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Content Magazine - May-June 1988
May-June 1988

Publisher:  Content, Toronto, Canada
Date Written:  01/05/1988
Year Published:  1988  
Pages:  37pp  

Table of Contents

Report from the Board
3 Partners in print - Anthony Westell
4 Tribute continue - Dick MacDonald
5 The cover story - Merrill Collett
9 Ethics -- what would you do?
10 Podium -- a reader talks back - Nick Russell
13 Olympics -- Media also-rans - Kevin Cox
15 Atalantic Canada broadcasters - Fred James Ross
17 Computrs - second part - Daniel Johnson
21 Profile of Gladys Taylor - Kay Rex
22 Anchorman pulls up the anchor - Peter Trueman
31 Freelancing - Barbara Florio Graham
37 Short takes

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