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A Complete Waste of Time
Tales and Tips About Getting More Done

Ellwood, Mark
Publisher:  Pace Productivity Inc.
Year Published:  1997  
Pages:  251pp   Price:  $19.95  

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In a really novel approach, Mark Ellwood has bracketed his practical tips on time management with hilarious modern fairy tales illustrating the issues at hand. I laughed out loud at the adventures of Willard Thistlewaite in "Chronicle of a Chronically Ill Meeting" and Nicholas Wigglesworth in "Tribal Quest on the Fifth Floor." The jargon free, easy to implement solutions Ellwood outlines are as memorable as the he characters has created. Since finishing A Complete Waste of Time, I have been inspired by its hero, time management guru Crispin Quirty, to slay some dragons in my own worklife, including runaway paperwork and run-on meetings. A truly rare find in an "industry" book, A Complete Waste of Time is educational and entertaining.

[Review by Lynn Fenske]

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