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News Release Distribution

Sources specializes in getting the news media to call you when they need an expert or spokesperson to interview.

Sources can also help you reach the media with your message when your organization or company has news releases to send out.

Sources offers multiple methods for reaching the media with your news releases.

You can post your news releases directly on the Sources News Releases page. This is an excellent way of reaching the more than 4,000 journalists, editors, and public relations professionsals who use the Sources site every day AND in addition your release goes out via RSS feed to media organizations and news aggregator websites which subscribe to the feed.

Organizations with a current Sources membership may post releases at no cost using the online form. (The release must be about your own organization or company; the privilege of posting releases at no cost is not transferable to your clients or friends. See terms.) Organizations not listed with Sources can post their releases at a cost of $99 per release. Call 416-988-9586 to arrange payment by credit card.

You may also post notices of your upcoming events in the Sources Calendar. If you are a Sources member, you may post as many events as you wish for free using the username and password assigned to you. If you have lost your password or haven't obtained one, call Sources at 416-988-9586. To add your event, go to Sources Calendar, click on "Add An Event", enter your username and password, and fill out the form.

Sources is the online directory that helps journalists find knowledgeable experts and sources. Use Sources to reach the media with your message, send out news releases, publicize your events, raise your profile, spotlight your expertise, and get publicity. is used by reporters and the news media, and also by the public to find reliable information and proven professionals, practitioners, and businesses. More information here; membership form here.