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Content Magazine - September-October 1989
September-October 1989

Publisher:  Content, Toronto, Canada
Date Written:  01/09/1989
Year Published:  1989  
Pages:  41pp  

Table of Contents

3 Editor's Notebook
4 Briefing
7 Ratings Newsworld - Peter Desbarats
11 Conrad Black: the media baron - Kenneth Kidd
14 Assessing the CRTC's new chairman - Kealy Wilkinson
16 Baton's expansion plans cause fuss - Tony Atherton
18 Can a journalist be involved? - Brownwyn Drainie
20 Chain owernship concerns weekies - Yvonne Yoerger
24 Vancouver dalies get new look - Mike Gasher
26 Mulroney's web of deceit - Arch Mackenzie
28 Rip and read, rip and print - Peter Calamai
31 Culture an also-ran in most newspapers - Enn Raudsepp
34 Freedom of the press behind bars - Brigitte Audet
38 The sting of Briarpatch - ron Verzuh
39 Short Takes

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