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How to Make the Most of Every Media Appearance

Merlis, George
Publisher:  McGraw-Hill
Year Published:  2004  
Pages:  200pp   ISBN:  0-07-141671-4

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Provides media training for the famous and infamous, from the perspective of an Emmy-award winning television producer. As executive producer of "Good Morning America", "The CBS Morning News", "Entertainment Tonight" and "The Dick Cavett Show", author George Merlis has learned a thing or two about mastering the media. While his tone is very showbiz and very Hollywood, with lots of celebrity references, his advice for handling interviews is undeniably first-rate. This book is especially relevant for anyone involved in sports, entertainment or high profile litigation. Chapter 7, entitled "Bushwacked: How to Survive an Ambush Interview and Win a Shoutfest" is a particularly interesting and informative read. You may not be facing an antagonistic scrum but don't let that stop you from learning the techniques of diffusing an on-air attack or, as Chapter 11 suggests, getting ready for your fifteen minutes of fame.

[Review by Lynn Fenske]

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