the state and the Third World
Marcos Kaplan


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