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Real Utopia
Participatory Society for the twenty-first century

Spannos, Chris (ed.)
Publisher:  AK Press, Oakland, USA
Year Published:  2008  
Pages:  420pp   ISBN:  9781904859789


Tables of Contents:
Part 1: Defining Spheres of a Participatory Society
Chapter 1: Parecon Today
Chapter 2: Parapolity: A Political System for a Good Society
Chapter 3: The Art (and Serendipity) of Kinship: Ideas About Family, Sexuality, and Caregiving in a Better World
Chapter 4: Polyculturalism and the Good Society
Chapter 5: Participatory Economics and the Environment
Part 2: Revolutionizing Everyday Life
Chapter 6: A Call to Artists: Support Parecon
Chapter 7: From Self-managed Movements to Self-Managed City
Chapter 8: Technology of the New Society
Chapter 9: Participatory Planning in Life After Capitalism
Chapter 10: Education for a Participatory Society
Part 3: Assessing Parecon Internationally
Chapter 11: Africa: Life After Colonialism
Chapter 12: Local Planning: The Kerala Experiment
Chapter 13: Participatory Balkans
Chapter 14: The Organization of SAC and its Companies
Chapter 15: Project for a Participatory Society - United Kingdom
Chapter 16: Fasinpat (Factory Without a Boss): An Argentine Experience in Self-Management
Chapter 17: Venezuela's Path
Part 4: Looking Backward, Looking Forward: History's Lessons for the Future
Chapter 18: Workers' Power and the Russian Revolution
Chapter 19: The Spanish Anarchists, Through a Participatory Lens
Chapter 20: Winnowing Wheat from Chaff: social Democracy and Libertarian Socialism in the 20th Century
Part 5: Theory and Practice: Institutions and Movement Building
Chapter 21: The Making of South End Press and Z
Chapter 22: Parecon and Workers' Self-Management: Reflections on Winnipeg's Mondragon Bookstore & Coffee House Collective
Chapter 23: The Newstandard: A Parecon Workplace is Possible
Chapter 24: Vancouver Parecon Collective: Four Years of Organizing
Chapter 25: CAPES: The Chicago Area Participatory Economics Society
Chapter 26: Doing Vision: The Austin Project for a Participatory society
Part 6: Moving Toward a Participatory Society
Chapter 27: Praxis Makes Perfect: The New Youth Organizing
Chapter 28: Autonomous Politics and its Problems: Thiking the Passage from Social to Political
Chapter 29: U.S. Social Forum: Vision and Strategy Proposal
Chapter 30: Which Way for the New Left? Social Theory, Vision, and Strategy for a Revolutionary Youth and Student Movement
Chapter 31: Did You Just Say Class?
Chapter 32: from Here to Parecon: Thoughts on Strategy for Economic Revolution
Chapter 33: Building a Pareconish Movement
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