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Liberal Dreams and Nature's Limits
Great Cities of North America Since 1600

Lemon, James T.
Publisher:  Oxford, Don Mills, Canada
Year Published:  1996  
Pages:  341pp   Price:  $32.95   ISBN:  0-19-540793-8
Library of Congress Number:  HT122.L45 1996   Dewey:  307.76'4'097
An exploration of city life through time, focusing on the life [economically, socially, politically, etc.] of five large North American cities at various times in the past - Philadelphia during the time of Benjamin Franklin (1760), New York in the mid nineteenth-century (1860), Chicago at the beginning of the Progressivist Civic Movements (1910), Los Angeles during the immediate Post-war boom (1950) and Toronto at the beginning of its own ascendancy in the 1970's. (1975).

Table of Contents:

List of figures

Chapter 1: Today's stagnating metropolises: unravelling in cyberspace?
Chapter 2: Urban influnces: persisten and changing forces since 1600
Chapter 3: Franklin's Philadelphia in 1760: fulfilling European peasant dreams
Chapter 4: New York in the ascendancy, 1860: unheard of riches and squalor
Chapter 5: Chicago, 1910: the civic moment and the new middle class
Chapter 6: Los Angeles, 1950: the working class thriving on Military lergesse
Chapter 7: Toronto, 1975: the alternative future
Chapter 8: Great cities in North America: their past, their future

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