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A Practical Guide to the Law of Termination in Ontario
Second Edition - Fully Revised and Updated

Rubin, Janice; Singh, Hena

Publisher:  Canada Law Book, A Division of Thomson Reuters Canada Limited, Canada
Year Published:  2010  
Pages:  170pp   Price:  $65.00   ISBN:  978-0-88804-505-8

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This practical text discusses in non-legal language the legal principles employers and human resource professionals need to know when terminating an employment relationship. It provides an overview of the law and helpful advice, when planning a termination in Ontario. A Practical Guide to the Law of Termination in Ontario, Second Edition will help you avoid commonly made termination mistakes, which often cause unexpected legal liability.

Fully revised and updated, including discussion of new case law, A Practical Guide to the Law of Termination in Ontario, Second Edition covers important topics such as:

* Notice of termination and severance pay under the Employment Standards Act, 2000
* Constructive dismissal
* Just cause terminations
* Disabled employees and the Human Rights Code
* Letters of reference
* The termination meeting
* Reasonable notice at common law
* Elements of the severance package
* Employment contracts
* Litigating wrongful dismissal claims …and much more!

Practical features to assist you:

* Sample letters and agreements are included to help employers, human resource professionals and in house counsel create the documents they need.

* Overview of the litigation procedure with case examples helps employers, human resource professionals and in-house counsel draft pleadings and prepare for mediation, examinations for discovery and trial.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 The Employment Standards Act
Chapter 2 Reasonable Notice at Common Law
Chapter 3 Cause to Terminate Employment
Chapter 4 Legislative Protection Against Dismissal
Chapter 5 Post-Termination Obligations
Chapter 6 Resolving Wrongful Dismissal Claims

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