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Connexions Other Voices November 13, 2021: Following the Science?

The theme of the November 13, 2021 issue of Other Voices is Following the Science.

“Following the science” has been the mantra of public officials from the very beginning of the pandemic. Their acknowledgement of the importance of science has been a refreshing change from the usual attitude of so many political leaders, who all too often regard science, and scientists, as an annoyance or a threat.

But what does “following the science” actually mean? When we as a society are faced with difficult policy choices, can science tell us what choices we should make? According to Ulli Diemer, we should be sceptical of anyone who says that it can, because that isn’t actually what science does. It can certainly provide information we need to take into account when making choices and trade-offs, but choices don’t automatically follow from science.

Articles in this issue of the newsletter look at science and society in the context of climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Also in this issue is information about political prisoners currently held in jail by the United States and its partners in committing human rights abuses. Articles shine the spotlight on the cases of Steven Donziger, Craig Murray, Daniel Hale, Leonard Peltier, and Julian Assange.

The November 13, 2021 issue of Other Voices is online at

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