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Content Magazine - Number 61
April 1976

Date Written:  01/04/1976
Year Published:  1976  

Table of Contents:

Backshop to news in Hamilton and North Bay: Jolts for individuals but benefits for newsroom
Air Canada adding Canadian magazine titles while reducing number of foreign publications
Musings: by Morris Wolfe
CRTC's Saskatchewar Cable TV hearings setting for co-op vs. private enterprise confrontation
Fortheringham affair shows unhealthy situation at Canada's 3rd largest daily
The Canadian Daily Newspaper Publishers Association (CDNPA) MacDonald devising code of ethics; wants publishers to guide journalism research
John Stuart Mill, the editorial writers' favorite might question Canadian media "freedom" today
Sun Phographer couldnt hack it
Need release appeals
Moody named contributing editor
Laval students visit Ontario Media at the first Laval-Westrn Journalism Student echange project
Reporter wins suit against self
Freelancers organize habitat resouce program
Groups Organizing on writers' issues
Punctuation not invented to provide Victor Borge with a funny routine, Eric Nicol Claims
Toronto Star heads not comma-cal
Kesterton accuses Hanlon of "reinforced dogmatism"

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