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The Arthritis Society

The Arthritis Society is the primary source of information and education for people living with arthritis in Canada. The mission of The Society is to search for the underlying causes and subsequent cures for arthritis, and to promote the best possible care and treatment for people with arthritis.

La Société de l'arthrite est la principale source d'information et de services éducatifs pour les personnes arthritiques au Canada. Elle a pour mission d'encourager la recherche sur les causes sous-jacentes de l'arthrite et de favoriser la découverte de moyens pour guérir cette maladie. Elle s'attache également à promouvoir l'accès aux meilleurs soins et traitements possibles pour les personnes arthritiques.

Toll free across Canada: 1-800-321-1433


Steven McNair, President and CEO
393 University Ave., Ste. 1700, Toronto, ON M5G 1E6

Tracy Folkes Hanson, Vice-President, Marketing, Communications and Stakeholder Relations
Phone: (416) 979-7228, ext. 3391
FAX: (416) 979-8366

Douglas Emerson, National Manager, Marketing and Communications
Phone: (416) 979-7228, ext. 3348
FAX: (416) 979-8366


British Columbia & Yukon:

Nancy Roper, Executive Director

Michael Leland, Communications Manager
1645 West 7th Ave., Ste. 101, Vancouver, BC V6J 1S4
Phone: (604) 714-5554
FAX: (604) 714-5555

Alberta & Northwest Territories:

Shirley Philips, Executive Director

Trish Weatherup, Communications Manager
1301 8th St. S.W., Ste. 200, Calgary, AB T2R 1B7
Phone: (403) 228-2571, ext. 2225
FAX: (403) 229-4232


Carol Hiscock, Executive Director

Debbie Keele, Communications Co-ordinator
386 Broadway, Ste. 105, Winnipeg, MB R3C 3R6
Phone: (204) 942-4892, ext. 226
FAX: (204) 942-4894


Joanne Simons, Executive Director

Penny Tantakis, Senior Communications Manager
393 University Ave., Ste. 1700, Toronto, ON M5G 1E6
Phone: (416) 979-7228, ext. 3309
FAX: (416) 979-8366


Mark Bordeleau, Executive Director

Audrey Lalande, Communications and Media Relations Manager
380 Saint-Antoine St. W., Ste. 3280, Montréal, QC H2Y 3X7
Phone: (514) 846-8840, ext. 227
FAX: (514) 846-8999

New Brunswick/Newfoundland & Labrador/Nova Scotia/Prince Edward Island:

Susan Tilley-Russell, Executive Director

Melanie Nolan, Communications Co-ordinator, Atlantic Region
3770 Kempt Rd., Ste. 210, Halifax, NS B3K 4X8
Phone: (902) 429-7025, ext. 222
FAX: (902) 423-6479

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