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Content Magazine - Number 50
April 1975

Date Written:  01/04/1975
Year Published:  1975  

Table of Contents:

"Saturday Night" as a casualty of the advertising "Santa Claus"
How much do Canadian magazines pay writers
Nothing's off the record between here and the T.P.C. (Toronto Press Club)
I do not love thee, Doctor Fell (or why someone thinks this author shouldn't ride any more).
Canadian Correspondents in London Town being agreeably irrelevant can get 'em done
But at Reuters, they place our bets
Significant changes in store for Maclean's, Saturday Night and (can it be?) The Canadian
Omnium-Gatherum: Troop Movement, Winnipeg Free Press, Court Briefs (Combines iNvestigation Act, non-appearance, preliminary hearings)
Weeklies beat dalies for News in rural eyes
Memo of the month
Broadcasters lost for words
Reporters like work but not management, study indicates

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