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Atlas of Great Lakes Indian History

Tanner, Helen Hornbeck (ed): Cartography by Miklos Pinther
Publisher:  University of Oklahoma Press, Norman, Oklahoma, USA
Year Published:  1987  
Pages:  224pp   Price:  $34.50 pb   ISBN:  0-8061-1515-7
Library of Congress Number:  E78.G7A87   Dewey:  977
The Atlas of Great Lakes Indian History focuses on the Great Lakes Region, in both Canada and the United States. It traces, with the aid of a series of excellent maps, the history of the Indian peoples of the area from the 1600's to the late nineteenth century.

The book is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in Indian peoples and the context of Indian history over the past several centuries. An introductory chapter looks at the geographical and natural setting tracing tribal settlement patterns and movements and the influence of early white settlement. Maps accompanied by explanatory chapters, show the distribution of natural vegetation and subsistence patterns in the era before whites arrived. Successive maps then graphically illustrate major historical developments, such as the Iroquois Wars, the French era, epidemics, the frontier in transition, the distribution of Native and white settlements, land cessions, and reservations. There are a total of 33 maps, but the book is not simply an atlas: it provides a vivid insight into Indian history.

[Abstract by Ulli Diemer]

Table of Contents

Preface and Acknowledgments
i) Map 1 - North America, showing Atlas Coverage
ii) Map 2 - Great Lakes Region: Principal Theatre
1. Natural Vegetation, c 1600
2. Subsistence Patterns
3. Distribution of Late Prehistoric Cultures c. 1400-1600
4. The Iroquois Wars 1641-1701
5. View from Sault Ste Marie
6. The French Era 1720 to c. 1761
7. Pontiac's War
8. Changes in Sovereignty
9. Indian Villages and Tribal Distribution 1768
10. Introduction to the Frontier in Transition
11. Frontier in Transition 1774-1794: Expeditions into the Northwest Indian Country
12. Frontier in Transition 1770-1784: Pennsylvania, New York, Canada
13. Frontier in Transition 1772-1781: The Ohio Country and Canada
14. Frontier in Transition 1782-1786: The Ohio Country and Canada
15. Frontier in Transition 1787-1794: The Ohio Country and Canada
16. Frontier in Transition 1774-1794: The Illinois Country
17. Indian Villages c. 1810
18. The War of 1812: Indian Involvement 1811-1816
19. Distribution of Indian and White Settlements c. 1830
20. Indian Villages c. 1830: Upper Canada
21. Indian Villages c. 1830: Upper Canada and Michigan Territory
22. Indian Villages c. 1830: Michigan Territory, Indiana, Ohio
23. Indian Villages c. 1830: Illinois
24. Indian Villages c. 1830: Wisconsin Region of Michigan Territory
25. Indian Villages c. 1830: Minnesota Region
26. Black Hawk War 1832
27. Land Cessions 1783-1873
28. Reservations 1783-1889
29. Epidemics Among Indians c. 1630-1880
30. Indian Villages c. 1870
31. Bibliographic Essay
32. Selected Bibliography
33. Index

Subject Headings

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