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The Concise Oxford-Hachette French Dictionary
Second Edition

Corréard, Marie-Hélène; Grundy, Valerie
Publisher:  Oxford University Press
Year Published:  1998  
ISBN:  0-19-860242-1

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For those French language novices let it be known from the outset that this is an intermediate French dictionary which is great for those seasoned users of the language but may be too extensive for beginners. This dictionary is unique in the aspect that it is gathered from real French and English. It is contemporary French language in a concise and accessible format. There are over 175,000 words and phrases and 270,000 translations that cover all areas from technical and business to literary. A new and most welcomed addition in this second edition is those phrases and words regarding French language and culture on the Internet. There is also thematic word finder for key exam topics in certified language tests. Essential vocabulary for key topics like the environment, communications, media and industry are listed in quick-references section at the beginning of the dictionary. There is also an added special focus on vocabulary building which are indicated by innovative in-text boxes on such topics such as numbers and nationalities. There are also forms of addresses grouped together in word patterns and expression which aid with usage and construct. There is also a fifty-eight-page supplement which provides more than seventy-five model letters in both French and English covering everything from writing a circum. vita to booking a hotel room. There are also a couple pages detailing the best way to translate sentences and paragraphs in both languages. It deals with both formal and informal phrasing and how to choose the appropriate grammatical language. This is definitely one of the best French-English dictionaries out here today and it is priced at less than fifty dollars which is a worthwhile investment.

[Review by Nicole Redman]

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