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Media Releases

News releases, communiques, fact sheets
and issue backgrounders from Sources.

The Sources Calendar

Featuring listings of newsworthy
events of interest to journalists and the media.

Include Yourself in SOURCES

SOURCES: Powerful tools to get your
message out and increase your visibility.

Journalism Sources

News about journalism and the
media plus media criticism and analysis.

Media Names & Numbers

Comprehensive online directory of Canadian media: newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, online, etc..

Sources Bookshelf

Books by Sources member authors
and books about journalism and media.

Health Sources

News, background, research, and
analysis on health issues around the world.

Intelligent Search

Focus on the digital world: Internet, search
tools, hacking, surveillance, privacy, more.

Environment Sources

News and analysis about the climate crisis and other environmental issues.

Publicity Sources

News, information, critical analysis of publicity,
public relations, media relations, and marketing.

Education Sources

Current news and background information and
research on eduation issues internationally.

Radical Digressions

Blog of SOURCES publisher Ulli Diemer: politics,
media, freedom of speech, censorship.


Major online library & search portal focusing on
grassroots social & environmental movements.

Sources is an information portal for journalists, freelance writers, news editors, authors, researchers and journalism students – and a resource forganizations, institutions, businesses, and individuals who want to get media coverage of their expertise and their views on newsworthy topics.

Journalists: Use Sources to find experts, media contacts, spokespersons, scientists, lobbyists, officials, speakers, university professors, researchers, newsmakers, CEOs, executive directors, media relations contacts, spokespeople, talk show guests, PR representatives, Canadian sources, story ideas, research studies, databases, universities, colleges, associations, businesses, government, research institutions, lobby groups, non-government organizations (NGOs), in Canada and internationally.

Newsmakers: Use Sources to raise your profile and get media coverage. Sources is a powerful tool which complements and magnifies your other efforts to publicize yourself. See the FAQ, fill out the membership form, or call 416-964-5735.