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Tough Love at the Table
Power, Culture and Diversity in Negotiations, Mediation & Conflict Resolution

Bonner, Allan
Publisher:  Sextant Publishing, Edmonton, Canada
Year Published:  2008  
Pages:  225pp   Price:  $29.95   ISBN:  978-0-9731134-5-7

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  Allan Bonner Communications Management Inc.

You are the chair of the negotiating committee in your life. You negotiate every day and this handbook will help.

Inspired by the Masters in Laws dispute resolution curriculum, this book is short and entertaining anecdotes from the author's 20 year practice in the field on five continents. Barter for a watch on the great wall of China, do a deal in the Eagle's Nest restaurant in the Hong Kong Hilton, walk the cease-fire line in Cyprus and work with the world's longest-serving big city Mayor. You'll meet famous millionaires, spies and clients caught in crises.

Through these stories, you'll also see the dispute resolution concepts such as making the pie bigger, distributive bargaining, culture, power and much more illustrated in an accessible and witty atmosphere.

For those who want more, there are appendices on theoretical concepts, footnotes a bibliography and lots of other backup.

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