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War, Peace and the Media:
4th Edition now available

January 4, 2023

The Fourth Edition of War, Peace and the Media is off the press ... and available for reading and review in PDF format at

The first printing of WPM was in 1983. Revised and expanded editions followed in 1984 and 1985. This new 122-page edition 38 years after the previous one contains a reprint of the 1985 edition plus 70 pages of new material.

This unusual publishing history, including the republication, signals a terrible salience: the threat of nuclear war and the role of the media have fundamentally changed little in almost four decades and what change there has been is for the worse.

The new edition takes into account the closely-related existential threat of global heating and explores the roots of the resurgence of major land war. It pinpoints armaments corporations as the prime beneficiaries of tension, provocation and conflict. Billions on tragicomically obsolete jet fighters.

The continuing global threats by the predatory but failing capitalist American empire and western media to Earth’s future are reflected in the fourth edition’s sub-title: Propping Up the U.S. Empire and Risking the Planet.

This fourth edition is a co-publication of Connexions and Alphabet Publishing.

Single copy price for the print edition is Cdn $20 plus postage and handling. Bulk prices on request. The PDF version is available online free.

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Cover of War, Peace and the Media, 2023.

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