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The Essential Desk Reference

Publisher:  Oxford University Press
Year Published:  2002  
Pages:  841pp   ISBN:  0-19-512873-7

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Very much an American reference book, with the section on the United States equivalent in size to the section on the Nations and Territories of the World.

The section on the Sciences is a useful reference if you want to know about the Beaufort Wind Scale, common mathematical terms, the phases of the moon, the layers of the earth's atmosphere, the periodic table of elements, or the 10 strongest U.S. earthquakes.

The section on Arts and Leisure is overwhelming U.S.-centric, with lists of the top 20 U.S. newspapers, 125 Significant American Plays and Musicals, Major Regional Theater Companies (in the U.S.), 125 Favorite Television Series, or U.S. National Parks, National Football League Teams, or World Travel Requirements for U.S. Citizens.

The Work and Home section covers topics like U.S. tax laws, and American universities.

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