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The Purpose of Love
A guidebook for defining and cultivating your most significant relationship

Ratusny, Dorothy M.A., (C). OACCPP, PhD (Candidate)

Publisher:  Insomniac Press, London, United Kingdom
Year Published:  2007  
Pages:  199pp   Price:  $21.95   ISBN:  978-1-897178-50-8

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  Dorothy Ratusny, M.A., (C). OACCPP., Psychotherapist and Author of The Purpose of Love

Blame it on Cinderella: We get married because we want to believe that true love and lasting happiness are possible, but all too often, our choice of a mate is based on flawed assumptions and unrealistic expectations. We have an idealistic view of how our love relationship should be, but we ignore the work it takes to create and sustain that healthy lasting love. We expect our love relationship to make us happy, without knowing what happiness means for us.

The Purpose of Love is for anyone currently in a relationship or in search of one. It is a guidebook to help you figure out what you need to be happy - first with yourself and then as part of a loving couple. This book will help you identify what you want in a life partner and heal old wounds from the past. It is only when we realize that we alone are responsible for our own happness that we are free to be in a relationship without needing the other person to "make us happy."

With thought-provoking strategies and practical advice, psychotherapist Dorothy Ratusny guides the reader through the work it takes to find the right partner and to build and nurture a strong, satisfying love relationship.

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