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Intuitive domain names

Intuitive domain names are domain names based on generic words (not proper names or tradenames) which a user may use to make up a likely website name which he looks for on the Internet in case that website exists and is relevant to what the word means. Examples are www.carhire.com when looking for information about car hire, or www.rebreather.com for a scuba diver who is looking for information about rebreather scuba sets. Some such website names have sold for very high sums: the highest known such prices (as at April 2007) are $3,000,000 for Loans.com and $5,500,000 for Business.com .

Related are obvious website names made from names of organizations, for example pbs.org for Public Broadcasting Service. Related are obvious names made from names of famous people, for example www.barackobama.com for Barack Obama.

To be distinguished are "typo squatting" and "likely mistake squatting", for example, when looking for PBS, guessing at pbs.com leads to the unrelated firm Digital Technology International, formerly called "Publishing Business Systems". This is no longer the case. Clicking on pbs.com redirects to pbs.org

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