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Content magazine - Number 1
October 1970

Publisher:  Content Magazine, Toronto, Canada
Date Written:  01/10/1970
Year Published:  1970  

Table of Contents:

An interview with Keith Davey before his report was released
Here a Cliche, There a Cliche: Humourous glossary of cliches
The Droit Affair: Union vs. managment conlice
Please release me: Press releases don't release any news
Shanghai 1949: Sam Tata. Photo-journalism essay
When the Medium was the Motto
A lesson in intimidation: Agnew and the press
czar or star in broadcasting: Excepts from speeches and addresses by Pierre Junewau
Inversty the pyramid with a little help from the media: book review of the Male in Crisis
And the Idols He Shall Utterly Abolish by George Hanson
The striking tale of an uniformed city: How radio and television ineptly severed the public during the Pacific Press strike in Vancouver
The academic as journalist: The Mysterious East - Maritime in-depth reporting
"Reporter Power" at Le Droit
Pierre Juneau on broadcasting

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