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Canadian Who's Who

Publisher:  University of Toronto Press, Ottawa, Canada
Year Published:  1997  
Pages:  1386pp   Price:  $170   ISBN:  0-8020-4996-6

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Journalists and researchers often need background information about prominent people. Attempting to locate the relevant facts can be time-consuming, but a comprehensive, authoritative listing can provide you with all you need to know. The 1997 edition of the Canadian Who's Who provides this with an easy-to-use, alphabetical list of "notable living Canadians."

The Canadian Who's Who is a comprehensive reference tool featuring 15,000 Canadians from a variety of fields. Although first published in 1910, the Canadian Who's Who was not printed on an annual basis until 1980. Eighty-seven years after its inception, the Canadian Who's Who remains an essential authority for journalists and researchers.

The 1997 edition contains biographies of prominent people in Canadian society - those who have contributed academically, artistically, politically or otherwise. From Raymond Leonard Aaron, professional speaker and real estate entrepreneur, to Jan Zwicky, poet, philosopher and essayist, the Canadian Who's Who contains details on relevant Canadians.

Included in the biographies of individuals are facts such as birth date, birthplace, education, family history, career details, creative works, and honours and awards received. These facts, combined with the current addresses of the featured Canadians can be helpful; for instance as a source of pre-interview information.

The 1997 edition's format is easy to use. A compact, yet substantial, index of abbreviations follows the biographical composites that make up the bulk of the Canadian Who's Who. The common words, positions and place-names which are abbreviated throughout the text are conveniently spelled out in the index.

The Canadian Who's Who is a valuable reference guide for journalists who write about figures in Canadian culture. Journalists can also turn to this accessible and authoritative listing for quick and concise biographical information on many individuals featured in Canadian media.

[Reviewed by Jean Coburn]

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